Gaming TV stands, you say? Is there such a thing? Yes, there are some TV stands on the market that are designed with gamers in mind. They have just what you need: a spot for your console(s), controllers, mount for your TV, and perhaps even a game rack to showcase the latest titles you just picked up.

These video game stands create an organized gaming space where everything is easy to find, helping you keep a potential hurricane of tangled cords and gaming gadgetry at bay. While the “best” gaming TV stand is mostly dependent on what type of space requirements you are working with, there are some clear standouts in those which are available on the market.

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 20 Best Gaming TV Stands & Game Racks

Here, we’ve collected the best selling and most popular TV stands and game racks that work best for gamers. The stands are sorted by price ascending. This is a compiled list of the best gaming TV stands. For HGG’s top 10 picks, head to our review section further down the page.

Atlantic Nestable Games Tower1Up to 52 DVDs, Blu-Rays, GamesSteel with Gunmetal Finish
Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan11 PS4 Console, 2 ControllersPlastic
LevelUp Universal Storage Tower2Up to 36 DVDs, Blu-Rays, GamesPlastic
Sauder Multimedia Storage Tower, Cinnamon Cherry2Up to 280 DVDs, Blu-Rays, GamesWood Composite
LevelUp PlayStation Game Storage Tower1Up to 16 Games, 4 ControllersPlastic
Phoenix Gaming Hub1Up to 42 inch TVs, 100 lbsPVC Surface, Steel X-Leg Frame
Atlantic Centipede TV Stand2Up to 37 inch TVs, 80 lbsPVC Surface, Double Wire Frame
Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand6Up to 50 inch TVs, 120 lbsWood Surface, Steel Frame
Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount2Up to 50 inch TVs, 70 lbsGlass Surface, Wood and Steel Frame
Atlantic VG Spyder Gaming Hub1Up to 42 inch TVs, 80 lbsPVC Surface, Steel Rod Frame
Legare Furniture Gaming Center Stand Race Car Series4Up to 37 inch TVs, Composite Wood
Prepac Espresso Altus Wall Mounted Audio and Video Console4Up to 53 inch TVs, 90 lbsLaminate
Ameriwood Home Woodland Entertainment TV Stand1Up to 42 inch TVs, 120 lbsWood Surface, Wood Frame
Monarch Specialties I 2518 TV Console2Up to 60 inch TVs, 150 lbsEngineered Wood, Steel Legs
Sonax FB-2600 Fiji TV Component Bench2Up to 64 inch TVs, 150 lbsWood Surface, Glass Doors, Wood Frame
WE Furniture Wood TV Stand7Up to 60 inch TVs, 150 lbsLaminate Surface, MDF Frame
Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand in Antiqued Paint2Up to 61 inch TVs, 135 lbsEngineered Wood, Antiqued Paint Finish
Avista Sovereign Corner or Wall TV Stand1Up to 55 inch TVs, 130 lbsSafety Glass Surface and Shelves, Steel Frame
Bell'O WAVS99163 TV Stand1Up to 65 inch TVs, 150 lbsEngineered Wood
Simpli Home Artisan TV Media Stand Natural Aged Brown4Up to 80 inch TVs, 200+ lbsPine Surface, Tempered Glass Doors, Bronze Knobs

General Thoughts on Gaming TV Stands

Gaming TV stands are a sensible solution for console gamers. The console-setup (TV, console, controllers, etc.) hasn’t changed for quite some time and is likely to maintain the status quo for the foreseeable future. These stands are designed to hold all the essentials and make them easily accessible.

One of the main decisions, you will need to make before a final purchase is whether or not you want one with a TV mount. If your TV has a detachable stand on the bottom of it and meets the dimension requirements, it is generally pretty easy to mount.

We’ve taken the variety of options out there and split them up into two main categories. The first category is the console hub stands. These TV stands go well in a bedroom or “game” room. They are great for kids’ and teenagers’ rooms, dorm rooms, bachelor pads, bonus rooms, and other rooms that are designated as the fun room. Many of these stands are relatively inexpensive and pretty compact.


