Destiny 2: Second Chance Void Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Second Chance Void Titan Build Guide

Supercharge your Void Titan with this shield focused Second Chance build.

Second Chance has quickly become one of my favorite Exotics for Void Titan. I’ve always found Void Titan to be a really fun and unique feeling Subclass, and this exotic lets me lean into that Captain America power fantasy even more. 

Build Overview

This build is really centered around Void Overshield and the many benefits having them generates for our Titan and their fire team. Before we dive into the build’s general gameplay loop let’s quickly go over what the build’s star Exotic does. Second Chance is an Exotic Gauntlet that enhances the user’s Shield Throw ability. 

The user has an additional Shield Throw melee charge and the user’s thrown shields will break the barriers of Barrier Champions in a single hit, stunning them. Enemies hit with the thrown shield will also be Weakened. Needless to say, I really can’t imagine running Void Titan without this Exotic now that I’ve used it in this build. 

Gameplay Loop

This build’s gameplay loop is a bit chaotic, you’re mostly going to be trying to keep an Overshield active on your character as often as possible so that you can stay alive, deal extra melee damage, and get your grenade back faster. Here is how I generally tackle encounters when all my abilities are available to me:

  • Throw your grenade at a group of enemies.
  • Throw your shield at an enemy to gain an Overshield, the larger the group of enemies the better.
  • Collect any Orbs that were spawned by those two abilities, granting you armor charge and Devour.
  • Finish off any lingering enemies with your Void weapons or perform a finisher to make nearby enemies Volitile. 
  • If you have 3 or more armor charge stacks, performing a finisher will recharge your melee ability.
  • Cast your Barricade if your health is low or if your overshield is gone.
  • Repeat.

This build’s weapons can either be Void weapons with Void keywords built into them, or Solar weapons if you are using this build during Season 23. My recommendation is Two-Tailed Fox. Its rockets apply Scorch and Suppression, it also does solid damage against bosses and clears rooms of enemies fairly easily. I would also recommend a Void weapon that can apply Weaken or Volatile to targets as your primary or special weapon.


  • Sentinel Shield (Super): A roaming super that allows us to perform a three-hit combo that deals decent damage and can block incoming damage.
  • Sheild Throw (Melee): It grants us a small amount of Overshield each time it hits an enemy.
  • Tower Barricade  (Class Ability): Creates a piece of cover that blocks incoming damage. 
  • Vortex Grenade: A grenade that explodes on contact and pulls in nearby enemies, dealing damage over time.


Our first Aspect is Bastion which is all about granting us and our team Overshields. This is the Aspect that makes our Barricade give us Overshield. This Overshield will regenerate over time as long as we stand behind our Barricade. This Aspect also grants us and our allies an Overshield whenever we cast our Super.

Offensive Bulwark is our second Aspect and it grants us an additional Shield Throw melee charge. It also improves our grenade abilities recharge rate while we have an Overshield. While we have an Overshield we also deal more damage with our melee attacks and melee final blows extend the duration of our Overshield.


  • Echo of Vigilance: Grants us a Void Overshield when we get a kill while at critical health.
  • Echo of Harvest: Killing Weakened enemies creates an Orb of Power and Void Breach. 
  • Echo of Cessation: Our finishers cause a Volatile explosion that makes nearby targets Volatile. Whenever we defeat a Volatile target, they will drop a Void Breach.
  • Echo of Starvation: Grants us Devour whenever we pick up an Orb of Power or Void Breach.

Armor Mods

  • Hands-On: Grants Super energy for every melee kill you get.
  • Harmonic Siphon: Generates a consistent amount of Orbs from our Void weapon kills. 
  • Firepower/Heavy Handed: Generates Orbs from our Grenade/Melee kills.
  • Charged Up: You can hold an extra stack of Armor Charge.
  • Stacks on Stacks: Grants an additional armor charge stack whenever we pick up an Orb of Power.
  • Orbs of Restoration: Not entirely necessary, but this keeps our ability topped off with energy so think of it as extra insurance to make sure you always have an ability ready when you need it.
  • One-Two Finisher: Recharges your melee ability when you have 3 or more stacks of Armor Charge.

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