Andaseat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair Review

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Andaseat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair Review

It used to be that all gaming chairs seemed like reskinned clones of each other, but there are a lot of different varieties on the market today. Most seem to be designed for the big-and-tall market, but there are a handful of excellent smaller chairs available now as well.

Andaseat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair Review
Image: Cody Campbell via HGG

One such option is the new Andaseat Jungle 2. This is a smaller gaming chair that seems to have been primarily designed for reclining, relaxation and comfort. We enjoyed Andaseat’s Dark Wizard, Dark Demon, and Kaiser 3 gaming chairs when we’ve tested them in the past, so we were thrilled when they contacted us for a fair and unbiased review of the Jungle 2. Here’s what we found.

Zoom In: Specs

  • Upholstery: Black PVC with linen fabric
  • Size: Medium (Recommended under 5’11”)
  • Rocking Weight: Under 243lbs
  • Static Weight: Under 331lbs
  • Two-dimensional adjustable armrests
  • Retractable velvet footrest
  • Lumbar and neck pillows
  • Steel frame
  • Degree of Incline: 90–160 degrees
  • Price: $249.99

Building Experience

Building the Jungle 2 was a little more frustrating than it needed to be. The instructions that were sent seemed to have been designed for a different chair that didn’t have a footrest. Instead, Andaseat included a separate print-out for attaching the footrest once the chair was assembled. This was the source of a couple moments of confusion.

Building the Jungle 2 by Andaseat
Image: Cody Campbell via HGG

First, the instructions showed attaching the back of the chair to the seat using bars and tracks that were toward the rear of both sections, even though the Jungle 2 isn’t designed that way — it actually has these located on the sides. The second (and more annoying) issue was that there were no instructions indicating to use the included spacers, which are necessary for attaching the footrest so that the bars connecting to the chair don’t hit the lever used for adjusting the seat’s height. I had to disassemble the footrest and reattach it to the seat after realizing this.

In spite of these complications, the chair came together in about 30–40 minutes and all the components seemed to fit together easily.

Build Quality and Comfort

The Jungle 2 is a good seat for shorter users who may not be comfortable in bigger gaming chairs. Taller users may desire something bigger, however. Andaseat recommends a max height of 5’11”, but that recommendation seems a couple inches too tall for the Jungle 2.

Build Quality and Comfort
Image: Cody Campbell via HGG

The seat cushions are soft and comfortable over long gaming sessions, and the chair provides a wide range of adjustability. There is a fair amount of height adjustment, and the footrest combined with the chair’s degree of incline make it ideal for reclining and watching movies or playing games with a controller.

Andaseat Jungle 2 Gaming Chair Review
Image: Cody Campbell via HGG

The arms of the chair likewise have an excellent range of adjustability, although they don’t lock into place and can feel unstable to lean on.

Is the Jungle 2 Worth the Money?

The Jungle 2 MSRPs at $249.99. That puts it somewhere between the low and mid-range, which is an excellent place for this chair to be. Its build quality is significantly better than cheaper chairs like the Respawn 110 while still being much more affordable than most of the products on offer by more high-end brands, such as Secretlab and Noblechairs.

Is the Jungle 2 Worth the Money?
Image: Cody Campbell via HGG

Its smaller size, dual-upholstery design and the addition of a footrest also help it stand out from the competition. For these reasons, we feel that the Jungle 2 is appropriately priced.

Zoom Out: Verdict


Out of 5

Build Quality









The Andaseat Jungle 2 is an affordable, smaller chair with soft cushions and a footrest for comfortable reclining. There is some wiggle in the armrests and the footrest doesn’t extend or retract as smoothly as it should, but it is generally well-built otherwise. Those looking for a taller or more spacious chair should look elsewhere, though.

  • Somewhat narrow seat
  • Adjustable arms aren’t very secure
  • Footrest doesn’t extend and retract smoothly
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