Console Hub Example

The second category of TV game stands is dubbed the entertainment center. These types of stands fall under those that would work well in a more formal space—something that the missus of the house wouldn’t mind so much. The stands in this category work well in front rooms, living rooms, and other living spaces that need to maintain a certain aesthetic quality. We don’t have interior design degrees, but we do realize that sometimes such matters can be important.


Entertainment Center Example

Zoom In: A Closer Look at Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Gaming TV Stand

We selected the top and most popular gaming stands that we thought would do any living room, bedroom, or game room justice. Check out which TV stands made the cut below.

Category #1: 5 Best Console Hub Gaming TV Stands

These video game stands are mainly constructed with very durable materials. They are made to optimize smaller spaces. The theme here is to do more with less, yet still maintain order. These solutions also have storage areas that are designed with the gamer in mind. Atlantic has done an excellent job covering this niche with a few different solutions sure to please most console gamers.

1. Atlantic Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand – Best TV Stand for Small TVs


This stand is the console gamers equivalent to the PC gamer’s Atlantic Gaming Desk. The Centipede was deliberately built for console gamers. The main material used to construct the Centipede is steel wire, so you can bet it will hold up to a thorough beating. An angry chuck of the controller after a 0-10 death spree? No problem, this stand will hold strong.

It has six controller holders, a center shelf that has enough room to fit 3 vertically standing consoles, and game racks on either side (which combined hold up to 12 games). There is also a convenient place to hang headphones and the like situated to the left and right of the top of the TV stand. This unit does not include a mount for your TV. The aforementioned shelf fits up to 37” TVs and supports a weight of up to 80 pounds. It is pretty easy to assemble so you don’t have to dread the day it arrives and you have to put it together.

We must say, well played, Atlantic. They once again came through with a well-thought out product that serves us gamers well.

Have more than 12 games? You may want to check out Atlantic’s game, DVD, and Blu-ray rack. Atlantic offers it in a 52 and 32 disc rack option. It sports a durable steel frame but this time with a gunmetal finish.

If you had something a bit more stylish in mind, you may want to look at their other stand. The hourglass design, or “X” design if it suits you, is visually appealing and has a ton of space for games and peripherals.

2. Atlantic Phoenix TV Gaming Stand – Best TV Stand for Dorm Rooms


Surprise. Another product from Atlantic. The key difference between this one and the Centipede is the TV mount. Furthermore, the TV mount unit can rotate 120 degrees. This is nice because no matter where you and your buddies are at in the room, you can get the right viewing angle for gaming and watching movies.

The mount supports up to a 42 inch TV with a weight limit of 80 pounds. The shelving doesn’t hold quite as much as the Centipede, but you still have a dedicated spot for 2 controllers, 6 games, and 3 consoles. It also has a cage for a power strip. The really cool thing about the TV mount is that it can be adjusted anywhere from 22 inches high to a max height of 50 inches. This allows you to tweak it to just the right height for optimally viewing from your chair or couch.

3. Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand – Best Small TV Stand


If you’ve got a behemoth of a TV, this may be your best bet if you’re looking for a mounting solution. It fits up to 50 inch TVs and has a weight capacity of 70 pounds. A word of caution: this one has a glass shelf. If you frequently get into wrestling matches around your TV area you may want to go with a different option.

4. Prepac Espresso Altus Wall Mounted Audio & Video Console – Best Floating TV Stand

Prepac Espresso Altus Wall Mounted Audio:Video Console

The PrePac Wall Mounted Console is a nifty design. Two shelves with 15 inch depth can hold gaming consoles, cable boxes, and other components. Underneath, you’ll find a place to put games, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. Their hanging rail system makes mounting a piece of cake. Even not so handy men (and women) can do it. There are cutouts in the back for cables to keep a clean, minimalist look. If you’ve already got a wall mounted TV, this can be a great complimentary piece.

