Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk Review

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Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk Review

Eureka Ergonomic is relatively new to the desk game. They’ve rolled out a large line-up of gaming desks reminiscent of the popular Atlantic Gaming Desk. Offering both style and functionality, at first glance they looked like a great option for gamers. I decided to take a closer look and get hands on with one of their most popular models, the Z60. Checkout my review below!

Zoom In: Specs

  • Size: 60.20 W × 30.70 H × 23.80 L
  • Weight: 62lbs
  • Materials: Steel, Carbon Fiber (texture) Top, MDF, ABS Plastic
  • Max Weight Load: 220lbs
  • Color: Red, White, and Black
  • Lighting Effects: RGB LEDs
  • Accessories: Large Mouse Pad (800 × 600mm)
  • Cable Management: Yes
  • Assembly Required: Yes


Z60 Box
  • Tabletop & base
  • Assembly accessories w/ an Allen wrench and screwdriver
  • LEDs
  • Intuitive instruction manual

The first thing I noticed when the Z60 box arrived at my doorstep was its 70 pound weight warning. I tried to pick it up from the porch, but it was so bulky that I had to call a neighbor over to help me carry it upstairs. Talk about heft!

Fortunately, installation went much smoother. Aside from some difficulties removing the contents from the box, the process went off without hitch. In fact, the Z60 instruction manual is so intuitive that there isn’t a single line of text to be found. An hour after I began, the desk was complete. Standing before me was one of the most polished gaming desks I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Z60 Assembly

The Z60 boasts a futuristic design that’s sure to impress. It’s clearly inspired by a sci-fi battleship with its carbon fiber top, solid metal base, and RGB lights that accent both sides of the desk. The black and red color scheme offers the perfect battlefield-inspired colors, while the giant scorpion mousepad completes the look.

I set up my PC and gaming gear, then take a seat at the desk. The Z60 is a perfect fit. I slide my hand over the tabletop to get a better feel of my new rig. The carbon fiber texture offers the perfect non-skid surface, while the mousepad provides the silky smoothness that my gaming peripherals deserve. Excellent. Next, I turn on my PC to give it a test drive.

Z60 LEDs

Test Drive

The side LED panels begin to pulsate a stream of rainbow-colored lights, and the full depth of the Z60 Desk becomes clear. When I’m stationed at the Z60, I’m no longer just another gamer. I’m the Battalion General with a Starship Fleet at my command. It’s as though I’m one with the desk.

Emboldened, I load up my favorite shooter. Fortnite flashes across my screen. I quickly launch a game, and the Battle Bus drops me into the arena. I touch down and immediately go for the kill. My reflexes are sharp as I take hold of a pistol and knock out my first enemy. I’m a tactical genius as another enemy goes down, then another. Finally, there are 2 of us left.

I take a deep breath and look out over my fleet. LEDs continue to light up both side of my battlestation. Speakers flank the port and starboard, ringing out the precise locations of every enemy footstep and round of fire. In the center is my viewport, angled to lock onto the slightest movement. I catch sight of my opponent and prepare the shot. My right hand hovers over the trigger button, and I wait for the perfect moment…

Crack! Victory is mine.

Victory Lap

The Z60 Gaming Desk scores a near-perfect 9/10 in the style category. This thing is absolutely gorgeous!

Z60 Surface

Like a battleship straight out of Star Wars, you can expect solid metal construction, a carbon fiber-inspired top, and sharp angles that provide the look of a real spacecraft. In addition, the Z60 boasts RGB LED panels that light up the sides in spectacular fashion! Simply plug the USB adaptor into your PC or console and watch as your room flickers to life.

To top it all off, the Z60 comes with a high quality mousepad that covers the surface of the desk (and conveniently hides a small gap that joins the two sides together). The scorpion design is perfect and the black and red color scheme fits the desk beautifully.

But that’s not the best part. What is? The desk works exactly as it’s supposed to. It’s extremely comfortable to sit at (though you may need a footrest if you’re on the shorter side) and it’s perfect for PC use and console gaming alike. The tabletop also provides an attractive non-slip surface for all your gear, drinks, and miscellaneous junk that inevitably piles up. And, the solid metal base ensures exceptional durability.

