So what is a gaming couch exactly? What we’re talking about here are the best couches for gaming. These couches are designed with gamers and movie watchers needs in mind. Furthermore, some of these couches have an aesthetic that fits with a game room or bonus room. Picture quite the opposite of the dusty old couch you’d expect to see at Grandma’s house. They are modern, often times recline, have cup holders, and sometimes even LED lighting.

Nothing beats a night filled with group of friends thoroughly enjoying some couch gaming playing the latest and greatest (or old classic) multiplayer games. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to throw some pizza in there too. And a very comfortable couch of course.

10 Best Gaming Couches of 2019

Whether you’re hunting for a new game room couch or looking for something space efficient for a dorm room scenario, it’s worth considering your options and doing a little research. Couches aren’t cheap!

Let’s get into it then! Here’s some great ideas to peruse before you buy your new couch for that awesome game room you’re putting together.

1. Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Couch

Best Choice Products Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch With Cup Holders Furniture

This couch with a futon twist easily made our list of the best gaming couches simply because of its versatility. It not only reclines but also folds all the way down (and the armrests can be removed) to become a sleeping bed for guests. The fold down middle is also a big bonus, featuring two cup holders and plenty of arm resting space for two. This middle console can be discreetly concealed and folded up when not in use.

The PU leather upholstery isn’t as nice as genuine leather, but it’ll do for a bunch of ruffians or say in a dorm room where furniture takes a beating. The all black color and metal legs couple together for a modern-contemporary looking couch. If you’re looking for a small gaming couch this is a neat solution. All things considered, this is one of the best couches for the money coming in at just short of $200.

  • Couch Dimensions: 30 in. length x 66 in. width x 31 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 62 pounds
  • Color Options: Black
  • Material: PU Leather & Metal

2. Lane Omega Leather Multimedia Power Recliner Sofa

Lane Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Power Recline Multimedia Sofa with Fold-Down Table

If you’ve regularly got a homie over partaking in gaming and movie nights this is hands down one of the best duo seaters available. The leather gel material is one of the highlights of this chair. It is a leather and polyurethane hybrid material which is very soft, supple, and exhibits the texture of a top grain leather product. Another wonderful feature is the fold down table in the middle. That little table unit is loaded: enough space for food, two 110V power outlets, two USB ports, two cupholders, and even an overhead light.

Furthermore, the outside arms on the left and right have cupholders of their own that feature ambient sky blue lighting (no more accidentally spills mid Call of Duty match). Push buttons on the easy to reach control panel to adjust the powered headrest and recline angle. Extras include tray tables for each seat and hidden in arm storage. Couch gamers will be pleased. Lane thought of everything with the Omega couch!

  • Couch Dimensions: 37 in. length x 84 in. width x 43 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 350 pounds
  • Color Options: Black
  • Material: Leather-Polyurethane

3. Merax PU Leather Foldable Video Gaming Sofa

Merax Pu Leather Foldable Modern Leisure Sofa Bed Video Gaming Sofa with Two Pillows

Merax has a wide array of successful gaming furniture and equipment products. They’ve done it again with their foldable gaming couch. This is a very adaptable seating solution and ideal for the game room. It doesn’t weigh too much, so it is possible to move it in front of the TV and then even stow away or to the side when not in use.

This seating option is composed of three materials: the metal frame, high density foam padding, and PU leather cover. The backrest can be adjusted to five unique positions between 90 degrees and a lie flat position (great for napping). Outside of just gaming, this is great seating for reading, meditating, movie night, and sleeping. Its adaptability helped propel it to our best gaming couch list.

  • Couch Dimensions: 87 in. length x 43 in. width x 7 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 39 pounds
  • Color Options: Black
  • Material: Acrylic Coated Cotton (Leather Feel)

4. Seatcraft Solstice Leather Home Theatre Seating

Seatcraft Solstice Leather Home Theater Seating with Power Lumbar, Recline, and Headrest

IT’S TIME TO STEP YOUR GAME UP BABY! The Solstice Leather Home Theatre Seating from Seatcraft is available in rows of two, three, four, or a row of four with a loveseat middle. Solstice chairs are upholstered with the finest, hand selected top grain leather. What’s underneath the leather? A cool gel foam that ensures you stay a comfortable temperature. This foam will furthermore conform to your body’s natural contours. This LED couch has a blue glow underneath the seats as well as the cup holders. You get the power recline, power headrest, and power lumbar for ultimate comfort. Likely, this seating will make you feel powerful.

The great thing about this seating is that each individual seat has its own easily accessible controls, so everyone can customize their position to their personal preference. Plus, there’s a memory button on each chair, so if you find a position that’s just right you can save it for later. One incredible feature that makes this chair standout from the pack is the soundshaker-ready technology. Their are transducers built into each seat, so you’ll feel the movie and the rumble of every epic moment. The downside is you’ll need to purchase the SoundShaker amplifier which is of course sold separately.