5. Level Up Stealth Game Tower – Best Game Rack

Level Up Stealth Game Tower

The LevelUp Steal Game Tower is a storage solution for people that already have a decent TV & gaming set up, but are looking for a bit more storage. It’s a neat solution to help keep things in order. You’ve got room for 36 games and you can do a vertical or horizontal configuration, or mount it on the wall — pretty nifty design!

Category #2: 5 Best Entertainment Center Gaming TV Stands

These stands commonly have the traditional shelves, drawers, and a more professional appearance to match. A bit more sizable than their compact video gaming stand counterparts, these stands are something you’re more used to seeing in most living rooms. Generally speaking these stands have a few more parts to put together so the assembly times trend higher.

1. Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand – Best Cheap TV Stand


Built with a sturdy metal frame, the Carson by Altra is a great all-purpose option. This is one of the most popular and best selling TV stands for two main reasons. The price (it is affordable) and the smart design (shelving and cable management). And it looks sharp to boot. The 2 large open shelves in the center are flanked by doors on either side hiding the storage space within each.  The chrome accents very nicely match the two color options: a two-tone black & cherry or espresso. This stand accommodates larger TV’s up to 50 inches.


Altra does offer a longer version that fits up to 70 inch TVs, but it is significantly more expensive. Maybe they reckon owners of 70 inch TVs have a lot more cash to shell out, but whatever the case, it is also a gorgeous stand that does any sleek flatscreen justice.

2. Bell’O WAVS99163 TV Stand – Best Big TV Stand

Bell'O WAVS99 TV Stand

Bell’O has created a TV stand designed specifically to cater to gamers needs. This TV stand features an integrated cable management system and 9, yes 9, space shelves each with their own slot for cables. It is 65 inches wide, making it quite a bit longer than the options displayed in the console hub category. This stand constructed with a dark espresso finish is easy on the eyes. It fits up to 65 inch TVs weighing up to 150 pounds. It has an excellent mix of different sized shelving and the tempered safety glass on the doors is durable. And as you can see in the demo pic, has plenty of space to fit all your gaming goodness even if you are a console collector!

3. Legare Furniture Gaming Center Stand Race Car Series – Best TV Stand for Kids

Legaré Kids Furniture Race Car Series Collection

Legare’s Race Car Series Gaming Center is a great, modern looking TV stand for kids. There is pink, blue, red, or white color options. Legare offers a bunch of matching furniture to compliment this TV stand if you are putting together a whole room. The best part is that you have the option of using it as a storage unit or as a TV stand. There are no tools required for assembly, it is pretty simple to put together using their tab and slot design. The wood composite is sturdy enough for smaller TVs (up to 37 inches) and the non toxic painted finish is safe for children. The integrated cable management slots keep things looking tidy.

4. Monarch Specialties I 2518 TV Console – Best White TV Stand

Monarch Specialties I 2518, TV Console with 4 Drawers

This contemporary styled TV stand is a bright white sharp looking piece with a surprisingly reasonable price tag. I supports TVs up to 60 inches that weigh under 150 lbs. The silver colored hardware and metal feet are excellent accent touches. You’ll find two large holes on either side for cable management and four drawers underneath to conceal any clutter.

It is a simple yet elegant looking TV stand. There are wire management slots, four-square shelf space design, and it is easy to assemble. The I 2518 is more expensive than the other TV stands in the console hub category, but you get a more traditional design with plenty of shelf space.

5. Sonax FB-2600 Fiji TV Component Bench – Best TV Stand for Under $200


If you’ve got your sights set on something sleek, the Fiji TV stand with black Ravenwood finish may fit the bill. It accommodates up to 64 inch TVs. The tinted, tempered glass provides a nice aesthetic which partially conceal storage areas. These areas are ready to showcase Blu-ray, media players, and gaming consoles with style. The magnetic catches make opening the doors easy to access, with a simple touch they pop right open.

If you have a multi-component entertainment set up, or a couple consoles you’d like to have at the ready, this is a gorgeous TV stand for displaying them all.