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The 9 Best Fabric Gaming Chairs in 2024

Do you experience back pain after long periods of gaming, or possibly H.S.D. (hot seat disorder)? OK, we made that last one up but in all seriousness, if you’re struggling with sore back issues, the best fabric gaming chair can help. As for comfort, fabric chairs are breathable, helping to manage temperatures and preventing an H.S.D. flare up. Once you go fabric, you’ll never go back. The best fabric gaming chairs are coming up next.

Top Fabric Gaming Chairs Ranked Best to Good

In this ranking, we review nine of the best fabric gaming chairs covered in soft, comfortable, and easy to clean fabrics that also look great. These chairs otherwise have all the lumbar support, weight capacity, and other features you’re looking for. 

1. RESPAWN 110 Fabric Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 our pick for the best fabric gaming chair overall

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair Overall

Capacity: 275-lb | Recline: 135° | Key Features: Sturdy metal frame construction, integrated lumbar support | Price: 💰💰💰

With a 2023 redesign, the RESPAWN 110 fabric gaming chair is up first in our ranking and is our pick for the best fabric gaming chair overall. The fabric is soft and easy to clean, and the stitching holds up beautifully over time, reports tell us. Stretching the fabric over the headrest was a bit challenging, but you’ll figure it out. There were a few reports of the armrests getting loose over time, too. (Nothing a little tightening won’t fix.)

Otherwise, we loved the integrated lumbar support, and the adjustable height for whatever sized desk you’re sitting at. There’s good weight capacity, too, at 275 pounds, and the hydraulics work flawlessly, as does the reclining mechanism. It’s easy to assemble, and each piece arrives in good shape along with everything you need to get started. 

After sitting for long periods, the chair helped address back pain. You’ll find it easy to relax in and play video games all weekend, based on feedback. 

  • Fabric material soft and easy to clean
  • Well-stitched, quality fabric
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use footrest
  • Too cushiony, some say
  • Lowest setting still too high for some
  • Arms tend to get loose and wobbly

2. Secretlab Titan EVO (XL)

Secretlab Titan EVO

The Best Luxury Fabric Gaming Chair

Capacity: 375-lb | Recline: 165° and multi-tilt mechanism | Key Features: Fits up to 6’9″ individuals, multi-angle lockable base | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

If money is no issue, this is the one. In particular, their XL series chair is great for heavier individuals. We understand: If you’re big ‘n’ tall, finding a comfortable gaming chair can be a challenge. In our ranking, we like the Secretlab Titan EVO Softweave for a heavy person. Making it great for a tall and or heavy person, the XL sizing accommodates up to 400 pounds, with an adjustable, memory foam pillow included for support right where you need it. The 4D armrests are full-metal, and it reclines 165-degrees, remaining stable the whole time.

One person nearly at the maximum weight capacity for Titan EVO said it fit them like a glove. The adjustable armrests are particularly durable, they said. The height and tensions adjustments are accurate and easy to use, especially for tall people. 

Some comment the seat is on the firm side, so that’s something to be aware of. The height and weight guidelines are also pretty accurate, so follow them carefully. One report said Scotch-Guard the fabric, just in case.

  • Magnetic pillow headrest
  • Helped with back pain
  • True-to-life height and weight guidelines
  • Casters could be improved
  • Seat too firm, some say
  • Pricey

3. Razer Iskur Fabric XL

Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chair

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair for Posture

Capacity: 400-lb | Recline: 126° with full weight support | Key Features: Angled seat edges, 4D armrests, adjustable built-in lumbar support | Price: 💰💰💰💰

If back pain’s got you down, correct posture can help. On that note, we call the Razer Iskur the best fabric faming chair for posture, based on our research. There’s a fully adjustable lumbar curve for support just where you need it. Meanwhile, the fabric is spill-resistant and soft to the touch but also tough enough for heavy use. 