  • Couch Dimensions: 39 in. length x 129 in. width x 43 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 616 pounds
  • Color Options: Black, Brown, Cream
  • Material: Top Grain Leather

5. Divano Roma Furniture Configurable Couch

Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa - Small Space Configurable Couch

A simple, small space sectional the Divano Roma Couch is a great budget couch. For under $300, you’ll get plenty of seating space and a modern looking couch with clean lines. Durable bonded leather upholstery on a hardwood frame is a formula for success. The neat part about this model is that you can have the long leg rest on either side.

  • Couch Dimensions: 78 in. length x 54 in. width x 34 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 180 pounds
  • Color Options: Black, Grey, White
  • Material: Bonded Leather Upholstery, Hardwood Frame

6. Merax Folding Floor Chair & Sofa Lounger

Merax Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair Sofa Lounger Bed with Armrests and a Pillow

OK so this isn’t exactly a couch but we think it counts as a gaming couch chair. It is definitely worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for some video game seating. This comes in both red and blue, and it is another extremely versatile seat. We think it is a great gaming couch chair for kids. Like Merax’s foldable video gaming sofa also featured in this list, their foldable chair offers 5 levels of backrest angle adjustment.

Unlike most of the other options in this list, the chair is upholstered with a soft linen fabric instead of leather. The seat cushion of this chair is detachable, which allows the user to turn it into a bed of sorts. The fact that this chair only weighs 16 pounds makes it very portable and can be moved from room to room or placed into closet storage when not in use.

  • Couch Dimensions: 28 in. length x 23 in. width x 13 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 16 pounds
  • Color Options: Red, Blue
  • Material: Linen Fabric Upholstery, Metal Frame

7. Best Choice Products Fabric Folding Video Gaming Couch

Best Choice Products Fabric Folding Chaise Lounge Sofa Video Gaming Chair Floor Couch

Much like the Merax Folding Chair above, this Best Choice Products model is foldable. You get a little more room with this chair as seen in the couch dimensions bullet point below, and if you’ve got two little ones they can fit no problem. Two adults will have a more difficult time, but indeed they can squeeze their way to a shared sitting space.

This fabric folding couch can also be adjusted to become a padded mattress of sorts — perfect for sleep overs! It has a locking unit so it will stand up free without the support of a wall. A word of warning: dogs will think it is an extra large dog bed for them so watch out!

  • Couch Dimensions: 42.5 in. length x 32 in. width x 21 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 30 pounds
  • Color Options: Blue, Cream, Black
  • Material: Linen Fabric Upholstery, Metal Frame

8. BestMassage Corner Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrests

BestMassage Corner Sofas Sets for Living Room, Leather Sectional Corner Sofa with Functional Armrest and Support

If you’re looking for something with more seating space, this sectional sofa from BestMassage is affordably priced. The PU leather is durable and easy to clean and since it’s black you won’t have to worry about stains. The best part? You only have to assemble 4 legs and 2 hooks. This couch comes with two matching accent pillows which are also PU leather.

This unit can also be more or less turned into a bed by pulling out the footstool under the long side of the bed. This results in a large flat sleeping surface a little larger than a full size bed. If you don’t want the large footstool, they have a couple other models and you’ll save around $100 going with the sectional alone.

  • Couch Dimensions: 75.2 in. length x 71.2 in. width x 30.5 in. height
  • Couch Weight: ~250 pounds
  • Color Options: Black, Cream, Grey
  • Material: PU Leather Upholstery, Pine Wood Frame

9. Big Joe Media Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Media Lounger Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

While this isn’t technically a couch it is almost big enough to be! Big Joe makes high quality bean bag chairs and their media lounger is a top-selling model. These products are made in the USA in a zero landfill certified facility. Furthermore, Big Joe donates 10% of its profits to helping those in need. Now that’s a company we can get behind.

Super spongy long lasting shredded foam is wrapped up in quality Lenox Fabric. Our favorite feature are the built-in handles which make this bean bag super easy to reposition and move around the room. For more bean bag chair ideas, checkout our page dedicated to the top bean bag chairs.

  • Couch Dimensions: 66 in. length x 36 in. width x 20 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 47 pounds
  • Color Options: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Cobalt
  • Material: Linen Fabric Upholstery, Hypoallergenic Filling, Metal Frame

10. Best Choice Products Tufted Splitback Futon Couch

Best Choice Products Living Room Convertible Linen Fabric Tufted Splitback Futon Couch

This futon couch is great for a bonus room, bed room, or even a dorm room. The splitback design enables you to have one half reclined while the other half remains up. One of the great things about this model is that it is offered in a wide array of colors — nine to be exact! You can get the color that perfectly compliments your room. The chrome legs and tufted upholstery looks midcentury Chic.

  • Couch Dimensions: 75.5 in. length x 28.25 in. width x 33 in. height
  • Couch Weight: 97 pounds
  • Color Options: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Orange, Purple
  • Material: Linen Fabric Upholstery, Hypoallergenic Filling, Metal Frame