Hunters are best when a build leans into their high level of mobility and potential for up-close encounters. You’ll be spending less time standing still trying to hit enemies with AOE effects or charging headfirst into battle and more time skirting the edges, taking shots, and moving on to your next position. Their ability sets make them incredibly useful for laying out DPS, saving your Fireteam members, and playing the bait against more difficult enemies. Here, we’ve gathered the best hunter builds in Destiny 2 for each game mode.

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So what are the top Hunter builds right now? Let’s find out.

October 2021 Update: Season of the Lost should basically be known as the season where Hunters kick some serious ass. Their subclasses received some much-needed love, alongside serious upgrades to a handful of Exotics. This also marked the introduction of Legendary Stasis weapons and some killer Stasis Armor mods, providing some very interesting opportunities to start refining builds.

For this update, we decided to focus on adding options to run in Trials of Osiris. These are truly viable in both PvP and PvE content and represent some of the best options based on changes this season. We’ll be taking a closer look at updating the full list once The Witch Queen drops and inevitably shakes up everything.

Best Hunter Build for Raids in Destiny 2

Hunter’s will want to be unleashing their Supers and other abilities as often as possible in endgame content. This is where your high DPS capabilities come in most handy, allowing you to remove multiple Minor enemies from the field or quickly deplete Major enemies and boss health bars. Here are a few options that leverage synergistic Exotic Armor and subclass combinations.

Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Build

Celestial Nighthawk - Hunter Builds 1
Image: Bungie via HGG

This build is all about replenishing your super and other abilities as often as possible. That means running with a Master Worked weapon that drops orbs, boosting Intellect and Recovery to ensure you keep on firing and slotting as many Charged With Light Armor Mods as possible. Thanks to the damage boost from Celestial Nighthawk, doing this makes it easy to take down Minor and Major enemies alike.

For this build to really work, you’ll want to run with to take advantage of the 6x damage buff that Celestial Nighthawk provides your Golden Gun. This subclass also replenishes your Super with grenade throws and kills, meaning that you can focus on replenishing both abilities to speed up popping your Super even faster.

This may be one of the simpler builds out there to understand, but it just works well. There are no complicated weapon combos and no need to overthink Mod use. Just be sure you run Celestial Nighthawk with and build out the rest from there.

The Details

Exotic Armor: Celestial Nighthawk

Weapons:  [Kinetic] No Time to Explain or Masterworked Legendary Weapon; [Energy] Any Shotgun or Fusion Rifle; [Power] Two-Tailed Fox, Code Duellos, or Any Sword


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Recovery

Armor Mods: , , , ,

The Bombardiers Hunter Build

The Bombardiers - Hunter Builds 2
Image: Bungie via HGG

This build takes full advantage of how elusive Hunters can be. Rather than relying on popping your Super to take down enemies, you’ll be attempting to dodge around the map and lay down Grenades. To make this work, you’ll need to run this with Stasis and The Bombardiers Exotic armor to ensure you leave explosives behind.

In short, you’re trying to stall enemies long enough to throw down explosives. To elongate your slowing abilities, run with the Winter’s Shroud Aspect, as well as the Whisper of Durance and Whisper of Refraction Fragments. These will increase the time your slowing action is active, allow you to slow enemies when dodging, and replenish dodge abilities upon successful slowed kills. 

Then be sure that you run similar Mods to the Celestial Nighthawk build and opt for Discipline and Resistance to ensure your grenade is popping and you have enough health to keep rolling through enemies. The more you slow enemies and the more you roll into them, the easier it will be to keep this efficient cycle running.

The Details

Exotic Armor: The Bombardiers

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Pulse Rifle or Assault Rifle; [Energy] Any Shotgun or Grenade Launcher; [Power] The Lament or Your Favorite Sword


Primary Armor Stats: Discipline and Resilience

Armor Mods: , ,

Best Hunter Build for PvE in Destiny 2

PvE builds for Hunters should reflect the DPS and super output for endgame content. That said, your PvE builds can be more varied in which weapons you equip. As long as you lean into either movement or recovery, you can run with your favorites and throw caution to the wind. Here are two of our favorites.

Shards of Galanor Hunter Build

Shards of Galanor - Hunter Builds 3
Image: Bungie via HGG

Using grenades and dodging to build up your Super seems to be the go-to system with Hunters. Such is the case here, where your goal is to constantly burn your enemies and defeat them while this is happening. With active, this will recharge your melee ability faster, allowing you to lay down more burning projectiles.

Once you’ve laid out your Super, having Shards of Galanor equipped will allow you to build up to half of your Super recharge by getting kills. This should simultaneously recharge your other abilities, allowing you to jump right back into the dodge, melee, grenade cycle right away and finish off your Super recharge in a few minutes or less.

Your weapons will be less of a concern here, but if you can try to use anything that can take out Minor enemies in one to two shots and apply Solar burn. Additionally, your Armor Mods and base stats will once again be ability recharge focused. This means you can apply most of the options you use for Nightfalls without much tweaking.

The Details

Exotic Armor: Shards of Galanor

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Hand Cannon; [Energy] Any Fusion Rifle or Bow that Applies Burn; [Power] Xenophage, Lament, or Eyes of Tomorrow


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Mobility

Armor Mods: , ,

Frost-EE5 Hunter Build

Frost-EE5 - Hunter Builds 4
Image: Bungie via HGG

There’s so much you can do with Stasis as a Hunter without having to switch up the core Aspects and Fragments you’re running. While this build won’t be focused on slowing enemies to recharge abilities, it will still be a useful part of it. Running the Winter’s Shroud Aspect with the Whisper of Durance and Whisper of Refraction Fragments will help you quickly eliminate enemies as you actively sprint and dodge around the map.

Here’s why you’ll want to be sure you keep moving. The Frost-EE5 Exotic will increase the melee, grenade, and dodge ability regen as long as you keep moving. Anytime you dodge, your sprint speed will increase, making it far easier to maintain your movement. 

To round out this build, you’ll want to run Glacier grenades and any weapon that produces high DPS from mid-to-close range. And since you’re less focused on popping your Super, you can instead boost your Recovery and Resilience stats to ensure that you’ll stay alive long enough to regenerate your abilities.

The Details

Exotic Armor: Frost-EE5

Weapons: [Kinetic] No Time to Explain or Any Rapid-Fire Weapon; [Energy] Any Shotgun or SMG; [Power] Salvation’s Grip or Falling Guillotine


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Resilience

Armor Mods: , , ,

Best Hunter Build for Crucible in Destiny 2

For Crucible, you want to either focus on keeping yourself alive so that you can get up close or supercharging your ability regeneration. You want to be sure that your choices allow you to take out other Guardians in one to two hits and that you can last long enough to then leave the area. Here are a few options that take those two concepts to the extreme.

Mask of Bakris Hunter Build

Mask of Bakris - Hunter Builds 5
Image: Bungie via HGG

The Mask of Bakris replaces your standard Hunter dodge with a quick use teleport ability. Once you’ve dodged, you’ll trigger a perk that increases the damage done by your Arc weapons for a short time. And if any enemies happen to be slowed or frozen, this damage buff is increased even further.

So, this is another Stasis build that will have you focused on dodging and grenades. You can take much of what you’re using for your Bombardiers build and apply it here. Equip the Winter’s Shroud Aspect with the Whisper of Durance and Whisper of Refraction Fragments for increased slowed duration and the dodge/freeze ability. Then leverage Charged With Light Armor Mods and look for any way that you can boost your Intellect and Discipline stats.

As far as weapons go, make sure that your Energy weapon is Arc based. You likely won’t be switching between weapons fast enough when the damage buff is active, so choose your favorite. Then if you can, use a Masterworked Kinetic weapon that drops orbs and a Sword for your Power weapon to make quick work of any remaining Guardians up close.

