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Every Destiny 2 Titan Subclass Ranked From Worst to Best

As a Titan in Destiny 2, the dream of the Last City rests upon your shoulders. Being equipped with some of the most powerful armor available means you’re expected to get your hands dirty. Expect to play like a tank, get up close and personal, and let your guns — and your fists — do the talking.

This mentality is embedded in every aspect of the Titan class, but it’s most evident in the subclass abilities. But which is the best Titan subclass Destiny 2, and which ones aren’t worth touching?

Every Titan Subclass Ranked

Beyond Light aggressively adjusted the ability pool for every class, but it’s possibly shaken up the Titan subclass order the most. Stasis and a handful of tweaks to the residual abilities in other subclasses have made way for AOE-focused supers that mesh well with grenade and melee combinations. 

So if you want to step into the armor-clad boots of a Titan or need to refresh your subclass game, here ate our rankings for the best Titan subclasses in Destiny 2.

10. Code of the Aggressor — Sentinel Subclass

Code of the Aggressor — Sentinel Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Shield Bash: This melee ability unleashes a powerful Shield Bash that dazes the enemy.
  • Superior Arsenal: Kills with your grenades recharge grenade energy.
  • In the Trenches: Reduces the cooldown of your Super when you kill combatant assailants near one another.
  • Second Shield: Grants an extra Shield Throw charge when using Sentinel Shield.

You won’t see much support by way of buffs or synergy with your Fireteam with this one. Instead, everything’s poured into the effectiveness of your shield.

You gain a melee shield charge that can wipe our smaller enemies while confusing and suppressing others. To further encourage offensive play, you also gain small amounts of super energy when defeating enemies while surrounded. It gives you the ability to gain additional throwable shields and recharge your grenades faster on top of that.

While this is definitely not the best Titan subclass, it’s not necessarily a bad subclass to use. You just need to build your Guardian around the grenade and super benefits to make it effective, making it a far less versatile option than others on this list.

What’s it best for? Dungeons and Battlegrounds. Anytime you need to take on vast hordes of minor enemies, this subclass can help you do that. 

9. Code of the Earthshaker — Striker Subclass

Code of the Earthshaker — Striker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Seismic Strike: After sprinting, shoulder-slam into your enemy and release to release an Arc explosion.
  • Aftershocks: Recharge your grenade by damaging enemies with Seismic Strike.
  • Magnitude: Grants an extra grenade and extends the duration of grenade effects.
  • Terminal Velocity: Increase the damage and duration of Fists of Havoc’s ground slam attack.

Earthshaker provides a nice blend of melee and grenade abilities. Using the shoulder charge attack adds grenade charges (thanks to Aftershocks) and allows you to hold up to two grenades at a time. 

The ability to do large-scale DPS with both your melee and super is great for taking on massive amounts of enemies. Leveraging your High Lift movement ability to execute Terminal Velocity can make for a deadly precise finisher that leaves a pulsing damage field in its wake. Unfortunately, that’s where the benefits of this subclass end.

The main issue is that other subclasses have surpassed the benefits of Earthshaker. Stasis has made it obsolete in PvP, and its limited super abilities only make it useful for clearing ADS, not taking down bosses. Maybe with some fine-tuning, it will become relevant again, but for now, only use this if Arc damage is boosted.

What’s it best for? Strikes or Dungeons, especially if any game mode has Arc damage as the primary damage type.

8. Code of the Siegebreaker — Sunbreaker Subclass

Code of the Siegebreaker — Sunbreaker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Mortar Blast: Release a Solar explosion with your melee ability, and set enemies on fire.
  • Sol Invictus: Restore health with solar kills, and leave damage-inflicting Sunspots in your wake.
  • Sun Warrior: Increase your damage and recharge grenade/melee abilities when moving through a Sunspot.
  • Endless Siege: Create Sunspots with your Hammers, and throw them faster while standing within Sunspots.

Siegebreaker tries to balance high DPS, defeating minor enemies, and providing support to your Fireteam. It’s a rare blend that you typically don’t see in Titan subclasses, but a welcome one when taking on higher tier events like Nightfalls and even certain Raids. 

Your Sunspots, which are created with Solar kills, act as consistent damage-dealing areas that can shred through other ADS or let you quickly surround bosses. They also grant the Sun Warrior buff, which increases damage dealt, increases your super’s duration, and recharges other abilities. With the right Exotic, you can add this buff to your teammates as well.

On top of all this, you can increase attack speed with your super and regenerate health by getting Solar kills. It even spawns Warmind Cells, which makes this even more valuable for taking on large amounts of enemies. The only real drawback is that you need to coordinate your playstyle with your Fireteam and build your Guardian around this subclass.

