Are you an avid gamer, looking for space in your home dedicated to gaming? Having a room for the purpose of gaming helps you get the most out of the experience. It enables you to game in solitude, blast the sound as loud as you want, while having the ultimate gaming setup. Rather than using a completely separate room, if you have a home theater then you can use that for gaming purposes also. The setup you would have for your home theater would be ideal for gaming. The sound system, screen, and overall room setup would make it a perfect fit for a gaming room. Not only that, you end up saving space in your home by not dedicating a separate room for gaming. We’d like to thank our readers for visiting our page about gaming room setup ideas. We hope you find this page useful!

The Heart of the Gaming Room: The Screen

For the console gaming setup, a solid gaming TV is going to be your go-to. The great thing about the console gaming setup is that it can double as a home theatre. Those of you working with larger rooms can even consider going with a projector that will allow you to customize the range and size of the picture anytime you want.

Gaming Room Setup Ideas

Example of a Console Gaming & Home Theatre Room

When it comes to the screen, chances are you already have a decent sized screen for your home theater. If not, it’s time you get one since you will be utilizing it for movies and gaming purpose. If you plan on getting a television, then we recommend getting something at least 60” or bigger, an Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen with 4K capabilities. This enables you to watch movies at high resolution and play game with crystal clear graphics, making it almost realistic. If you plan on getting a projector then there are numerous with 4K resolution. The best part about screens and projectors lies in the fact that they all come with HDMI connections so you can easily hook up your gaming consoles or computer to them.

For the PC gaming room setup, a monitor and desk are going to be the staples. A home PC gaming setup can double as a home office in many cases. You may want to consider a color scheme such as the all white theme below.

PC Gaming Room

Example of a PC Gaming Room

If you’re working from the ground up, have a big budget, and it is going to be a dedicated PC gaming room, you could even go with multiple systems and monitors.

PC Gaming Room Setup

Example of a Multi-System PC Gaming Room

How Far Should You Sit from the Screen for Optimal Viewing Pleasure?

After spending a chunk of money on the screen you want to be sure you get the most out of it. You don’t want to position your seats too close to it or too far from it. There is actually science behind how far the seats should be from the screen. It mostly depends on the size of the screen. If you go with a screen that is 60” or more you need to have your seats at least 10’-11’ away from the screen. For every 5 inches you add to the screen, you can start your seat 6 inches further away. This will ensure you have the best view of the screen.

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The Brain of the Gaming Room: The System

The gaming console you choose will be the brain of your entire gaming system. The graphics, load time, and overall gaming experience all depend on the capabilities of your console. So you want a console that is top of the line and will match the capabilities of your home theater. This is also where you decide whether you want to go with separate consoles or get a gaming PC.


Alienware PC Product Line

If you want the ultimate gaming experience we recommend going with a PC that is dedicated to gaming. These systems are specifically designed for gamers and can handle the toughest of games with ease. They have a fast processor system and a state of the art dedicated graphics card with 4K resolution capabilities that will enhance your gaming experience. Not only that, these computers come with the latest technology so that when you play online there is limited to no lag or loss of connection with your Wi-Fi. Do consider that lag and load time also depends on your internet speed. So whether you decide to get an Alienware or an Acer Predator, you are sure to have a wonderful gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Console

Not everyone prefers to game on a computer. Console gaming has become quite popular and has advanced drastically since the popular Atari was first introduced. Today, you have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S which are not too far in performance from gaming PCs. The PS4 Pro is slightly more powerful as a console than the Xbox One S. Microsoft will release Project Scorpio later in the year which will rival the PS4 Pro. However, both have the capability of producing 4K content, PS4 Pro is far better at it than the Xbox One S. If you aren’t too concerned about the graphic, then the games are what should appeal to you. Both systems have numerous games that are exclusive to the system. So if you are a fan of particular games that is only available on the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One S then you can pick your system accordingly. Xbox One S is cheaper than the PS4 Pro but remember it is also not as powerful.