The Details

Exotic Armor: Mask of Bakris

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Masterworked Rapid-Fire Weapon; [Energy] First In, Last-Out or The Fourth Horseman; [Power] Falling Guillotine or The Lament


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Discipline

Armor Mods: , , ,

Wormhusk Crown Hunter Build

Wormhusk Crown - Hunter Builds 6
Image: Bungie via HGG

This build focuses on movement and dodging but with an added health and shield boost by using the Wormhusk Crown. This Exotic gives you a small regeneration perk activated by dodging. This is perfect when you’re in dire straights in Crucible, and can mean the difference between being eliminated and getting an elimination.

The rest of this build is really up to you. While we have recommendations on what to run to help keep you firing from mid-distance, you should only care about bumping up your Recovery and Mobility stats. The rest is up to how you like to play when running and gunning.

Exotic Armor: Wormhusk Crown

Weapons: [Kinetic] Crimson, SUROS Regime or No Time to Explain; [Energy] Any Hand Cannon or Sidearm; [Power] Any Sword or Rocket Launcher


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Mobility

Armor Mods: , ,

Best Hunter Builds for Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

More than likely your favorite Crucible builds will translate well to Trials of Osiris. However, with this game mode being far more strategic and builds more versatile, there are some options that can help you gain an edge. These not only take advantage of the current PvP meta but lean into being useful for defensive PvE play as well.

Revenant Grenadier Hunter Build

This build variation should look somewhat familiar to PvE players. However, with the addition of Stasis Armor mods and some tweaks to Hunter abilities you now have an option that’s incredibly offensive. This leverages your Shatterdive, Grenades, and a variety of Exotic options to let you fine-tune how you’d like to play. 

Right now, Frost-EE5 dodge ability is still incredibly broken and the ability cooldowns really benefit your chances of landing multiple Grenade or Melee hits within a few seconds. You can also switch for Stomp-EE5 if you’d rather leverage your Shatterdrive more aggressively with the opportunity to pull back if needed.

As far as Mods go, try to lean into anything that benefits Stasis Elemental Orb spawns, damage increase, or ability regeneration. For the most part, you want to synergize your use of Stasis so focus on your Super and Grenade abilities, as well as anything that increases how much damage shattering crystals does. You can even opt for Stasis weapons with this build to ensure you are constantly freezing opponents in their tracks.

Exotic Armor: Frost-EE5 or Stomp-EE5

Weapon Type: Vex Mythoclast, Ace of Spades, and/or Peacebond


Aspects: Shatterdive + Touch of Winter

Fragments: Fissures + Shards

Primary Armor Stats: Intellect + Discipline

Armor Mods: Anything that increases Grenade regeneration and Stasis Elemental Orb spawns

Graviton Forfeit Hunter Build

An elusive Hunter can be deadly in Trials and may mean the difference between a round win and a wipe. This build takes full advantage of your ability to disappear and move nimbly around an area, as well as making it hard for your enemies to trust their mini-map. It sure helps that the basis of this build, the Exotic Graviton Forfeit helmet, received a solid buff this season to make it all possible.

While may seem like an odd choice, it’s incredibly useful for making you an unseen target. You’re much faster, have a more accurate radar without specific weapons, and can leverage Snare Bombs to fake out opponents. With Graviton Forfeit equipped, your ability to persistently go invisible is amped up whenever you dodge. To further amplify this, focus on wearing armor with increased Mobility and leveraging basic Mods that boost this stat. 

To finish things off, be sure you leverage Charged With Light Mods and precision weapons. You want to be able to get close, but leave enough room to back out and evade if you get caught. If you can boost your damage output beforehand, all the better.

Exotic Armor: Graviton Forfeit

Weapon Type: Dead Man’s Tale, Ace of Spades, The Messenger, or other precision weapons


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery, Discipline, and Mobility

Armor Mods: , , , and anything with Grenade regeneration.