What’s it best for? This subclass is ideal for PvE and Gambit, but it’s best with a coordinated team that’s ready to take advantage of the boosts it provides.

7. Code of the Commander — Sentinel Subclass

Code of the Commander — Sentinel Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Controlled Demolition: Shoot and fire Void detonators, which deal damage to targets.
  • Resupply: Regain health and grenade/melee energy when firing Void detonators.
  • Tactical Strike: Cause a Void explosion when striking enemies. 
  • Banner Shield: Create a defensive wall while guarding with Sentinel Shield. Increases the weapon damage of ally projectiles shot through the wall. Replaces Sentinel Shield as subclass Super.

Code of the Commander acts as a heavy support option that makes you a damage-absorbing tank that can pass along buffs to your Fireteam. It’s great for crowd control and protecting your team at the same time.

Possibly the best feature is the Detonator ability. By damaging enemies with Void abilities, you attach a Detonator that will explode upon their death. Doing this to multiple enemies at once creates a massive damage chain while simultaneously recharging you and your Fireteam’s abilities.

However, it’s the super that makes this subclass so good. It seems like a strange variation of the Aggressor shield on the surface, but this one is larger and lets you protect teammates. It also grants a damage buff and allows you to still go on the offense like with Aggressor.

What’s it best for? Nightfalls and other high-level PvE activities.

6. Code of the Missile — Striker Subclass

Code of the Missile — Striker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Ballistic Slam: Jump up and slam into the ground to damage nearby enemies.
  • Impact Conversion: Gain Super energy and activate Intertia Override when you hit enemies with Ballistic Slam.
  • Inertia Override: Increase weapon damage and fully reload your gun when you pick up ammo while sliding.
  • Thundercrash: Leap into the air and crash into nearby enemies to inflict meteoric damage. 

Code of the Missile makes you a bit of a glass cannon, but the control is well worth it. The Thundercrash Super allows you to shoot off like a missile, navigate through the air, and land a blow against enemies. It’s great when facing enemies from a distance but doesn’t do as much damage as you’d expect.

This lack of damage is made up for by an effective melee attack that almost works like a miniature Super. And the more you use it, the more super energy you gain, allowing you to continuously leverage AOE damage over and over again. 

When you have to use your guns, the Inertia Override lets you immediately reload when sliding over ammo. This makes this subclass great for dealing quick damage and encourages fast and nimble play. It may not be as powerful, but it has plenty of perks.

What’s it best for? Gambit due to how well you can clear out waves of enemies with all of your abilities.

5. Code of the Devastator — Sunbreaker Subclass 

Code of the Devastator — Sunbreaker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Throwing Hammer: Pretty straightforward here. Toss a hammer at your enemies. As soon as you pick your hammer back up, your melee ability fully recharges.
  • Roaring Flames: This ability allows you to increase the damage of any solar ability you get a kill with. Let the fire roar by stacking this ability up to three times.
  • Tireless Warrior: Tireless Warrior synergizes nicely with the Throwing Hammer ability. Throw your hammer and hit someone, and you’ll instantly trigger your health regeneration.
  • Burning Maul: Time to summon a flaming Thor maul and clear out the field with a massive earthquake. This ability replaces Hammer of Sol as subclass Super.

This one is a personal favorite because there’s nothing better than laying down a massive hammer on enemies. And thankfully, those hits translate to a ridiculous amount of melee damage with your spin or slam attack. You can easily take down a third of a boss’s health bar, clear out ADS or major enemies by the time your Super is used up.

All of the punch is with your Super, as your melee ability is throwing a hammer. The benefit is that you can pick it back up or let it cook and explode in a rupture of flames. Oh, and if you get three kills this way, you can increase Solar damage for a bit.

This subclass is pure fun and lays out a ton of damage. Just know that you’ll often find yourself defenseless if you get too greedy, so try to balance out your offensive capabilities with some defensive buffs to keep you going.

What’s it best for? Strikes, Nightfall, and Dungeons as long as you have more defensive members of your Fireteam to balance out your abilities.

4. Code of the Juggernaut — Striker Subclass

Code of the Juggernaut — Striker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Frontal Assault: Increase your weapon stability/weapon damage as well as reload your weapon by striking an enemy with this melee ability.
  • Reversal: Health regeneration is instantly trigged by any melee kill.
  • Knockout: Increase your melee range/damage by breaking an enemy’s shield or critically wounding them.
  • Trample: Extends the duration of Fists of Havoc when you destroy enemies with it.

At one point, this was the best Titan subclass for PvP in Destiny 2. You could easily break shields, gain back health, and follow-up with a devastating punch using your melee abilities. Basically, as long as you kept on hitting, you kept on going.

