In the market for a G-Sync monitor? That’s definitely a solid choice for your Nvidia gaming rig. The best G-Sync monitors combine cutting-edge technology with beautiful design for a superior gaming experience. You can expect smooth and consistent gameplay that takes your gaming to new heights. This article with dive into the incredible benefits of G-Sync and give you a look into the best G-Sync monitors of 2019.

First let’s check out the science behind Nvidia’s G-Sync tech.

What’s a G-Sync Monitor?

The primary purpose of a G-Sync monitor is to optimize your frame rate via adaptive refreshing technology.

Nvidia’s proprietary tech works by syncing the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate from the GPU. This is done by forcing the display to dynamically adapt to the frame rate thanks to a memory card built into the monitor itself.

The monitor’s memory card saves each frame and uses the information to calculate the best performance from your display. What’s really awesome is this is all done behind-the-scenes and requires no additional software, resulting is pixel perfect gameplay.  Nvidia developed G-Sync tech specifically for gamers looking for an edge over their opponents, and the monitors have quickly become the weapon of choice for competitive gamers everywhere.

What Does That Mean for You?

You’ll be able to tackle the most graphically intensive titles with ease! No more worrying about screen tear or unnecessary lag. Jump into the game, optimize your settings, and the monitor takes care of the rest.

best g sync monitors

Choosing the Best G-Sync Monitor For Your Setup

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best G-Sync monitor. Since G-Sync tech was first announced in 2013, many monitor manufacturers have jumped on board. That means you have a ton of options to choose from.

Nearly all the major players now offer monitors that feature G-Sync software, and they’re designed to work flawlessly with Nvidia computer setups.

What Does G-Sync Bring to the Table?

  • Refresh rate from 0-240. It doesn’t matter what refresh rate your monitor ships with, G-Sync tech will match and optimize it for the best gaming performance around!
  • NO screen tear! G-Sync’s primary purpose is to eliminate screen tear, lag, and stutter issues while gaming, and Nvidia’s proprietary technology does it well.
  • Built into the monitor. Since the software is built into the monitor itself, you don’t have to worry about additional drains on your system.
  • Very consistent. Unlike similar solutions from other manufacturers, G-Sync is a battle tested solution to screen tearing that will give you perfect results time after time.
  • Built for gaming. G-Sync monitors were built with gamers in mind. Part of the Geforce lineup, you’re optimized for taking on enemies wherever you are. On the battlefield, the racetrack, or the depth of the dungeons… you’re covered.

Each monitor offers additional features and specs that work in tandem with G-Sync for an incredible gaming experience. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

8 Best G-Sync Monitors of 2019

To help you get going, let’s take a look at the best G-Sync monitors of 2019.

1. Dell Gaming Monitor YNY1D

Dell Gaming Monitor YNY1D


  • Stunning visuals with QHD resolution offers nearly twice the quality as standard high definition displays.
  • Flicker free screen featuring a 1ms response rate and 165hz refresh rate offers an excellent frame-by-frame experience.
  • The 24 inch display sports a totally ergonomic design allowing you to flip, twist, and turn the monitor to perfectly optimize your setup.


  • Dead pixels and pixel aversion have been noted by a number of users and could interfere with gameplay.

A beautiful display with incredible specs makes the Dell YNY1D one of the top G-Sync monitors on our list.

2. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator XB271HU


  • The 27 inch display comes packed with 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution for one of the best 4k G-Sync monitors on the market.
  • Nvidia’s G-Sync tech comes standard alongside a 144hz refresh rate that can overclock to 165 during intense moments of play.
  • Pixel perfect response rates and an adjustable base for superior gaming comfort and design.


  • The Predator is a couple years old at this point, though it still performs just as well as similarly priced models.

Acer’s Predator is one of the best 1440p G-Sync monitors that leaves you feeling as if you’ve been transported into the game itself.

3. Asus Rog Swift

Asus Rog Swift


  • Touted as an eSports monitor, the Rog Swift has been tested and forged by the top players in the gaming arena.
  • While the Rog Swift features a standard 144hz refresh rate, it has the capacity to jump all the way to 180hz thanks to its built-in G-Sync technology.
  • Includes Asus’ hotkey software for an extra gaming edge, without having to spend any additional money.


  • Monitor can be a bit buggy with occasional dead pixels and other display issues.

A great competitive monitor at a fantastic price, the Asus Rog Swift is perhaps the best G-Sync monitor for gaming.

4. LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor


  • Ultrawide full HD IPS monitor features a curved screen and 1080p resolution for ultimate immersion.
  • Ships standard with a 144hz refresh rate and GeForce GPU compatibility for the best performance available.
  • Features bonus gaming perks like Black Stabilizer for enhanced detail, and Dynamic Action Sync for even smoother gameplay.


  • Doesn’t offer overclocking options like many competitors, and price comes in just a little high.

A wonderful find, the LG Ultrawide is the best IPS G-Sync monitor for gamers seeking a competitive edge.

5. Omen 27 QHD Gaming Monitor

Omen Gaming Monitor


  • With a sleek profile and a screen that takes you to the edge, the Omen 27 is a sexy addition to any gaming station.
  • 27 inch QHD 1440 resolution and a 170 degree viewing angle makes the Omen a significant threat to the opposition.
  • With a plethora of ports and advanced ambient lighting features, the Omen has everything you need for a multipurpose gaming machine.


  • Monitor comes in on the pricier side, and QC issues have been noted by a handful of users.

The Omen offers incredible features and is as stylish as they come, making it the best Nvidia G-Sync monitor for style-conscious gamers.

 6. Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor


  • The Alienware 25 is a feature-rich monitor designed for the competitive gamer looking to perfectly engineer their experience.
  • Unheard of 240hz native refresh rates for unparalleled gaming performance and absolutely no screen tear!
  • Works with all operating systems, and comes pre-configured with Alienware’s performance tech for solid and precise gameplay.


  • While offering an unbelievable 240hz refresh rate, the Alienware 25 falls short in the resolution category. Still, one of the best 1080p G-Sync monitors available.

Alienware is known for their gaming tech, and this monitor is no different. The best G-Sync gaming monitor on our list.

7. Dell Flagship 27” Monitor

Dell Flagship 27” Monitor


  • Features a 27 inch widescreen LED display with 1440p resolution for an unbeatable gaming experience.
  • Top of the line 144hz refresh rates and 1ms response offers superior performance in the midst of battle.
  • Versatile and ergonomic base offers a fluid and totally adjustable setup: great for any style of gameplay.


  • A little pricey without some of the bonus perks a lot of similar models offer.

Overall the Dell Flagship is a solid monitor and a top contender for best 144hz G-Sync monitors around.

8. Aoc Agon G-Sync Monitor

Aoc Agon G-Sync Monitor


  • The Aoc Agon features a sleek and sexy design with a unique ergonomic base and totally adjustable display.
  • 165hz refresh rate and 4ms response time comes standard, offering a competitive rig for any pc gamer.
  • Packed with specs like a 27 inch 1440p display, IPS panel, and an ultra smooth performance rating. Impressive!


  • While you won’t notice a significant difference in play, the Agon comes with a 4ms rate instead of the cutting-edge 1ms response rate its competitors offer.

With an awesome set of features and brilliant display, the Aoc Agon is sure to impress as one of the best G-Sync monitors available.

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