Athrys’s Embrace Hunter Build

A well-timed melee attack can mean the difference between you and your enemy going down. This build helps supercharge that process by augmenting the Gunslinger’s Weighted Throwing Knife for increased auto-tracking and potential instant kills. The rest of your build is all about increased accuracy and/or DPS attacks to help bring your Super back sooner. You’ll definitely need to get in a bit closer than you may like but the results are well worth the risk.

The beauty of this build is that you don’t need kills to accomplish this. With Athrys’s Embrace, you gain an additional bounce to your throwing knife alongside improved tracking. To boost its damage all you need to do is land five headshots. This is why leveraging a Trace Rifle or incredibly fast Auto Rifle, like Suros Regime, is helpful here.

Your stat focus should be fairly well-rounded with Recovery and Intellect taking center stage. Your melee charge should already be boosted enough so that you can focus on adding Mods that increase your Super and Health recharge while adding some stat boosts for your Mobility. Of course, this build also benefits from you becoming Charged With Light to further boost your core stat setup. 

Exotic Armor: Athrys’s Embrace

Weapon Type: Suros Regime or Ager’s Scepter


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery, Intellect, Strength, and Mobility

Armor Mods: , , ,

Best Hunter Build for Gambit in Destiny 2

Gambit builds will be very similar to PvE. In fact, you can probably run the PvE-specific options we listed within Gambit and vice versa. However, if you want to create something more specific for this hybrid game mode, try out the following agility and ability-based builds.

The Sixth Coyote Hunter Build

The Sixth Coyote - Hunter Builds 7
Image: Bungie via HGG

This build is all about freezing enemies and shattering them as often as possible. To make this work, you need to continuously recharge your melee ability and have the Shatterdive and Grim Harvest Aspects equipped. These will create Stasis shards that regenerate your Melee energy and provide a quick and easy way to shatter any enemies in the surrounding area.

Now, this freeze and shatter action can get you in trouble when facing challenging enemies. Once executed, it leaves you exposed, which is where The Sixth Coyote Exotic comes into play. This will provide you with two dodge slots, meaning that you can quickly evacuate even if your melee is spent. 

Your weapon choices don’t really matter as much with this build, but we recommend running with an automatic weapon, something for precision, and a sword. For stats and mods, be sure to up your recovery and movement speed, and use mods that increase your ability recharge rate. Lastly, focus on equipping Fragments like Whisper of Hedrons and Fissures to increase the damage output from shattering crystals.

Exotic Armor: The Sixth Coyote

Weapons: [Kinetic] Monte Carlo; [Energy] Your Favorite Hand Cannon; [Power] Your Favorite Sword 


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Mobility

Armor Mods: , ,

Orpheus Rig Hunter Build

Orpheus Rig - Hunter Builds 8
Image: Bungie via HGG

This build is intended to help you create a cycle of Super and Grenade abilities. Focus on improving your Grenade and Super recharge stats to help pop your Tether. If you’re wearing the Orpheus Rig Exotic Boots, you’ll gain additional shots and increase your ability regeneration based on the number of enemies you tether.

Like the Wormhusk Crown, the rest of this build is somewhat up to you. Generally speaking, you want to run with weapons that can do a lot of damage across a wide spread and equip mods that boost your recharge rates. Besides that, be sure you run and start tethering everything in sight.

Exotic Armor: Orpheus Rig

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Pulse Rifle or Assault Rifle; [Energy] Any SMG or Shotgun; [Power] Any Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Discipline

Armor Mods: , ,


Prepare for the Hunt

We hope you enjoyed our Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds feature! Hunter builds are fun to create and can work incredibly well between every game mode, meaning you can focus on your weapons and subclasses. To help the Hunter on your Fireteam find their favorite build, be sure to share this article on your favorite social platform, and sign up for our email list for more Destiny 2 content.

Happy gaming!