The same could be said about the Super, which allowed you to keep laying out ground slams as long as you kept taking out enemies. The crazy thing is that the health regen triggered by melee kills would kick in with super kills.

In the Crucible, this subclass was devastating. Then, of course, Stasis came and changed all that. It’s still viable to run, just don’t expect it to be as good as it once was.

What’s it best for? Crucible and Gambit due to the lengthy ability usage and health regeneration.

3. Code of the Fire-Forged — Sunbreaker Subclass

Code of the Fire-Forged — Sunbreaker Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Hammer Strike: Batter’s up! This is a melee ability that lets you swing a blazing hammer that weakens enemies while sprinting.
  • Tempered Metal: You and nearby allies gain bonus reload speed and movement speed when you get a Solar ability kill.
  • Explosive Pyre: Kill an opponent with Hammer of Sol and watch them explode!
  • Vulcan’s Rage: Your hammer will shatter upon making impact and shower your opponents with sizzling molten embers.

Another surprisingly well-balanced subclass, Code of the Fire-Forged grants some seriously powerful buffs. The Hammer Strike melee ability debuffs enemies and the Tempered Metal buff improves your reload and movement speed after elemental kills. Throw in the excellent Super and Explosive Pyre ability, and you can quickly meltdown any target.

What’s great about this subclass is that you can play it without thinking about your build. It works well for clearing out enemies as well as breaking down large chunks of boss health. It can even work well against other Guardians if you’re able to get enough hammers out in play.

It’s very much a team-oriented subclass that benefits everyone. And like the Siegebreaker, it serves as a well-balanced ability set that promotes healing, defense, and offense all in one.

What’s it best for? PvE and Gambit, thanks to the debuff ability in your melee and the excessive amount of AOE damage provided by your super.

2. Code of the Protector — Sentinel Subclass

Code of the Protector — Sentinel Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Defensive Strike: Make an overshield around you and nearby allies by eliminating an enemy with Defensive Strike. While this overshield is active, Final Blows grant melee energy.
  • Rallying Force: Restore health for you and your allies through each melee kill.
  • Turn the Tide: The Defensive Strike overshield lasts longer, increases melee damage, and improves reload speed.
  • Ward of Dawn: When your Super energy is full, an indestrutible dome will be created that protest you and your allies. Gain a temporary increase to weapon damage when either you or your allies pass through Ward of Dawn.

A classic ability from the original Destiny that has only become better over time. It serves as the one true defensive ability for Titans that still allows you to be aggressive through overshields when punching enemies and a continuous method of health regeneration. And on top of that, every kill while the overshield is popped increases melee damage and reload speed.

The coolest thing about this ability is that you can still run with the shield featured in the other Sentinel Codes, but you can also pop the Ward of Dawn by holding down your super buttons. This is crucial for Raid events and ensures you can boost your Fireteam’s stats while protecting them. 

This serves as the best balance of offense and defense for a Titan. You can still get in the thick of things without the risk of being overwhelmed, but you can then step back to play support for your team when things get crazy.

What’s it best for? It’s the best Titan subclass for Raids in Destiny 2.

1. Behemoth — Stasis Subclass

Behemoth — Stasis Subclass
Kody Wirth / High Ground Gaming


  • Shiver Strike: Summon a Stasis gauntlet, jump forward, and deliver a devastating jab that will send your enemy backward and slow other nearby enemies.
  • Glacial Quake: Forge a powerful Stasis gauntlet and slam it into the ground. This will quickly even the playing field by sending frost shockwaves full of Stasis crystals that will freeze all surrounding enemies.

Stasis may be the biggest change to the overall subclass meta since The Taken King. For Titans, it literally makes you feel like Superman (if he were morally okay with freezing and shattering his enemies). No joke — you pop the Super, execute an AOE slam attack, and fly toward the nearest enemy with your alternate.

The Behemoth subclass is one of the most broken but enjoyable melee-centric powersets in Destiny. Add in the Glacier Grenades and your ability to rush oncoming enemies, and you’re virtually unstoppable against minor enemies and a serious threat to everything else.

And while we can’t cover it here, the new Aspect and Fragment system for this subclass is a great reinvention of the skill tree. Instead of being locked in, you can unlock, equip and switch multiple variations that change your playstyle. The cool thing is that they can keep introducing them, as they do with Mods, without having to wait for an entirely new powerset. All in all, it’s an excellent and deadly subclass that, even with a handful of nerfs, is completely unrivaled.

What’s it best for? Everything. Right now, this is the best Titan subclass for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2.

Attack With Titan

The best Titan subclass Destiny 2 is always good time. Right now, Stasis is by far the best, but be on the lookout for some additional balancing updates later this year. To stay up-to-date on these changes, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and if you liked this article, share it to your favorite social platforms.

Happy gaming!


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