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The Best Destiny 2 Stasis Aspects Explained and Ranked

Aspects are a new system in Destiny 2, exclusively designed for the Stasis subclass. In a way, they showcase what Bungie’s focus will be moving forward — allowing for greater customization and continuous offshoots of subclass variants outside of structured skill trees. This will hopefully mean more ways to play and new Stasis playstyles emerging on a regular basis.

But what exactly are Aspects? How do you unlock them? And how do they relate to Stasis Fragments? Let’s answer those questions and rank the current Aspects available in Destiny 2.

What Are Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2?

Aspects are additional modifiers for the Stasis subclass, which grant new passive or active abilities. Some will actively change melee or Super abilities, while others will add additional status effects that amplify or augment your subclass. Like your subclass skill trees, these Aspects are exclusive to each class type, meaning that TitansWarlocks, and Hunters have differing Aspects available to them.

You can currently equip two unique Aspects simultaneously. Your choices will dictate how many Fragment slots you have available, ranging from zero to three at a time. Fragments cannot be unlocked until you’ve acquired your first Aspect from the Beyond Light expansion.

How Do You Unlock Stasis Aspects in Destiny 2?

Beyond Light Expansion
Image: Bungie, Inc

Unlocking Aspects is a lengthy but straightforward process that starts after beating the Beyond Light campaign.

1. Unlocking Your First Aspect

Finishing the campaign unlocks the Aspect of Control and Born in Darkness Part 1 questlines. 

The 7-step Born in Darkness quest will have you perform Stasis-focused abilities throughout activities and research the secrets of Stasis held by Clovis-Bray with the help of the Exo Stranger.

The Aspect of Control questline does require you to unlock the Salvation’s Grip — an Exotic Stasis Grenade Launcher — through the Stealing Stasis mission before you can find and destroy the five Entropic Shards on Europa. Luckily, you can start this mission and complete plenty of the Stasis kill steps while completing Born in Darkness.

Once these quests are complete, return to the Exo Stranger to acquire your first Stasis Aspect.

  • Titans — Cryoclasm
  • Hunters — Shatterdive
  • Warlocks — Iceflare

2. Unlocking Your Second Aspect

Another lengthy series of quests await, as you have to complete the next three Born in Darkness questlines to unlock the Aspect of Destruction quest. It’s mainly more of the same Stasis-focused ventures, but Aspect of Destruction does require you to find the remaining four Entropic Shards scattered around Europa. Once that step is complete, simply return to the Exo Stranger and acquire your second Aspect.

  • Titans — Tectonic Harvest
  • Hunters — Winter’s Shroud
  • Warlocks — Frostpulse

3. Unlocking Your Third Aspect

The third aspect for each class was added as part of Season of the Chosen. You do need to acquire the first two before being able to unlock the Aspect of Influence questline. This is a much shorter process and only requires you to destroy Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude and complete a Heroic Exo Challenge. 

The shards are easy to find, and you should have unlocked the Exo Challenge encounter at this point. Once completed, talk to the Exo Stranger to acquire your third Aspect.

  • Titans — Howl of the Storm
  • Hunters — Grim Harvest
  • Warlocks — Bleak Watcher

4. Unlocking Your Fourth Aspect

Added as part of Season of the Splicer, the fourth Aspect quest will function much like the third. Dust off Salvation’s Grip from the Vault and head on over to Europa to speak to the Exo Stranger. This will kick off the Aspect of Interference quest, and send you on your way to Kell’s Rising in the northern part of the map to destroy some Entropic Shards.

Follow the same initial path that you ventured into throughout Beyond Light during the quest to unlock Salvation’s Grip. You’ll find the first Entropic Shard at the top of the staircase just in front of a platforming section. Once destroyed, just follow the rest and keep freezing them, until you reach an area with a larger shard. 

Once you Commune with the Darkness, you’ll spawn a few rounds of Vex enemies until this step is complete. Now, you just need to complete a Heroic Exo Challenge, which can be started from the menu. This shouldn’t be too challenging, but it may be wise to run your Raid build here to breeze through it. You can expect to run the Survival Simulation, which has you dealing with a Biting Cold Debuff, Safeguard, a horde mode, or the Agility Simulation which is all about platforming.

Once complete, head to the Ziggurat near the Exo Stranger to be transported into the large floating pyramid. Interact with the Darkness statue at the end and you’ll unlock your fourth Aspect. 

  • Titans — Diamond Lance
  • Hunters — Touch of Winter
  • Warlocks — Glacial Harvest

Every Stasis Aspect in Destiny 2 Ranked By Subclass

To be honest, every Stasis Aspect has some benefit to it. And being able to equip two at a time means you can apply an active ability with a passive effect. That said, here’s how we think the current Aspects shake out and which Fragments you should equip to bolster these abilities.

Behemoth — Titan Subclass

Behemoth — Titan Subclass
Image: Bungie, Inc via HGG

4. Diamond Lance 

Shatter or defeat targets with Stasis abilities to create a Stasis Lance. Use the right trigger to throw the lance and freeze targets on impact. Use your Melee attack to slam the lance to the ground to freeze targets in a small area. (1 Fragment Slot)

3. Tectonic Harvest

Shattering a Stasis crystal creates a Stasis shard that grants melee energy when picked up by you or your allies. (2 fragment slots)

2. Cryoclasm 

Enables a longer and more powerful slide. Sliding into Stasis crystals or frozen targets causes a shatter chain reaction. (1 fragment slot)

1. Howl of the Storm 

While sliding, activate your melee ability to launch a wave of Stasis energy that freezes targets and creates Stasis crystals. Can be activated while using your Super. (2 fragment slots)

Shadebinder — Warlock Subclass

Image: Bungie, Inc via HGG

4. Glacial Harvest

Freezing enemies spawn Stasis shards around the frozen targets. Higher-tier combatants create more shards that spread out over a larger area. (2 Fragment Slots)

3. Iceflare Bolts 

Shattering a frozen enemy spawns seekers that track and freeze nearby enemies. (2 fragment slots)

2. Bleak Watcher 

Convert your grenade into a Stasis turret that fires slowing projectiles at nearby enemies. (1 fragment slot)

1. Frostpulse

Casting Rift generates a shockwave that freezes enemies. (2 fragment slots)

Revenant — Hunter Subclass

Revenant - #1 Destiny 2 Best Hunter Subclass
Image: Bungie, Inc via HGG

4. Shatterdive

While in mid-air, rocket down and shatter enemies upon impact. (1 fragment slot)

3. Touch of Winter

Increase the functionality of your Stasis Grenades. Glacier Grenades spawn an additional crystal in a ring formation. Duskfield Grenades spawn a small Stasis crystal in the center of an increased area of effect. Coldsnap Grenades seek out enemies faster and further away, as well as gain one additional chain freeze. (2 Fragment Slots)

2. Grim Harvest

Defeating slowed or frozen enemies create Stasis shards that grant additional Melee energy to you and your allies. (2 fragment slots)

1. Winter’s Shroud

Apply x4 Slow to enemies after dodging. (1 fragment slot)

Expect More Aspects

Aspects are a unique addition to subclasses in Destiny 2, and there’s no doubt that we’ll see more emerge in upcoming seasons. For now, be sure to share this article with your Fireteam on your favorite social platforms to let them know what they should be running. And for the latest on Destiny 2, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy gaming!


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