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The 10 Best G-Sync Monitors for Gaming

In the market for a G-Sync monitor? They’re a solid choice for your NVIDIA gaming rig. The best G-Sync monitors combine cutting-edge technology with beautiful design for a superior gaming experience. Moreover, you can expect smooth and consistent gameplay with no screen tear or lag.

This article dives into the incredible benefits of G-Sync and offers a look at the best G-Sync monitors.

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 10 Best G-Sync Monitors

We’ve curated this comparison table to help you find the best G-Sync monitor for your setup. The options are listed in price-ascending order and categorized by their features and specs.

ImageMonitorTypeDisplayRefresh RateResponse TimeCost
AOC G2590FXG-Sync Compatible25" TN144hz1 ms
ASUS VG278QRG-Sync Compatible27" TN165hz0.5 ms
Dell S2417DGG-Sync24" TN165hz1 ms
Alienware AW2518HG-Sync25" TN240hz1 ms
LG 27GL83AG-Sync Compatible27" IPS144hz1 ms
Acer Predator XB271HUG-Sync27" IPS60hz4 ms
LG 34UC89GG-Sync Compatible34" IPS144hz5 ms
ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZG-Sync27" IPS144hz1 ms
Acer Predator X35G-Sync Ultimate35" VA200 hz2 ms
Asus ROG Swift PG35VQG-Sync Ultimate35" VA200 hz2 ms

What to Look for in a G-Sync Monitor

There are many different features to look for when choosing a G-Sync monitor, including display size & panel, refresh rate, and response time. But our primary focus in this section is type.

You’ll need to choose between G-Sync Compatible, G-Sync, and G-Sync Ultimate technology. What’s the difference between them?

G-Sync Comparison

G-Sync Compatible monitors are essentially FreeSync monitors that meet NVIDIA’s strict standards for VRR-enhancement. The result is a tear and stutter-free gaming experience that’s ready for all your favorite titles.

How does NVIDIA choose which monitors receive G-Sync Compatible certification? Stringent testing, of course! After examining hundreds of FreeSync monitors, only 17 received the coveted G-Sync Compatibility certificate. These models are more affordable than G-Sync and G-Sync Ultimate monitors, but they require the NVIDIA Control Panel if you want to use G-Sync technology.

Standard G-Sync monitors, on the other hand, come equipped with the technology right out of the box. Hook it up to your rig using a Display Port, and you’re all set to go. These are the original G-Sync monitors, and they provide an exceptional balance of reliability and performance. They cost a bit more than G-Sync Compatible monitors, but they don’t break the bank.


Lastly, we have G-Sync Ultimate monitors. These bad boys boast cinematic quality colors and contrast, with 1000 nits of brightness and insanely low latency. Naturally, they’re also the most expensive. Base models begin around $1,000 and increase drastically from there. That said, G-Sync Ultimate monitors are the best gaming displays in the business.

Our list includes all three types of G-Sync monitors. Each model is distinctly marked, and finding the right fit is a crystal clear process.

Ready for our list? Without further ado, let’s check out the best G-Sync monitors of this year.

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the 10 Best G-Sync Monitors

In this section, we’ll take a detailed look at the best G-Sync monitors.

Our pick for one of the best budget G-Sync monitors


Manufacturer: AOC | Type: G-Sync Compatible | Display: 25″ TN Panel | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Cost: 💰

The AOC G2590FX features a sleek and sexy design with a slim bezel and ergonomic stand. In terms of performance, it boasts a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, offering a competitive advantage to any PC gamer. The AOC is packed with top-tier specs, including 1080p resolution, snappy TN responsiveness, and—of course—G-Sync Compatability. Moreover, it ships with game-enhancing software like AOC Clear Vision & Game Color, absolutely free! At under $200, this is the best cheap G-Sync monitor around.


✔ Very affordable
✔ AOC Clear Vision & Game Color
✔ Snappy TN panel w/ 1080p resolution


✘ Extremely bright
✘ G-Sync Compatibility only

Our pick for one of the best G-Sync Compatible monitors


Manufacturer: ASUS | Type: G-Sync Compatible | Display: 27″ TN Panel | Refresh Rate: 165hz | Response Time: 0.5ms | Cost: 💰💰

With a sleek profile and a screen that nearly takes you over the edge, the ASUS VG278QR is a sexy addition to any gaming station. This display boasts a 27″ HD TN panel, as well as wide viewing angles that make the ASUS a significant threat to all the opposition. With a plethora of ports and advanced gaming features, the VG has everything you need for a multipurpose gaming machine. Overall, the monitor offers incredible features and is as stylish as they come.


