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Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Weapons Roundup

Season of the Wish contains some of the best weapons this year, but which are the best?

This season has already seen its fair share of meta shifts, and new weapons could be one of the reasons for that. From one of the best season pass Exotics in a long time to a great set of seasonal weapons, there’s something for every kind of Destiny 2 player here. In this article, I’ll cover all of the new seasonal weapons for Season of the Wish, starting with the season pass Exotic and ritual weapon!

Season Pass Exotic and Ritual Weapon

Of all the weapons we know to expect every season, the season pass Exotic and ritual weapon are two of the most interesting. The season pass Exotic is usually the first weapon you’ll see each season, so it has to be something interesting. And since the ritual weapon requires quite a bit of time to get, it’s always a disappointment if it isn’t good. This season, luckily, is above average in both cases!

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath - Exotic Solar Rocket Launcher
Brett Moss / Bungie

In terms of season pass Exotics, this is one of the best in years. Dragon’s Breath functions as a damage-over-time weapon, which means it’s incredible for long DPS phases. In raids, GMs, or other content with difficult bosses, Dragon’s Breath is perfect for Solar builds. I’ve seen comparisons to weapons like Anarchy and Witherhoard since they all allow for a “run and gun” style of DPS where you can just shoot the boss and then focus on running away for a while. Or you can combine this damage with another high-DPS legendary weapon for maximum damage. It’s great to get fun Exotics that are also good, so this is definitely a (dragon’s) breath of fresh air.

Chivalric Fire

Chivalric Fire - Void Sword in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

I personally haven’t gotten the chance to try this one yet, but it seems promising. It’s a fairly simple Sword, with the exception of being a caster frame one. There aren’t a ton of those, so new ones are always good to see. And with such specific perks tailored for Void builds, I’m sure this Sword will find its way into some fun PVE builds. Is it going to be the best weapon in the game? Probably not. But it’s definitely going to work for some niche builds.

Wish Weapons

Every season we get a core group of weapons attached to the seasonal activity, and this season it’s the Wish Weapons. There are six of them in total, and they’re actually much better than what we’ve seen over the last few seasons. There isn’t a single bad weapon this season, and some of them even have a chance to be amongst the best in the game.


Appetence - Stasis Trace Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Overflow + Killing Tally / Headstone

Appetence might just be the most exciting weapon from Season of the Wish so far. As the first Legendary Stasis Trace Rifle and the first Legendary Trace Rifle at all in the Kinetic slot, it’s guaranteed to draw a lot of attention. And in addition to all that, it also has some of the best Trace Rifle perks available for PVE. Appetence is a perfect weapon for Stasis users, especially if you have Cenotaph Mask to pair it with (on Warlock).

Doomed Petitioner

Doomed Petitioner - Void Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Reconstruction + Precision Instrument

Doomed Petitioner is already one of the best Linears in the game, as it’s an aggressive frame with a damage perk which activates on-hit. So with Precision Instrument giving roughly a 4% damage increase for each shot hit, you’ll quick stack up the maximum 25% bonus in just two bursts. Pair that with any of the other perks you like and you’ll easily have one of the strongest DPS weapons for PVE.

Scalar Potential

Scalar Potential - Arc Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVP): Keep Away + Headseeker

Simply put, Scalar Potential has the best perk combo for PVP Pulses right now. That makes it a must-have weapon for Pulse Rifle users, especially if you’re looking for flawless Trials runs. Keep Away and Headseeker are perfect for winning long-range duels, no matter what weapon your opponent has. If you get good with this weapon, you can carry games with it with ease.

Scatter Signal

Scatter Signal - Strand Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Rolls (PVE): Enlightened Action + