The future is here. And that future is composed of many, many tiny pixels. Yes, we’re talking about those enticing 1440p gaming monitors you’ve probably heard plenty about. One of the biggest upgrades you can make to your gaming experience nowadays is upgrading to a shiny new 1440p monitor. This upgrade becomes that much juicier when you spend a bit extra for one with G-Sync or FreeSync.

Some people have already jumped in and purchased one of these new monitors without a second thought, but many folks are still on the fence. Are they worth the price? Is the timing right for gamers to pick one up? Do games even support these new monitors? What sort of FPS can you achieve? We venture to answer all these questions in this 1440p gaming monitors overview feature. In our top 20, you’ll find a mix of gaming spec monitors, as well as some professional/multimedia monitors that do a little of everything.

First up, we provide our readers with a discussion about if it really is the right time to buy a 1440p monitor for gaming purposes. Then we talk system requirements and who may be the right fit for upgrading. If you don’t know much about gaming monitor tech, you may want to check out our Tactical Advantage Monitor Guide.

Note that the products discussed here are independently chosen by our editors. At no extra cost to you, HGG may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 20 Best 1440p Gaming Monitors

Here’s our comparison chart of 1440p monitors. The monitors are sorted by price ascending. We’ve also rated these monitors on a few important factors.

BenQ GL Series GL2706PQGaming27" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 1ms
BenQ GW Series GW2765HTGaming27" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 4ms
Acer K272HUL WQHDProfessional27" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 6ms
Acer XG270HUGaming27" ; TN ; 144Hz ; 1ms ; FreeSync
MSI Optix MAG27CQGaming27" ; Curved ; VA ; 144Hz ; 1ms ; FreeSync
Samsung SD850Professional32" ; VA ; 60Hz ; 5ms
ViewSonic VP2768Professional27" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 14ms
ASUS Designo MX27AQProfessional27" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 5ms
ASUS MG279QGaming27" ; IPS ; 165Hz ; 4ms ; FreeSync
Dell UltraSharp U2518DXProfessional25" ; IPS ; 60Hz ; 5ms