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The 10 Best Freesync Monitors

Say goodbye to screen tear and lag! The best FreeSync monitors will get you in the game quickly and help you reach the top in no time.

If you’re looking for an affordable monitor with impressive performance, a FreeSync monitor is the only choice. After all, the best FreeSync monitor provides incredible value at an affordable price point and can give you a true competitive edge over your opponents.

Let’s check out what’s possible and explore your options for the best FreeSync monitors.

Zoom Out: Comparison Table of the 10 Best FreeSync Monitors 202-

We’ve scoured the web for this comparison table of the best FreeSync monitors. The options are listed in price-ascending order and categorized by the most important features of a Freesync monitor.

ImageMonitorDisplayRefresh RateResponse TimeSpeakersCost
ViewSonic VX225722" TN 1080p75hz2 msYes
Acer XFA240 24" TN 1080p144hz1 msYes
Samsung C27F39827" VA 1080p60hz4 msNo
ASUS VG245H24" TN 1080p75hz1 msYes
MSI Optix G24C24" TN 1080p144hz1 msNo
Sceptre C275B27" SVA 1080p144hz3 msNo
ViewSonic XG240224" TN 1080p144hz1 msYes
LG 27UD6827" IPS 4K60hz5 msNo
LG 34UC79G34" IPS 1080p144hz1 msNo
Acer XR382CQK38" IPS QHD75hz1 msYes

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the Top 10 Best FreeSync Monitors

Below, you’ll find a more detailed look at each monitor.

ViewSonic FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Manufacturer: ViewSonic | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: TN | Size: 22″ | Refresh Rate: 75hz | Response Time: 2ms | Speakers: Yes | Price: 💰

The lowest cost monitor on our list, the VG245H takes the top spot as the best budget FreeSync monitor around. But don’t let the low price fool you. This display features a variety of connectivity options for ultimate versatility. HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and more ⁠— no problem.
It also comes with several gamer-friendly features like hotkey customization, black stabilization, and a ton of ports for all your accessories.


✔ Lightning-fast TN panel
✔ Flicker-Free Technology
✔ Best budget gaming monitor around


✘ Subpar color profiles
✘ 22 inches may be too small

Acer Gaming Monitor 24

Manufacturer: Acer | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: TN | Size: 24″ | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Speakers: Yes | Price: 💰💰

The XFA240 by Acer takes gaming to another level. The full HD monitor provides superior FreeSync compatibility that delivers optimum performance. Moreover, the ergonomic design means you can shift, twist, and turn the monitor any which way without losing quality. The best part? It features a fine-tuned anti-glare LCD screen for use in any room in the house.


✔ VESA mount compatible
✔ Built-in 2×2 watt speakers
✔ Ergonomic stand w/ superb viewing angles


✘ Poorer durability
✘ Picture quality is somewhat lacking

Samsung IT 27-Inch Curved Monitor

Manufacturer: Samsung | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: VA | Size: 27″ | Refresh Rate: 60hz | Response Time: 4ms | Speakers: No | Price: 💰💰

The Samsung IT C27F398 Curved Monitor sports a sexy slim design that will match your coolest gaming gear for a truly immersive experience. It also features Samsung’s Active Crystal Clear Technology for a bright and vivid picture display, no matter the scene. Built exclusively around AMD’s FreeSync tech, the Samsung C27F398 is one of the best FreeSync monitors you’ll find on the market. Overall, it’s a great monitor at an even better price.


✔ Slim, sleek, glossy design
✔ Superior colors and contrast
✔ Crystal clear 1800R curved screen


✘ No speakers
✘ Only 1 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort

ASUS HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor VG245H

Manufacturer: ASUS | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: TN | Size: 24″ | Refresh Rate: 75hz | Response Time: 1ms | Speakers: Yes | Price: 💰💰

The ASUS VG245H is a 144hz/1ms display that provides crystal-clear gaming on an optimally sized 24-inch screen. It also includes ASUS’ standard array of bonus features like GameFast Input Tech, ASUS Eye Care, GameVisual, and much more. One of the coolest features? Dual HDMI connectivity allows you to connect to your gaming rig and another device at the same time. The VG245H is perhaps the best gaming monitor under $200 thanks to its exceptional quality and overabundance of top-notch features.


