MojoDesk Gamer Pro Standing Desk Review

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MojoDesk Gamer Pro Standing Desk Review

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this MojoDesk Gamer Pro Standing Desk review. The MojoDesk Gamer Pro Standing Desk Package is a gorgeous desk that is decked out with five accessories for a clutter-free gaming setup. If you’ve got things like a multi-monitor setup, tons of peripherals, a beastly gaming rig, and tons of devices you like to keep close at hand this desk deserves to be on your list.

*8/7/2020 Update

The Gamer Pro now uses this new “Matte Lux” desktop style. It is a matte black with a very smooth finish instead of the textured finish of the old carbon fiber style desktop. See the sample tablet below for an illustration of what it looks like. Improvements of this new style include a smudge-free surface, soft-touch that’s great for mouse tracking, and it is anti-glare so if you incorporate any LED in your setup you won’t get any annoying reflections off the surface anymore.

HGG MojoDesk_black
New MojoDesk Gamer Pro Matte Lux

Zoom In: Specs

  • Manufactured in Colorado, USA
  • No Risk 30 Day “Love Mojo or Return” trial policy (they cover shipping both ways)
  • Height Range: 24 inches to 50.25 inches
  • Size Options: 48″ W x 30″ D, 60″ W x 30″ D, 72″ W x 30″ D
  • Black or Gray Frame
  • Height controller with LED display and 4 programmable presets
  • 5 Year Warranty on frame, mechanical & electric components
  • Safety motion sensor stops desk from lowering if child or pet is underneath
  • Greenguard Certified (info)
  • Conforms to BIFMA standards (info)


MojoDesk Accessories

Frankly I was intimidated by the number of boxes that showed up. Getting all five accessories along with the desk really made for quite a bundle as you can see in the photo. Fortunately, most of the boxes are clearly marked and MojoDesk had thought through the setup process. The packaging materials are all recyclable; the box unfolds and the frame can be fully assembled and cables easily accessed; the accessories quickly snap onto the metal frame using heavy duty magnets. The boxes with the frame and desktop are pretty heavy and awkward so this desk is best assembled by a team of two. My only complaints are that a few things weren’t labeled and the instruction manual could be better executed.

View the image slider below for an illustration of the assembly steps:

[smartslider3 slider=3]

MojoDesk is a USA company located in Littleton, Colorado. They got started in 1991 and have been selling sit-to-stand furniture to large organizations like the FBI, Mayo Clinic, and even fire departments and 911 call centers. It’s a fair bet their quality controls and standards exceed the norm. Their MojoDesk is their first direct to consumer product built to those same commercial standards.

MojoDesk Logo

Their experience building desks for government agencies and large businesses was manifest from the time I started assembling the desk. Clicking the control buttons to raise and lower the desk resulted in a smooth glide up or down. There’s four preset buttons so if there’s multiple people using the desk or you find a few heights that work really well for you it’s a piece of cake to save that specific height for later.

I like that all their desks are built in Colorado. They’ve got a real website with a phone number, regular business hours, and address listed. Basically it’s some peace of mind that you know you’ll be able to get a hold of someone if you need to.

Bringing the Mojo

Appearance-wise I was pleased with the Carbon Fiber desktop style. This black textured surface matched with the grey frame and sturdy looking telescoping legs offers a compelling aesthetic. Plus that ‘ergo-edge’ beveled front edge of the desk not only looks good but is a helpful place to rest your arms and wrists.

Carbon Fiber Desktop
Carbon Fiber Desktop

The Mojo Gamer Pro package includes 5 accessories: the CPU hanger, monitor arm, cable tray, cable chain, and power bar. The cable tray, cable chain, and power bar employ the Mojo “MAGicSnap” technology. MAGicSnap is a fancy name for a clever magnet system that makes installing and moving these accessories to the right position on the metal frame a breeze. All three of these accessories work together to minimize cord clutter. Once I had everything installed, anyone who looks behind or under the desk won’t see a single cord, except for the power bar cable running outside the leg of the frame (see photo below with the caption “standing”).

That leaves two other accessories that come in the package: the CPU hanger and monitor arm. The CPU hanger locks in your PC tower underneath the desk and has adjustable straps. These straps are extremely long and can surely hold all matter of PC case sizes. They aren’t necessarily pretty, but they get the job done and get your PC up off the floor. Furthermore, if you have a case with a glass pane, the two straps will conceal a good part of the interworkings of your rig. The monitor arm clamps to the backside of the desk. The only thing to watch out for is if you have an extra thick desk that it can’t clamp on to.