Razer Iskur seat is otherwise nicely angled for even weight distribution, and the 4D adjustable armrests really did help with posture and fatigue, one report told us. You won’t sit too far forward, feedback says — one key to back pain prevention over long periods of use. 

As for the fabric, it’s tightly stitched, heavy duty, and high quality. You won’t have that “about to slide off” feeling of some leather chairs. The arm rests snap firmly in to place, which many users liked. Notably, it’s overall easy to assemble, but a bit heavy once all put together.

  • Top-notch quality and materials
  • Extra lever to adjust lumbar support in/out
  • Sit for long periods, no fatigue/back pain
  • Armrests could have more cushion
  • Some creakiness reported
  • Cushions harden over time, some say

4. AKRacing Core Series EX

AKRacing Core Series EX 

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair for Back Pain

Capacity: 330-lb | Recline: 180° | Key Features: 5 color options, 100% cold-cured foam padding, adjustable tension rocking function | Price: 💰💰💰

Back pain can have a number of root causes. To help address the back pain you’re feeling we recommend the AKRacing Core Series EX. We liked the adjustable headrest with lumbar support pillows and rocking function. All combined, these features really will relieve pressure on your lower back, according to reports. The durable, breathable fabric comes in five different color options, which we liked. Meanwhile, the cold-cured foam is the same stuff car seats are made from.  

The armrests are also 3D adjustable. One self-described “control freak” called the Core Series Ex chair high quality and comfortable, and commented the back and arm rests and height were all adjustable to their liking. If you have cats in the house, they won’t be tempted to scratch the fabric, according to one report. It’s easy to assemble, reasonably priced, and really will alleviate back pain. “I can feel my back aligning,” one consumer said. 

  • Improves posture, helps align lower back
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good balance of firmness and comfort
  • Wheels could be higher quality
  • Odd-shaped seat cushion, some say
  • Armrests too short

5. Corsair T3 Rush

Corsair T3 Rush

The Best Reclining Fabric Gaming Chair

Capacity: 265-lb | Recline: 180° | Key Features: Adjustable padded neck cushion, memory foam lumbar cushion, 4D armrests, very soft fabric | Price: 💰💰💰💰

If reclining without feeling like you’re about to tip over is a priority – and why wouldn’t it be? – our pick for the best reclining fabric gaming chair could be right for you. With a racing-style seat, the Corsair T3 Rush reclines up to 150-degrees. And once at that point, the 4D armrests expand, contract, and swivel to support your position. Meanwhile, the neck cushion and lumbar support both move along with you until you reach your final position. 

Feedback on the T3 Rush says it may not be the best choice for wider-framed people, but otherwise, it’s a stylish and comfortable chair, according to reports. It really does recline all the way down (you won’t tip over, feedback tells us) which take some getting used to.

 This chair is overall one of the most comfortable gaming chairs reviewers tried, though. The fabric is soft, breathable, and easy to clean — just what you want from the best fabric gaming chair. 

  • Reclines nearly flat
  • Well-reviewed neck pillow
  • Looks a little like a racecar seat
  • Not for bigger folks
  • Lumbar pillow gets mixed reviews
  • Could use armrest cushions

6. Arozzi Vernazza

Arozzi Vernazza Fabric Computer Gaming Chair

The Softest Fabric Gaming Chair

Capacity: 320-lb | Recline: 165° | Key Features: 7 color options, big neck and head pillow, quality casters | Price: 💰💰💰💰

The Arozzi Vernazza is the best fabric gaming chair for people who like super-soft fabric we reviewed. Helping us feel comfortable in the choice, the gas lift extends higher than other chairs to accommodate taller frames. The backrest is also extra wide, in keeping with the Vernazza overall big weight capacity. 

Otherwise there’s everything you’d expect from one of the best fabric gaming computer chairs: There are adjustable head, neck, and lumbar pillows, and the fabric is as soft and breathable as you’d expect from a high-end gaming chair. One over 6-foot-tall person found it comfortable, and added there was room for still further adjustments.