So when selecting a console you want to consider the following:

  • Your budget – if you have money to spend we recommend you get an Alienware desktop, if you are on a limited budget then the PS4 Pro is a great fallback option.
  • Games – computers, Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch all have exclusive games. So you can look at the exclusive games offered and go with the console which offers the best games.
  • Graphics – Alienware Area-51 Professional Gaming Machine offer exceptional graphics for a console gamer we recommend the PS4 Pro.

Comfort While You Play: The Seat

When it comes to seats, you want to be comfortable as you game. For console gamers, the seat takes the form of a sturdy couch or console gaming chair (many of which rock back and forth and sometimes have audio built in the headrest). For PC gamers, this takes the form of the office chair with a 5 star wheel base.

PC gamers will want to consider a number of things when selecting the ultimate gaming chair. You want a chair that provides not only comfort but also ease to move around, lean back in, and adjust the height. Chairs like the SecretLab Chairs and DX Racer Chairs possess all these functionalities. Not only that, they have many terrific styles and designs to choose from. If that is slightly out of your budget then our list of top PC gaming chairs will help you select the best gaming chair for yourself.

Titan NAPA Navy Blue Chair

Secretlab Titan NAPA Navy Blue PC Gaming Chair

For console gaming and theater setups, there’s a wide number of options from rows of seats, rocker gaming chairs, to couches. Home theater seating like the Californian will provide more than enough comfort for you and others to sit and relax while you game. Chairs like these have features like cup holders and ambient lighting.

Seatcraft Solstice Leather Home Theater Seating with Power Lumbar, Recline, and Headrest

Seatcraft Solstice Leather Home Theater Seating

Making your home theater into a gaming haven is not going to require much work. All you have to do is connect the gaming platform you select to the screen or projector and you can start gaming. Keeping in mind you have a screen and a decent sound system already in place. So kick your gaming experience up a notch by having your home theater serve as both a theater and a gaming room.


X Rocker Pro Series H3 Console Gaming Chair

Game Room Setup

Racing Cockpit Gaming Chair

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Crank Up the Volume: The Speakers or Headset

An often overlooked component of the ultimate gaming room is the audio setup. Surround sound can really immerse you in the gaming experience and is a popular option for gamers who like to play on the TV. Based on your budget, you will want to research 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 surround sound options. For a real thrill, surround sound speakers that have some setup behind you will have you jumping with fright. Just think about zombies trying to sneak up and take a chomp out of you in games like the Last of Us (on PlayStation 4).


Samsung HT 7.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Some gamers prefer a headset, especially if they need to communicate with their teammates in a competitive setting. Both PC gamers and console gamers can benefit from a quality headset. Some headsets even have virtual surround sound that mimics the true surround sound of a full fledged speaker setup.

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Interactive Gaming Headset

For PC gamers that want to give their ears a rest from the persistent pinch of those ear cups, a solid set of PC speakers is just the ticket. Some of these computer speaker packages are nearly as good as their TV counterparts. While they may annoy others in the household, if the timing is right it can be a lot of fun to really crank them up and enjoy lifelike sound at the computer desk.

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer – PC Speakers

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The Entertainment of the Gaming Room: The Games

What would the other four be without a selection of excellent titles to enjoy?

Most games that are released are released in all the platform: PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo. However, each platform also has exclusive games. We have a list of games of top exclusive games for each platform. This will help you decide which one will be more suitable for you.

Most Popular PS4 Exclusives

Last of Us

  • Unchartered Series
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Bloodborne
  • Until Dawn
  • Killzone Series
  • Alienation
  • Last of Us

Most Popular Xbox One Exclusives

Gears of War

  • Forza Racing
  • Titanfall
  • Halo Series
  • Gears of War
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Sunset Overdrive

Popular PC Games

Xcom 2

  • DOTA
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Civilization 6
  • World of Warcraft
  • XCOM 2

Picking the platform based on games can be tricky. If you are a huge fan of MMORPG’s then the getting a desktop PC is your best bet. It offers the best selections of MMORPGs. While computers are great for first-person shooter games also like Call of Duty and all, we however prefer both PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S over it. It is just more fun playing first person shooters on a console and with thousands of other games online. If you mostly play sports game then you can go with any of the three platform since most sports related games are multi-platform with the exception of a limited few.

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