MojoDesk Gamer Grey Standing Desk Review

My only gripe with the accessories is that if you buy them separately they are spendy. $170 for a monitor arm and $99 for a CPU hangar seems rather steep compared to other available options online.

The MojoDesk is the first motorized sit-stand desk I’ve used. I have tried out an adjustable standing desk unit that sits on top of an existing desk. I didn’t fall in love with the standing while working experience (see that Taotronics review here). Of course, the big trouble with these types of units is that they must manually be raised/lowered and even when fully collapsed still raise your monitors up to an awkward height. The MojoDesk’s electric motor fluidly raises and lowers the desk so you can really dial in your desired height level.


I am used to controlling my height relationship to my desk by raising and lowering my chair. That works OK but as you’ve probably experienced going to low or high can result in some graceless posture. It is wonderful to have a second option where I have granular control over my relation to my work surface and monitors. Whether I’m writing, typing, drawing, or simply feel like standing it’s not difficult for me to get the right desktop height.

MojoDesk Standing Desk Raised 2

I could also see this working out well for gaming but can’t speak from experience because I set it up at the office (if I install Steam at the office my productivity will take a nosedive). But who knows? Standing while gaming may be the magic bullet for my lackluster K/D in CS:GO so maybe I should give it a go someday. In any case, whether you are working or gaming, varying sitting and standing positions is going to be a lot easier on the body then sitting for hours on end.. something I am notoriously guilty of.

A Value Proposition

The MojoDesk Gamer Pro is an expensive sit-stand desk. It is regularly priced at $1000 (discounted to $900 at the time of this writing). That being said, you’ll get about a $300 discount going with the Gamer Pro bundle. If you were to buy the 60X30 carbon fiber desk and 5 accessories separately you’d be dropping about $1284. The sit-stand desk alone can be had for $500 for the 48X30, $670 for the 60X30, and $750 for the large 72X30. One big caveat is that Mojo offers free shipping both ways and a 30 day “Love Mojo or Return” trial policy.

I do like that there’s many purchase routes to go with MojoDesk. Their website gives you a ton of options including flexible monthly payments. All the options are a little confusing at first from the sheer number of models to how they have some things bundled on their website. I do believe that if you stick with it ultimately you’ll be able to find the right desk size and accessories for your specific purpose or application. If you’re looking at investing in a quality desk, this longer process of customization beats the purchase experience other large retailers offer.

By going with the MojoDesk Gamer Pro Bundle, you get the full package: a clutter-free, streamlined look with comprehensive cable management accessories + ergonomic monitor mount.

You can purchase this MojoDesk from their website by following this link.

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Zoom Out: Verdict
  • Assembly - 8/10
  • Build Quality - 10/10
  • Features and Accessories - 8/10
  • Ergonomics - 10/10
  • Value - 8/10


Get your mojo flowing with the MojoDesk Gamer Pro Bundle. Charm your cables into perfect harmony with the MAGicSnap accessories. This is a premium sit-stand desk bundle that ticks all the boxes, backed by a company you can count on.


  • Sleek carbon fiber surface
  • Convenient motorized frame
  • Generous 5-foot wide & 4-foot deep design


  • Premium price tag
  • Lengthy installation w/ unclear instructions
  • Some necessary components are offered separately

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Informative review, but I wish this covered some detail about the PC sling. I have a glass-paned case I’d really love not to leave on the floor, but still have the option to open it or at least show it off without a nylon sling in the way. I was hoping this review would clear up my doubts, but unfortunately this desk might not be for me because of that.

Hey, thanks so much for writing in. I made some edits to this review to clear up any questions about the nylon sling. Certainly, the two nylon bands of the sling will cover up a portion of a glass-paned case. I sent a photo to your email illustrating how it works with our current setup in the office. Good luck on your desk search.


I am looking at this Mojodesk pro vs the Uplift V2 (72 in models on both)

Which one do you recommend. I will be mounting a dual monitor bracket for 2 49 inch monitors. My main concern is the wobbling on these. Can you shed some insight/

Mojodesk appears to have better reviews and a higher cost, while Uplift has lower average reviews but a lower cost. Uplift does offer more customization options, but our Mojodesk is still working perfectly after 3 years of use so there’s something to be said for that. If you’re worried about the wobble (and rightfully so with 2 49 inch whoppers) focus in on your monitor mount and make sure you get a quality one. We’ve got 2 25 inch monitors mounted to the Mojodesk pro w/ a cheap mount we bought on Amazon and they don’t wobble but if we had large monitors we probably would have got one of the best mounts out there.


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