Along with the backrest, the seat is nice and wide, we found out, though the armrests are not full 3D – a drawback for some consumers. But the BMW-like seat really will grip your shoulders and back, and once in place, the infinite-lock mechanism works great, feedback tells us.

  • Comfortable neck and lower back pillows
  • Looks sleek
  • OK choice for tall people
  • Better for gaming than work
  • Armrest comfort gets mixed reviews
  • Seat pad too firm, some say

7. Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair Under $200

Capacity: 290-lb | Recline: 135°| Key Features: Footrest, great for smaller framed people, pocket spring shaped-foam cushions with massage | Price: 💰💰

After the best budget fabric gaming chair? In our ranking, the best fabric gaming chair under $200 comes from Dowinx. For a great price this chair offers shaped-foam cushions with a foot rest – all you’d expect from one of the best gaming chairs our there. The fabric is noted for its heat dissipation. It also reclines up to 135-degrees. 

Moreover, the Dowinx might also be the best choice in our ranking for guys small in stature or teenagers. For shorter individuals, it’s especially designed to keep your feet flat on the ground, based on seat height. The Dowinx waist cushion is also notable, relieving pressure on your mid-section over long hours of gameplay.

This is a great chair for the price, feedback confirms. It’s as good or comparable to chairs at a much higher price point, we learned. As mentioned, it’s well-suited for smaller individuals, kids, and adolescents so maybe not the best pick for a heavy person. 

  • As good as it gets for the price
  • Reclines well, amazing footrest
  • Massage-like vibrating pad
  • Soft fabric? That’s debatable
  • Static electricity issues reported
  • Not for tall people, some say

8. SITMOD Gaming Chair with Footrest

SITMOD Gaming Chair with Footrest

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair with Footrest

Capacity: 400-lb | Recline: 150° | Key Features: Foot rest tucks nicely under seat, carbon fiber fabric | Price: 💰💰

The SITMOD gaming chair with footrest is up next in our list. Available in a few nice color options, the footrest glides out easily and then tucks back neatly under the seat when not in use. If you’re wondering how often you might use the footrest while gaming, one report told us it really is useful to occasionally kick back and relax over long periods. 

Otherwise there’s a steel frame and high-back design, with a quality race car-style seat. The fabric is carbon fiber, and the colors are spot on, according to reports. The suede accents are also a nice touch, and easy to overlook in online product pictures.

One reviewer said that the faux leather chair always ended up cracking and peeling, while the fabric on the SITMOD holds up well over time. It also doubles nicely as a multipurpose office chair, we found out. 

  • Easy to put together on your own
  • Vibration option
  • Suede accents nice touch
  • Fabric a little scratchy, some say
  • Too stiff at first
  • Lumbar pillow affects overall seat depth

9. Best Choice Products Fabric Chair Swivel Rocker

Best  Choice Products Multi Purpose Chair Rocker

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair for Short People

Capacity: 285-lb | Recline: n/a | Key Features: Folds-up for easy storage, fits short people well, 7 color options, 360-degree swivel | Price: 💰

If you’re particularly short in stature or perhaps looking for the best fabric gaming chair for a teenager or child – how about no legs at all? That’s just what’s offered by the next pick in our list, the Best Choice Products Multipurpose Chair Rocker. There’s an adjustable cushion and adjustable lumbar support.  With a 360-degree swivel, the rockers comes in a nice assortment of colors options,  and it also folds-up nicely for storage. 

As far as the fabric, it’s mesh/polyester, breathable, and won’t tear easily, feedback tells us. The rocker-style chair is more comfortable than you might think, and not just for a short person: One nearly 6-foot-tall reviewer commented on its comfort. It’s a perfect fit for young teens and kids around 12 or 13 years old, we found out. What’s more, the price is unbeatable. 

  • Also good choice for kids
  • Better back support than expected
  • No assembly required
  • Seat could have more padding
  • Bad knees beware
  • Rocker style not for everyone

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