Destiny 2: HoarFrost-Z Stasis Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: HoarFrost-Z Stasis Titan Build Guide

Spread Stasis Crystals all throughout the battle and Shatter all that stand in your way with this HoarFrost-Z Stasis Titan Build.

HoarFrost-Z is not an easy Exotic to make a build around. In my opinion, this comes down to Stasis Titan feeling the worst out of the three classes and not having very but to work with in terms of Aspects, Abilities, and Supers. Even so, I managed to come up with something that is both really fun to use and decently powerful in the right activities. 

This build is all about Stasis Crystals and Stasis Shards, as a result, there are some missions where using this build feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. The build excels in content with lots of grounded enemies and bosses. You will also need to take as many of the Stais-related Artifact mods (Season 23) as you can for this build since many of those effects buff this build’s consistency and damage.

Exotic Overview

This exotic provides us with an additional source of Stasis Crystals whenever we use our class ability. It provides the same bonuses that Rally Barricade provides but with far more defensive coverage.


All of this build’s abilities are centered around creating Stasis Crystals, Freezing targets, and Shattering them.

  • Glacial Quake: This super allows us to create a bunch of Stasis Crystals along the ground and walls that can be shattered for big damage. Best used against champions, bosses, or to get out of a tight spot.
  • Barricade: This ability is replaced with the Stasis Barricade thanks to HoarFrost-Z.
  • Shatter Strike: You will rarely be using this ability in its neutral stat. We use an Aspect in this build that replaces this ability with a much better one. Still, this ability can be useful for movement and shattering nearby Stasis Crystals in a hurry.
  • Glacial Grenade: Spawns a wall of Stasis Crystals at the thrown location, freezing targets nearby. A great source of Freeze and Shatter, also a great option for dealing with both Overload and Unstoppable Champions.


The essential Aspect for this build is Tectonic Harvest, without this, 90% of the build stops functioning. This is because this is the only in-class way for Stasis Titan to create Stasis Shards. The bonus for this Aspect is that it grants melee energy to allies that pick up the Stasis Shards as well.

Our second Aspect is one of my personal favorites, Howl of the Storm. This Aspect grants you a new sliding melee ability that spawns Stasis Crystals in a line in front of you. This Crystals will also Freeze targets and spawn Stasis Shards when Shattered.


Whisper of Hedrons is absolutely busted and a must-run in this build. It grants a bunch of buffs like increasing 3 of your stats by 60 points, improving weapon stability, and target acquisition after freezing a target with Stasis. This effect will constantly be triggering thanks to all our abilities spawning Stasis Crystals.

Whisper of Hunger and Whisper of Shards are my two picks for ability-generating Fragments. Hunger grants melee energy from Stasis Shards and Whisper of Shards grants grenade energy whenever we Shatter a Stasis Crystal.

Lastly, we run Whisper of Rhime because it grants us health and Overshiled whenever we pick up a Stasis Shard. This is the build main source of healing, and it can work pretty well. Just keep in mind that you will not receive an overshield unless your health is already full. If your health is not full, you will get health back instead.

Armor Mods

There are no hard required mods for this build. You’ll generally want something that grants melee, grenade, and class ability energy, and that’s kind of it. You don’t really need super energy for this build since I find the super to be fairly mediocre, but it’s up to you. Here are a few of my recommendations;

  • Thermodynamic Siphon (Artifact): Combine Stasis and Solar Siphon mods for more consistent Orb generation.
  • Charged Up: Grants an additional Armor charge slot, increasing the potency of Explosive Finisher.
  • Stacks on Stacks: Grants an additional stack of armor charge from all sources
  • Elemental Charge: Allows your Stasis Shards to generate armor charge when collected.
  • Explosive Finisher: Generates a rather large chunk of Grenade energy when you perform a finisher with 3 or more Armor charge stacks.
  • Outreach and/or Distribution: Grants ability energy whenever you use your class ability near a target.

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