✔ Built-in 2W stereo speakers
✔ Top-tier 0.5ms response times
✔ Extreme low motion blur technology


✘ Inconsistent lighting
✘ Gets stuck in standby mode

Our pick for one of the top G-Sync monitors

Dell Gaming Monitor YNY1D

Manufacturer: Dell | Type: G-Sync | Display: 24″ TN Panel | Refresh Rate: 165hz | Response Time: 1ms | Cost: 💰💰

If you’re seeking stunning visuals with QHD resolution, look no further than the Dell S2417DG. This baby delivers flicker-free gaming thanks to a 1ms response time, 165hz refresh rate, and excellent frame-by-frame performance. The best part? This 24-inch TN display sports a totally ergonomic design allowing you to flip, twist, and turn the monitor to perfectly optimize your setup. Overall, the Dell S2417DG is a beautiful monitor with incredible specs


✔ Adjustable design
✔ Preset gaming modes
✔ Stunning QHD resolution


✘ Occasional pixel aversion
✘ Issues displaying shadows

Our pick for one of the best 1080p G-Sync monitors

Alienware 25

Manufacturer: Dell | Type: G-Sync | Display: 25″ TN Panel | Refresh Rate: 240hz | Response Time: 1ms | Cost: 💰💰

The Alienware 25 is a feature-rich monitor designed for the competitive gamer looking to engineer their playing experience. It boasts an unheard-of 240hz native refresh rate for unparalleled gaming performance and absolutely no screen tear! Moreover, it works with all operating systems and comes pre-configured with Alienware’s performance tech for precision gameplay. The AW2518H is one of the best G-Sync gaming monitors on our list.


✔ Insane 240hz refresh rate
✔ Works with PC, Linux, and Mac
✔ Alienware performance technology


✘ Dead pixel QC issues
✘ Standard 1080p resolution

Our pick for one of the best 1440p G-Sync monitors

LG 27GL83A

Manufacturer: LG | Type: G-Sync Compatible | Display: 27″ IPS Panel | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Cost: 💰💰💰

Need a monitor that features a 27-inch widescreen LED display with 1440p resolution? The LG 27GL831 offers that and more! This top of the line machine delivers stunning visuals, 144hz refresh rates, and 1ms response times for superior performance in battle. Annihilate your enemies from atop your perch, enjoying the LG’s ergonomic base that tilts, telescopes, and pivots. Expect to win every game when playing with the best 144hz G-Sync monitor around.


✔ IPS panel w/ sRGB 99%
✔ G-Sync Compatible and FreeSync
✔ 3-side borderless design w/ adaptable base


✘ Dim lighting
✘ Not quite as snappy as TN panels

Our pick for one of the best 4K G-Sync monitors

Acer Predator XB271HU

Manufacturer: Acer | Type: G-Sync | Display: 27″ IPS Panel | Refresh Rate: 60hz | Response Time: 4ms | Cost: 💰💰💰

On the prowl for a kickass G-Sync monitor? The Predator XB271HU boasts pixel perfect responsiveness and an adjustable base for superior gaming comfort and design. Moreover, the 27-inch display comes packed with 3840 x 2160 resolution, making it one of the best 4k G-Sync monitors on the market. Nvidia’s G-Sync tech comes standard alongside a 4ms response time that’s perfect for cut-throat competitive action. Jump into the arena and go for the kill with this ferocious display.


✔ Built-in 2-watt speakers
✔ Unrivaled immersion w/ 4K resolution
✔ Battle-tested with flicker-less technology


✘ Older model
✘ Low refresh rate

Our pick for the best IPS G-Sync monitor for gamers

LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Manufacturer: LG | Type: G-Sync Compatible | Display: 34″ IPS Panel | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 5ms | Cost: 💰💰💰

Seeking a G-Sync monitor with attitude? Look no further than the LG 34UC89G. This puppy boasts an ultrawide IPS panel that features a curved screen and 1080p resolution for ultimate immersion. It ships standard with a 144hz refresh rate and GeForce GPU compatibility for the best performance available. Moreover, the LG offers bonus gaming perks like Black Stabilizer for enhanced detail, and Dynamic Action Sync for even smoother gameplay.


✔ Crosshair technology
✔ Advanced gaming features
✔ Ultrawide viewing angle for an epic advantage


✘ Color balance issues
✘ Higher response time

Our pick for one of the best G-Sync monitors for gaming

Asus Rog Swift

Manufacturer: ASUS | Type: G-Sync | Display: 27″ IPS Panel | Refresh Rate: 144hz | Response Time: 1ms | Cost: 💰💰💰

Touted as an eSports monitor, the ROG Swift has been tested and forged by top players in the gaming arena. How’s it measure up, exactly? This monitor boasts 1440p resolution, a 144hz refresh rate, and 1ms response times. In addition, the PG279QZ is loaded with game-enhancing technology like ASUS’ GamePlus Hotkey program, Crosshair Overlay, and color filtering. A great competitive monitor at a fantastic price, the ASUS ROG Swift is perhaps the best G-Sync monitor for gaming.


