Destiny 2: Lucky Raspberry Arc Hunter Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Lucky Raspberry Arc Hunter Build Guide

Make us of the most slept on Arc grenade with this Lucky Rassberry build.

I personally don’t get very much use out of the “Bolt” style grenades so I was pleasantly surprised with this build performance. Lucky Raspberry is an Arcbolt-focused Hunter Exotic and it’s actually pretty good in fact, it’s become my go-to Arc build for my Hunter. My hope is that at the very least, this build guide will pique your interest enough to give this exotic and by extension the Arcbolt grenade, a shot.

Lucky Raspberry Build Overview

This builds gameplay loop is pretty simple. We want to spam Arcbolt grenades, Jolt enemies, and generate as many Ionic Traces as possible. This build will be making use of all of our Arc Hunter’s abilities so you’ll need to be quite involved while playing. The build is a machine when it comes to dealing with Overload and Unstoppable Champions so it is best used in activities that feature them. 

I recommend using an Arc special weapon with Voltshot as one of its perks and either Coldheart or Thunderlord as your Exotic weapon. Coldheart because it pumps out a bunch of Ionic Traces, and Thunderlord because it does great damage, is great at clearing rooms of enemies and it can stun Overload Champions with ease.


  • Gathering Storm (Super): This Super is my go-to for Arc Hunter because it is good against pretty much every boss you’ll come across. Assuming you have decent aim. 
  • Combination Blows (Melee): Our main source of Healing for this build. It also provides us with a source of Jolt and Blind when paired with our Aspects.
  •  Gambler’s Dodge (Class Ability): Refills our melee and allows us to loop Combination Blows and our Aspect effects more consistently.
  • Arcbolt Grenade: Has decent range and will absolutely disintegrate small groups of red bar enemies. 


Our most important Aspect is Lethal Current. This Aspect grants our melee attack the Jolt property after dodging with our class ability. It also allows us to Blind targets that are Jolted if we hit them with a melee attack. This combo allows us to stun Unstoppable Champions with ease.

Our second Aspect is Flow State which makes us Amplified whenever we kill an enemy that is Jolted. This also improves our dodge ability’s regen time, damage resistance while dodging, and increases the speed in which we reload our weapons while Amplified.


  • Spark of Beacons: Allows our Arc special weapon final blows to Blind enemies while we are Amplified.
  • Spark of Shock: Makes our Arcbolt grenades Jolt targets. This will also allow our Arcbolt grenades to trigger the secondary effect of our Exotic, restoring some grenade energy.
  • Spark of Ions: An additional source of Ionic Traces. If you’re running Coldheart consider swapping this out for a different Fragment.
  • Spark of Recharge: Allows us to regenerate our melee and grenade energy much quicker while critically wounded (around 400% increase). Considering this builds up close and personal nature, this effect will trigger quite often.

Armor Mods

This build has a bit more going on under the hood than most of my builds so the Armor mods do matter a bit more than usual. 

  • Dynamo/Ashes to Assets/Hands-on:  Either of these are great choices for generating Super energy. I personally prefer Ashes to Assets since the build is so focused on grenades.
  • Heavy Ammo Finder: You only really need to run this if you’re using the Thunderlord Exotic. 
  • Harmonic Siphon: You’re going to be using your Arc special weapon a lot of the time so this makes for a great source of Orbs of Power. 
  • Fire Power and Heavy Handed: Generates Orbs of Power from our grenade and melee kills.
  • Harmonic Reserves: A great choice for maximizing the ammo of Coldheart, Thunderlord, or an Arc special weapon.
  • Elemental Charge:  Allows us to gain armor charge from our Ionic Traces.
  • Orbs of Restoration: For ability energy on Orb pick up.
  • Recuperation: Provides us with an extra source of healing.
  • Reaper: Another source of Orbs that is triggered by our class ability which we use constantly with this build. 
  • Any Finisher Mod: The Grenade one is a fine choice but really you’ll be getting your grenade back plenty quick with this build as is. I recommend either Utility Finisher or Special Weapon Finisher since our class ability doesn’t recharge quite as fast and we could always use more special ammo if you are running Coldheart or a Voltshot Arc special weapon.

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