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10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $150 (2024)

If you’re anything like us, once you’re engaged in a marathon-length gaming session, nothing can distract you. For this reason, it’s important to have a gaming chair with all the modern ergonomic features. But the gaming chairs aren’t cheap. We’re here to say, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this ranking, we review 10 of the best gaming chairs under $150, in a number of categories including the fabric gaming chairs, the best rocker-style gaming chair under $150, and the gaming chair for working from home. 

Don’t let another day pass without an appropriate gaming chair, providing the support and comfort right where you need it.

Ranked in order from the best overall to the best in each category, our list of the best gaming chairs under $150 is coming up next.

1. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Footrest

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Footrest 

The Best Gaming Chair under $150 Overall

Colors: 7 Styles | Pillows: Headrest; Lumbar | Key Features: Padded armrests; Easy to Assemble | Price: 💰💰💰

Up first in our list of the best gaming chairs under $150 is the GRPLAYER gaming chair with footrest. This chair is high quality for the price, reports tells us, with seven color choices and padded armrests. Meanwhile, a headrest and vibrating lumbar pillow are included with purchase. The metal frame is sturdy and the wheels roll smoothly, we learned. You can recline without feeling like you’re about to tip over. Feedback calls the seat cushion spacious and comfortable. Some say it could be softer, though.

This chair otherwise has a low profile, and one person said, they’d purchase the GTPLAYER chair again — just the kind of feedback we like to hear. The footrest is another popular feature, and there are a few extra pieces included, just in case some are missing in assembly. Based on those overall strong reviews, among others, we had no problem calling the GTPLAYER gaming chair with footrest the best under $150 we reviewed.

  • Sturdy when reclined
  • Vibrating lumbar pillow a plus
  • Large seat cushion
  • Gets warm, some say
  • Maybe not great for tall folks
  • Armrests not adjustable

2. Vitesse Gaming Chair 

Vitesse Gaming Chair 

The Best Gaming Chair under $150 Runner-Up

Colors: 5 styles | Pillows: Headrest; Lumbar | Key Features: Alloy steel frame; Solid back style | Price: 💰

Runner-up in our ranking of the 10 best gaming chairs under $150 comes from Vitesse. With an alloy steel frame and 360-degree swivel, it’s a sturdy, easy to use, and easy to assemble product, based on feedback. The lumbar and headrest are also adjustable, suiting your comfort level. Meanwhile, the chair is well balanced while in a reclined position.

This is a solid-back racing style chair: A look that fits in many game rooms, but may not look the best in an office space, some reports told us. Something else to keep in mind: One big-and-tall person added an extra seat cushion.

Meanwhile, one consumer said they remained comfortable seated in the Vitesse chair for more than eight hours a day. Another bought three: one for their office, one for their living room, and one for their hobby area. For affordability and quality combined, the Vitesse gaming chair belongs near the top on a list of the best gaming chairs under $150 to buy. 

  • VITESSE customer response is on point
  • Makes them feel like a CEO
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Assembly instructions aren’t great
  • Bottom gets swampy after awhile
  • No foot stool

3. N-GEN Gaming Chair 

N-GEN Gaming Chair 

The Best PU Leather Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 5 styles | Pillows: Headrest; Lumbar | Key Features: Flip-up armrests; Scratch, stain resistant PU leather | Price: 💰💰

If PU leather is your preferred seat covering, the N-GEN gaming chair is the next gaming chair we reviewed. This N-GEN product is covered in soft and comfortable multi-layered PU leather that’s scratch and stain resistant, we found out. The embroidery is another nice detail, and don’t miss the pink color choice, somewhat rare among gaming chairs. Meanwhile, adding to the overall comfort and ergonomics are adjustable head and lumbar cushions. The seat cushion itself is also wide and long, which some consumers prefer. 

Otherwise, the N-Gen armrests are padded and adjustable, and the chair is easy to assemble, taking most less than 30 minutes. Many say the back support is just where they need it but the wheels could roll smoother, we found out. Some consumers did swap them out for this reason. That said, the chair still has everything you’d expect from the best gaming chair — including height and 360-degree swivel adjustments. 

