noblechairs Epic TX Anthracite Fabric Gaming Chair Review

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noblechairs Epic TX Anthracite Fabric Gaming Chair Review

The premium gaming chair market seems to be growing more and more competitive all the time. Manufacturers are putting out models with new features and higher quality materials every few years. One of the biggest players in the gaming chair game has been noblechairs. They’ve even had a few major partnerships with other big names like Mercedes and Bethesda. Now they’ve revamped three of their most popular chairs with a new look.

Review photo 1 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

The noblechairs TX Series features the company’s popular Epic, Icon and Hero chairs, only now they are upholstered breathable anthracite fabric. We liked the original versions of noblechairs’ Icon and Hero chairs in our previous reviews, so we were very excited when they offered to send us their new Epic TX fabric gaming chair.

In this hands-on review of noblechairs’ new Epic TX Fabric Gaming Chair, you’ll find all the ins and outs of this chair, lots of pictures, if the TX is worth the price, and how it compares to other gaming chairs out there. Here’s what we found.

Zoom In: Specs

  • Breathable anthracite fabric
  • Fleece backing
  • Steel frame
  • Velour head and lumbar pillow set
  • Recline between 90° to 135°
  • Rocking mechanism
  • Flexible 4D armrests
  • Designed for users up to 265lbs
  • Price: $419.99

Building Experience

Building the Epic TX fabric gaming chair is a pretty straightforward experience. In the box, you’ll find the seat, back, head and neck cushions, base, castors, hydraulic mount, the mount cover, two plastic levers, two side caps, instructions, and a small handful of bolts.

There aren’t a lot of extra steps or unnecessary pieces to make the process any more frustrating than it needs to be, and the whole thing goes together pretty easily.

Review photo 2 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

The only part of the assembly that I struggled with was attaching the lever for the height adjustment. The instructions showed this simply clicking into place, but it kept falling off whenever I tried to do this in practice. I eventually got it on, but it took a lot more force than I felt it should have. The rocking lever on the other side clicked into place easily, making me wonder if the other lever was a little bent or misshapen and my experience was simply an aberration.

Build Quality and Comfort

Once it’s assembled, nearly everything about the Epic TX build quality is impeccable. The anthracite fabric is a stylish grey that looks cool without appearing too gamer-y. It is also soft to the touch and breathes well. The black velour neck and lumbar support pillows are both adjustable, so you can fine tune them into a position that’s comfortable for you.

The cushioning in the seat and back is firm without feeling too hard. It’s extremely comfortable, even during those long gaming sessions when the hours really start to pile up. The steel frame also gives it a well-balanced center of gravity so that it feels stable, even when fully reclined.

Review photo 3 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

I do wish that the four-directional armrests were a little more secure, though. There is a little bit of wiggle to them and they sometimes snap into different positions if you lean on them in the wrong way. This seems to be a common problem with this type of armrest, as I have experienced similar issues on several other chairs that offer this feature.


The Epic TX has a wide range of adjustability. The seating height ranges from 19.3”–23.2”, which is an ideal range for taller gamers. Those looking for a shorter chair will find that the lowest setting is still quite tall, however.

Review photo 4 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

The recline reported on noblechairs’ website states that it ranges from 90–135 degrees, but the chair will actually go considerably more than 90 degrees forward. While most people probably won’t want to push the chair too far past that point, it can be good to be able to fine-tune an upright angle for people looking to support their posture.

There is also a built-in rocking feature that allows users to switch between keeping their chair in a locked position and allowing the seat to rock back and forth. This is controlled via a lever on the left-hand side.

Review photo 5 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

The armrests are adjustable in four directions, in addition to height adjustment. The pads can slide in and out, backward and forward, and can snap into three different angles at increments of approximately 35 degrees.

Is the Epic TX worth the Money?

The $420 price point puts the Epic TX gaming chair against offerings from companies like Razer and HyperX, but noblechairs seems to beat both of these out in terms of features and quality. It also seems to be the only one at that price point that offers fabric upholstery.

The only true competition seems to be the slightly cheaper AndaSeat T-Compact or the significantly more expensive (but slightly more feature-rich) Secretlab Titan Evo.

Review photo 6 of the noblechairs Epic TX
Photo: Cody Campbell / HGG

To our minds, that seems to make the Epic TX reasonably priced for the level of build quality being offered. It isn’t a bargain by any means, but the cost isn’t exorbitant either.

Zoom Out: Verdict


Out of 5

Build Quality









The noblechairs Epic TX gaming chair is a stylish, comfortable, and well-built gaming chair with anthracite fabric upholstery that helps it stand out against the competition. It’s more expensive than we would like, but price is reasonable for the quality on offer.

  • Expensive compared to most gaming chairs
  • 4-D armrests wiggle and occasionally move out of place
  • Lumbar and neck pillows feel generic in comparison to the rest of the chair
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