✔ ASUS Eye Care Technology
✔ VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPorts
✔ Game Visual & Game Plus offer enhanced colors & control


✘ Speakers are subpar
✘ Poor quality picture in portrait position

MSI FreeSync Optix G24C Gaming Monitor

Manufacturer: MSI | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: TN | Size: 24″ | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Speakers: No | Price: 💰💰

This 24” MSI gaming monitor offers a full HD non-glare LED display at a brilliant 1080p resolution. With a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, it’s built to work beautifully alongside AMD’s FreeSync Tech. Plus, with True Color Technology, the Optix G24C displays incredible color with over 20% more coverage than comparable monitors. Overall, a great FreeSync monitor that offers everything you need for competitive gaming. Perhaps the best budget gaming monitor 144hz on our list.


✔ 178° wide viewing angle
✔ MSI True Color Technology
✔ Stunning contrast and picture quality


✘ Spotty quality control
✘ DisplayPort cable sold separately

Sceptre Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Manufacturer: Sceptre | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: SVA | Size: 27″ | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 3ms | Speakers: No | Price: 💰💰💰

The Scepter C275 offers a beautiful design with slim panels for an immersive gaming experience. The 27-inch display features 1800R curvature with 1080P resolution and a maximized 144hz refresh rate. It also provides anti-glare and anti-flicker technology that’s ready to launch you into gaming mode. Overall, it’s a beautiful display with breathtaking visuals. We feel justified saying it — the Sceptre C275B is the best FreeSync monitor 144hz for graphically intensive titles.


✔ Stunning 1800R curvature
✔ DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPorts
✔ Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Linux


✘ QC issues
✘ Slower response time

ViewSonic FreeSync Monitor XG2402

Manufacturer: ViewSonic | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: TN | Size: 24″ | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Speakers: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰

The XG2402 by ViewSonic offers immersive HD resolution with a 1ms response time on a resolute 24-inch display. Boasting a top-notch 144hz refresh rate, the XG2402 delivers superior frame by frame performance in today’s top titles.

In addition to its excellent specs, ViewSonic includes their bundle of preconfigured visual modes, ready for all types of gaming from FPS to RTS, RPGs, and more! A great offering by ViewSonic, the XG2402 is an affordable monitor offering top of the line specs. One of the best budget 144hz monitors on our list.


✔ ColorX & Black Stabilization
✔ Adjustable ergonomic stand
✔ 3-year warranty & great reviews


✘ High rate of dead pixels
✘ Reports of short lifespan

LG 4K UHD IPS Monitor

Manufacturer: LG | Resolution: 4K | Panel Type: IPS | Size: 27″ | Refresh Rate: 60hz | Response Time: 5ms | Speakers: No | Price: 💰💰💰

The LG 28UD68 is a powerhouse! Sporting a brilliant 27-inch 4K display and over 99% screen coverage, this monitor will help you play in style. It includes Split Screen 2.0, LG’s proprietary software allowing you to resize and display multiple windows in a variety of configurations. And with FreeSync, LG Game Mode, and a variety of other incredible gaming solutions built-in, the LG 27UD68 will take your game to the next level. Perhaps the best AMD FreeSync monitor on our list, LG steps up to the plate with this stylish and powerful monitor.


✔ Screen Split 2.0
✔ Beautiful 4K resolution
✔ Several pre-configured gaming features


✘ Lightbleeding
✘ Unsteady stand

LG 34-Inch UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor

Manufacturer: LG | Resolution: 1080p | Panel Type: IPS | Size: 34″ | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 5ms | Speakers: No | Price: 💰💰💰

The LG 34UC79G is a giant ultrawide IPS gaming monitor with a brilliant display. Perfect for competitive gamers seeking that extra edge. It comes with a variety of special features, including Crosshair, a competitive mode that helps you lock onto targets with ease. The best part? 144hz and a specialized 1ms motion blur reduction mean you’ll be gaming with the pros. The best 144hz monitor on our list, this offering by LG takes the top spot as a spectacular tool for competitive and tournament players.


✔ 1ms motion blur reduction
✔ Advanced gaming features
✔ Striking curved IPS display


✘ High price
✘ Subpar response time (though great for IPS)

Acer Gaming Monitor Ultra Wide Curved

Manufacturer: Acer | Resolution: QHD | Panel Type: IPS | Size: 38″ | Refresh Rate: 75hz | Response Time: 1ms | Speakers: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰💰

With an Incredible 38-inch ultra-wide curved screen, the Acer XR382CQK takes gaming to a whole new level! Enjoy absolutely no screen tearing from this juggernaut, thanks to FreeSync, a 1ms response time, and a pixel pitch below 0.23. It’s prepackaged for gaming perfection out of the box, and even boasts powerful built-in 7-watt speakers. A product that will immerse you in the world of your choice, the XR382CQK is the best FreeSync monitor around.