  • Soft leather, comfy back and headrest
  • Held up well for homework/gaming chair
  • Good fit for tall people
  • No recline option
  • Gets hot, some say
  • Takes a bit to break in

4. X Rocker Eclipse Video Gaming Floor Chair 

X Rocker Eclipse Video Gaming Floor Chair 

The Best Rocker Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 8 styles | Pillows: Foam padding | Key Features: Built-in speakers; Folds when not in use |

Price: 💰💰💰

Rocker-style gaming chairs are a popular and affordable choice for many game rooms. To that end, we call the X Rocker Eclipse video gaming floor chair the best rocker gaming chair under $150 in our list. While rockers aren’t always popular with adults and bigger people, one tall person called the Eclipse comfortable. Kids in particular, though, love the X Rocker, and it holds up well even when those same kids get rambunctious, parents add. 

With eight color and design choices, the product folds up when not in use, making it a convenient pick for small spaces. Feedback also says the built-in Bluetooth speakers are easy to connect to the gaming platform of your choice. Otherwise, the Eclipse is made from foam padding with a faux leather, breathable covering. 

Note, if you plan on using it on hardwood floors some recommend putting a rug underneath it. It also doesn’t have the lumbar support or other ergonomic features. Still, one consumer said the Eclipse was so comfortable they almost fell asleep in it. 

  • Comfortable for tall folks
  • Bluetooth connectivity easy to figure out 
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Rocker style not for everyone
  • Surprisingly heavy
  • Careful with fold feature around young kids

5. LEMBERI Big and Tall Gaming Chair

LEMBERI Big and Tall Gaming Chair

The Best Gaming Chair under $150 for Big and Tall Person

Colors: 7 styles | Pillows: Headrest; Lumbar | Key Features: Open back style; All-steel frame and footrest | Price: 💰💰💰

Big and tall folks need a little extra support for their lengthy gaming sessions. On that note, the best gaming chair under $150 for a big and tall person is — appropriately enough — the big and tall gaming chair from LEMBERI. With an open-back style, the chair’s max weight capacity is 400 pounds. Feedback says the LEMBERI product more than handles the weight. For those on the tall side of the big and tall spectrum, it also goes high enough to leave adequate leg room, reports tell us. 

Other big and tall folks who’ve sat on LEMBERI comment on the high back style and comfortable footrest. Many also point out the product’s breathability. Meanwhile, there’s a five-point base for added stability, with memory foam padding and lumbar support. The vibrating pillow included with purchase is another popular feature.

  • No issues after two years
  • Handles weight, leaves space for legs
  • Nice and sturdy, high back
  • Cushion could be better
  • Low armrests, one report said
  • Durable legrest? That’s debatable

6. Leopard High Back Gaming Chair 

Leopard High Back Gaming Chair 

The Best High Back Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 4 styles | Pillows: Lumbar; Headrest | Key Features: 2 open area backrest; Adjustable armrests | Price: 💰💰💰

For many, a high back is a must-have comfort feature in the best gaming chair. At an affordable price, the Leopard high back gaming chair offers not only a seat back of that style, but a two open-area backrest with adjustable armrests. Consumers comment on how the long back height, combined with the neck pillow, helped with their neck and back pain. There’s also a lumbar pillow included with purchase.

This is a PU leather gaming chair, which feedback says is durable and easy to clean. The wheels are heavy-duty and roll easily, reports tell us. You can recline quite a ways back without feeling like you’re about to tip over. There are also several nice color and design options to choose from. And the chair is easy to assemble, we found out.

Meanwhile, the swiveling armrests, however, weren’t for everyone, and some big and tall folks said this wasn’t the best choice for them. But if you’re on the smaller side, this is without a doubt one of the best gaming chairs under $150 we reviewed. 

  • Cute color options
  • Comfortable for back pain
  • Durable fabric
  • Tough assembly, some say
  • Better pick for lighter folks
  • Sweaty backs, beware

7. GTRacing GT505 Gaming Chair 

GT505 Black Racing Gaming Chair square

The Best Fabric Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 5 styles | Pillows: Lumbar; Headrest | Key Features: GT double-woven fabric; Adjustable arm height | Price: 💰💰💰💰

If you tend to overheat while playing games, consider a fabric-covered gaming chair. Fabric also sometimes helps with odor management. With all that in mind, the next chair we reviewed, the GTRacing GT505, caught our attention for more than just the affordable price. We also liked the GT double-woven fabric covering with soft tweed on both sides. And notably, the durable and stain resistant material also offers anti-static properties, we found out. 