✔ Ergonomic design
✔ Game-enhancing technology
✔ Breathtaking 1440p resolution


✘ QC issues
✘ Software can be buggy

Our pick for one of the best VA G-Sync monitors

Acer Predator x35

Manufacturer: Acer | Type: G-Sync Ultimate | Display: 35″ VA Panel | Refresh Rate: 200hz | Response Time: 2ms | Cost: 💰💰💰💰

The Acer Predator X35 is the king of G-Sync gaming. This gorgeous display features some of the most powerful monitor components on the market. You’ll find a QHD VA panel that delivers stunning color quality and next-level contrast, as well as top-tier specs like 200hz refresh rates and 2ms response times. G-Sync Ultimate delivers tear-free gaming that’s as smooth as butter, while the ZeroFrame design provides immersion you’ll have to see to believe. The future is here. Grab yourself a Predator X35 and experience it for yourself.


✔ 1800R curved VA display
✔ Quantum Dot Technology
✔ Ultra-wide 1440p resolution


✘ Insanely expensive
✘ Visual artifact issues

Our pick for one of the best G-Sync Ultimate monitors 

Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ

Manufacturer: ASUS | Type: G-Sync Ultimate | Display: 35″ VA Panel | Refresh Rate: 200hz | Response Time: 2ms | Cost: 💰💰💰💰

Experience your favorite games like never before. The ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ is here with a 35″ curved HDR display, cinema-quality Quantum Dot technology, and contrast so deep—you’ll get lost in the shadows. The best part? It’s all built atop G-Sync Ultimate, which provides 1,000-nit brightness and ultra-low latency for serious competitive action. Though the PG35VQ is a bit costly, it’s well worth it for gamers seeking the very best in visual displays.


✔ AURA Sync RGB spotlight
✔ 1800R w/ 1440p resolution
✔ G-Sync Ultimate & Quantum Dot visuals


✘ Heavy
✘ Unreasonable pricey

G-Sync Monitor Guide Part I: What is a G-Sync Monitor?

G-Sync monitor is a type of display that boasts NVIDIA’s VRR-enhancing technology. What is VRR? It stands for variable refresh rate, and it’s tied to screen tear and ghosting. G-Sync steps in to improve your gaming experience by optimizing your frame rate via adaptive refreshing technology. 

G-Sync Logo

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best G-Sync monitor. Since G-Sync tech was first announced in 2013, many monitor manufacturers have jumped on board. Nearly all the major players now offer monitors that feature G-Sync software, and they’re designed to work flawlessly with NVIDIA graphics cards.

G-Sync Monitor Guide Part II: How Do G-Sync Monitors Work?

NVIDIA’s proprietary G-Sync technology works by syncing the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate from the GPU. Sound complicated? Let’s break it down.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are three variations of G-Sync: G-Sync Compatible, G-Sync, and G-Sync Ultimate.

For G-Sync Compatible monitors, the monitor’s refresh rate syncs with your graphics card via the Display Port connection and NVIDIA’s downloadable software. Standard G-Sync and G-Sync Ultimate monitors also use the Display Port, but they rely on hardware built into the monitor itself, as opposed to additional software. While the difference is negligible, this distinction makes G-Sync and G-Sync Ultimate monitors perform a little bit better than simple G-Sync Compatible models.

G-Sync Side by Side

Regardless of type, G-Sync technology momentarily saves each frame of action. This frame is compared to the output from the NVIDIA graphics card and the monitor. If there’s a discrepancy, G-Sync steps in and dynamically adapts the output for moment-by-moment visual perfection.

What’s awesome is that this is all done behind-the-scenes. And the result is pixel-perfect gameplay. NVIDIA developed G-Sync tech specifically for gamers looking for an edge over their opponents, and the monitors have quickly become the weapon of choice for competitive players everywhere.

G-Sync Monitor Guide Part III: What Does G-Sync Bring to the Table?

With a G-Sync monitor (and an NVIDIA GPU), you’ll be able to tackle the most graphically intensive titles with ease! No more worrying about screen tear or unnecessary lag. Jump into the game, optimize your settings, and the monitor takes care of the rest.

Just check out the benefits of G-Sync technology:

  • Refresh rate from 0-240. It doesn’t matter what refresh rate your monitor ships with, G-Sync tech will match and optimize it for the best gaming performance around!
  • NO screen tear. G-Sync’s primary purpose is to eliminate screen tear, lag, and stutter issues while gaming, and NVIDIA’s proprietary technology does it well.
  • Very consistent. Unlike similar solutions from other manufacturers, G-Sync is a battle-tested solution to screen tearing that gives you perfect results time after time.
  • Built for gaming. G-Sync monitors are built with gamers in mind. Part of the Geforce lineup, they’re optimized for high-stakes competitive action. Take down enemies wherever you are—on the battlefield, the racetrack, or the depth of the dungeons. You’re always covered.

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