✔ Display, HDMI & MHL Ports
✔ 100% sRGB gamut and 6-axis color adjustment
✔ Sleek design w/ an aluminum base & ambient lighting


✘ No manual
✘ Insanely high price

Freesync Monitor Guide Part I: What are Freesync Monitors?

Have you ever been in the midst of battle when, all of a sudden, the game starts to stutter? At first, it only happens here and there. But as more opponents near and the game draws more resources from your PC, it gets worse and worse.

Then, a dozen frames load onto the screen all at the same time, and the game rips apart! Your eyes are greatly displeased by all the screen tearing and you might as well be immobilized. You resign to your fate, as your opponents take you down with a rain of bullets and all is lost…

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Enter FreeSync monitors.

Best FreeSync Monitors

Freesync monitors are computer displays that utilize AMD’s FreeSync technology. What is FreeSync, you ask?

FreeSync is a technology that matches the frame output from an AMD graphics card with the output from your display. While older technologies like VSYNC limited the FPS of a game to provide consistent framerates, FreeSync technology dynamically adjusts the output on the display itself. Whereas VSYNC eliminates screen tearing by forcing the GPU to wait until the monitor is ready for the next frame, FreeSync brings your GPU and monitor together in perfect harmony so there’s no delay AND no screen tearing.

FreeSync is able to dynamically adjust the output via the DisplayPort that connects the PC to the monitor. The result? Better performance and less screen tear.

Naturally, FreeSync monitors are custom built to work for applications that require smooth and consistent frame rates. In other words, FreeSync monitors are perfect for gamers who require an uninterrupted playing experience without lag or screen tear.

Freesync Monitor Guide Part II: How do Freesync Monitors Work?

But how do Freesync monitors work, exactly?

What is FreeSync

FreeSync monitors work by adjusting the variable refresh rate of the monitor. What this does is eliminate screen tear and stuttering by dynamically syncing the monitor with the computer’s frame output. When the frame-rate of the computer and monitor are aligned, the result is a crystal clear display that delivers perfect graphics.

No more screen tear. No more stutter or lag. When you go into the next match, you’ll find that your monitor performs flawlessly. You’re the star of the game as you take down your enemies with ease without the slightest shred of visual impairment.

Freesync Monitor Guide Part III: Choosing the Right Fit

If you’re a heavy gamer who plays modern titles on an AMD computer, a FreeSync monitor is a must-have. It can save you in those crucial moments when all else seems lost. Plus, the best FreeSync monitors make a stylish addition to your gaming setup.

Playing on the best FreeSync monitor

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a FreeSync monitor:


There is a massive range of performance options when picking a gaming monitor for your setup. Be sure to check out response times, visibility settings, and light options.


Depending on your budget and available space, try to pick a monitor that’s big enough for immersive gaming without taking up your whole desk.


Look for the sweet spot that gives you high resolution without breaking the bank. If possible, try to stick with at least 1080p resolution monitors for the best performance.

Refresh Rate

Since FreeSync tech helps smooth out most screen tear, maximizing your refresh rate is very important. If you can afford it, aim for 144hz, and no lower than 60hz.


Modern monitors come equipped with a variety of features and extra perks. From connectivity options, to ergonomics and bonus software, fully consider what will give your gaming that extra edge.

Making Your Choice

If you’re looking for an excellent fit for your AMD gaming station, a FreeSync monitor is a great choice. You’ll get reliable performance through your gaming sessions.

That said, finding the best FreeSync monitor for your gaming setup is not an easy task. There are so many brands and variations to choose from, and you’ll want to inspect performance options thoroughly before jumping in.

Freesync Monitor Guide Part IV: Acer XR382CQK Video Review

Can’t decide which FreeSync monitor is right for you? No worries — we’ve got you covered.

We’ve pulled the following video review of the Acer XR382CQK from NCIX Tech Tips over on Youtube. She takes you through the ins and outs of this stunning, 38″ curved gaming juggernaut, and offers a look at the tech within. If you want to play with the pros in brilliant detail, you’ve got to consider this display:

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