Meanwhile, the frame on the chair is made of steel, a reinforced nylon base, and a two-speed vibrating cushion is included with purchase. As well as what’s already been mentioned, the foam on the chair is nice and sturdy, reports tell us, and the backrest reclines up to 170-degrees. This chair is so comfortable you may just find yourself napping in it, consumers tell us.

  • Excellent back support
  • True-to-life colors
  • Breathable fabric weave
  • Back and seat could be wider
  • Seat cushion could be thicker
  • Shipping issues reported

8. YOLEO Gaming Chair

YOLEO Gaming Chair

The Best Lumbar Supportative Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 4 styles | Pillows: Lumbar; Headrest | Key Features: Nylon-mute rolling casters; Retractable footrest | Price: 💰💰💰

If you’re after the best lumbar support in a gaming chair under $150, our next pick, the YOLEO gaming chair, could be right for you. What sets the lumbar support apart in particular is how versatile and adjustable it is, able to fit the contours of different shaped bodies, feedback tells us. A neck support and lumbar pillow are also included with purchase. Meanwhile, the chair back is also supportive, keeping you comfortable after hours sitting. 

Otherwise, consumers particularly like how the backrest reclines, and how the armrests flip up when not in use, making it easy to slide the chair under desks and tables. As far as durability, feedback tells us there’s quality, durable stitching, nicely aligned and sewn tight. The chair is also heavy and sturdy, with no sense you’ll flip over when in a reclined position. And if you don’t like the lumbar support — or neck pillow, for that matter — they can always be removed. 

  • Lumbar/neck pillows adjust to body type
  • Proper posture supported
  • Sit for hours with no pain, one report said
  • Time-consuming (though easy) to assemble
  • Big and tall? Add a gel pad
  • No side-to-side armrest movement

9. Homall Luxury Gaming Chair 

Homall Luxury Gaming Chair

The Best Iron Frame Gaming Chair under $150

Colors: 1 style | Pillows: Lumbar; Headrest | Key Features: Wrap-around style chair back; Iron frame | Price: 💰💰💰💰

An affordable gaming chair doesn’t mean sacrificing durability. On that note, our next pick, the Homall luxury gaming chair, is the best iron-frame gaming chair we reviewed. Adding to the chair’s quality is dense cushioning with strong base. There’s also a wrap-around chair back, which reportedly helped some improve their posture. It’s well stitched, with a faux-leather covering, and reports tell us it looks great in most game rooms. One consumer called it the Cadillac of gaming chairs, adding it’s a sturdy and comfortable product.

Otherwise, one tall person found it comfortable, and many said it was a good pick for dual purposes, such as gaming and work from home. Ease of assembly did get mixed reviews: Some calling it a challenge, while others added it was easy if you just follow the directions. Perhaps not unexpectedly, the iron frame does contribute to a heavier than average chair. Some did wish the seat cushion was a little softer, though.

  • Nice, thick cushion
  • Great for gaming, daily computer work
  • Good pick for tall people
  • Shipped with defective screws, one report said
  • Too stiff, one report said
  • Better for tall, not great for big

10. Hbada Office Chair 

Hbada Office Chair

The Best Gaming Chair for Work from Home under $150

Colors: 1 style | Pillows: Saddle cushion | Key Features: Memory sponge seat type, S-shaped backrest | Price: 💰💰💰💰

And finally, for those looking not just for the best gaming chair but the best all-around chair for gaming, work from home, or for studying, we select the office chair from Hdaba. For anyone who wants a nice sturdy gaming chair without the distinctive look of other gaming chair options, Hdaba is without a doubt the best choice. It has a polypropylene metal frame with memory sponge cushioning. The seat is saddle style with an S-shaped backrest. One person called it comfortable after long periods, and versatile not just for gaming but also for work, watching movies, and even while playing an instrument. 

Its low-slung style also made it a good choice for those small in stature, we learned. The adjustable armrests helped support one person’s arms while playing games, relieving pressure on their elbows. Some did wish it raised up a bit higher. But for smaller-framed individuals, and for dual-purposes, the Hdaba office chair was without a doubt the best gaming chair for work from home under $150 in our ranking.

  • Smaller than most gaming chairs
  • Supports arms while gaming
  • Fits under many tables
  • Some switched wheels with “gaming wheels”
  • No head or neck support
  • Could go higher, some say

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