Z60 Button

One downside is that the entire desk is split in two, which undoubtedly saves a ton on shipping costs. Unfortunately, this also means that the tabletop has a small gap where the two sides meet. It also means that you’re forced to snake the LED wires under the desk to connect them, and the cable sorting accessories included in the box leave something to be desired. Another thing I like to see in gaming desks is the ‘ergo-edge’ where the desk edge offers a half moon shape surrounding the sitter. This also provides a place to rest the user’s arms between bouts of typing. I am hoping this is something Eureka incorporates in more of their desks down the road.

These small caveats aside, the desk serves its purpose in style. I am so impressed by the level of detail included in the design, and the way it all flows together doesn’t in any way impede the user of the desk.

A Strong Foundation for Gaming

By and large, the Z60 Gaming Desk by Eureka Ergonomics features some of the highest quality components on the market. This includes its solid steel base, sturdy equalizing bar, and attractive carbon fiber surface. Together they create a wonderful experience that you’re unlikely to find in less expensive gaming desks.

The shells that accent the legs and LED panels are made from a hard ABS plastic that appears ready to withstand anything you throw at it. In fact, I accidentally set the desk down on one of these pieces during assembly, and there was no damage whatsoever.

Z60 Leg

As for the little odds and ends? All the screws and components seem to be of the highest quality, with no problems during installation. The mousepad also seems very well made, with a tacky bottom surface and smooth top.

Lastly, the desk comes with two vinyl decal stickers that are designed for the Z-shaped legs. I left them off of mine, however, as I was worried they’d make the finished product appear ‘cheap.’

Performance-wise, the Z60 Gaming Desk delivers! It provides most everything you need to game competitively for hours at a time. It’s comfortable, big enough for all your gear, and the perfect height for average and larger-sized gamers.

Moreover, it’s been extensively balanced to provide ample support for up to 220 pounds of gear! If you’ve got a monster tower and quadruple monitor setup have no fear, you won’t run into any unexpected crashes from this desk buckling under the weight. As for convenience and ease of use, there are two cable management grommets on either side for all your peripherals.

Z60 in Action

Additionally, there are a ton of bonus accessories found on the main website. This means you can customize your setup as you wish with neat addons like cup holders, headset hooks, and controller racks. Seeing these as addons on Eureka’s site, I wish they were included along with the desk at no extra cost.

The old adage rings true: you get what you pay for. The Eureka Ergonomics Z60 isn’t cheap by any standard, coming in at a cool $299. That said, the price is justified.

Z60 Specs
Z60 Specs (Image Credit – Eureka Ergonomics)

Nowhere else will you find the aesthetics and functionality that this desk offers. Whether you spend a lot of time at your gaming station, or if you’re looking to go pro, the Z60 is a must-have for hardcore gamers. Plus, it’s big enough to ensure that no matter which direction you choose to go in the gaming space, you’ve got plenty of room to grow.

Eureka Ergonomics is known for their high-performance gaming accessories at exceptional prices, and the Z60 is no different. In fact, at the time of this writing, the Z60 is on sale and it comes with free shipping. Best of all? You can try it for 30 days with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Z60 Desk
Z60 Gaming Desk (Image Credit – Eureka Ergonomics)

The Eureka Ergonomics Z60 Gaming Desk is a fine piece of equipment and worth a gander if you’re on the market for a flashy desk.

For more gaming desk options, peruse our best gaming desks page, or check out the related reading below.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Style - 9/10
  • Ergonomics - 6/10
  • Materials - 8/10
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Value - 8/10


The Eureka Ergonomics Z60 Gaming Desk boasts a sleek and sturdy design that’s certain to boost your performance and provide out-of-this-world aesthetics. It’s the perfect size for PC and console gaming setups, and barring a few shortcomings, it delivers on most the features gamers are looking for.


  • Generous 60-inch surface
  • Sleek design w/ built-in LEDs
  • Durable build & stabilizing bar


  • No tilt option
  • Seam down the middle
  • Pricier than it should be

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