Destiny 2: The Path of Burning Steps Solar Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: The Path of Burning Steps Solar Titan Build Guide

Super charge your Solar weapons with this Path of Burning Steps build!

Season 23 offers players a lot of benefits for using Solar weapons thanks to the season’s Articaft mods and the seasonal weapon Dragon’s Breath. While Synthoceps and Worm Gods are both incredibly strong Solar Titan exotics, I find that Path of Buring Steps makes the best use of this powerful Solar weapon environment. This build is a bit of a sleeper hit, but I highly recommend giving it a try the next time you want to mix things up with your Solar Titan.

The Path of Burning Steps – Exotic Overview

Path of Buring Steps has two primary abilities. The first grants a single stack of Solar Weapon Surge when the user gets a multi-kill with a Solar weapon or ability. This buff can be increased to a 4x stack of Solar Weapon Surges when the user gets a kill with any Solar grenade. The duration of this effect can be extended by getting additional Solar kills.

The second effect this exotic has is to reduce the effectiveness of Stasis debuffs applied to the player. This is less useful as it depends on the enemies using Stasis weapons and abilities against us, but it can prove useful in PvP activities.

I recommend either running Sunshot or Dragon’s Breath. I prefer Dragon’s Breath for dealing with Bosses and Champions, but Sunshot is a strong option for general gameplay. Both will heavily benefit from our Path of Buring Steps perks and the many Artifact mods available this season.


Our abilities for this build are the standard Solar Titan abilities for most builds. Generally, you can run whatever you want by preference.

  • Hammer of Sol (Super): I prefer this Super because it allows us to move freely while also generating Sunspots and 
  • Throwing Hammer (Melee): The bread and butter for all Solar Titans. Can be reused multiple times as long as you pick it back up.
  • Tower Barricade (Class Ability): Provides us with cover on demand which is always helpful.
  • Solar Grenade: Has a rather large cooldown but provides great damage and area of effect damage.


Roaring Flames is our first Aspect in this build and it’s just as good as it’s always been. It makes our Solar abilities stronger with each solar ability final blow we land. Our second Aspect is Sol Invictus, which generates Sunspots on Solar ability final blows. These Sunspots grant us ability energy while we stand in them, they also grant us Restoration when we pass through them, which is always nice to have.


  • Embers of Ashes: I like using this Fragment on Solar Titan because it allows us to trigger Ignitions with our Sunspots, Solar grenades, and Solar weapons much faster.
  • Embers of Empyrean: This Fragment allows us to extend the duration of our Radiant and Restoration buffs by getting kills with our Solar weapons or abilities
  • Embers of Mercy: This Fragment gives us more opportunities to get Restoration by picking up Firesprites.
  • Embers of Searing: Generates Firesprites from defeating scorched targets, which we will be doing a lot of with our Solar weapons

Armor Mods

The armor mods for this build are centered entirely around generating Orbs of Power and regenerating our abilities faster. Your chest and class item mods are up to user preference, but I do have some hard requirements for the helmet, gloves, and legs.

  • Ashes to Assets or Heavy Handed: Either of these two mods are fine as they generate Super energy on ability kills. 
  • Harmonic Siphon: Because we are using mostly Solar Weapons for this build we absolutely want this mod for extra Orb generation.
  • Firepower and or Heavy Handed: For Orb generation on grenade or melee kills
  • Harmonic Reserves: Grants extra ammo to our Solar Weapons
  • Orbs of Restoration and Absolution: Generates ability energy whenever you pick up an Orb of Power.

Artifact Mods

Season 23’s artifact mods are not essential to making this build work, but they do make this build much stronger so I wanted to bring them up here.

  • Revitalizing Blast: You deal extra damage to Champions and bosses whenever you hit them with a Solar ability. Pairs very nicely with Dragon’s Breath
  • Overload Rocket Launchers: Makes Dragon’s Breath even better.
  • Flint Striker: Gives us a source of Radiant by landing multiple precision hits with our solar weapons or by getting multi-kills with our Solar weapons.

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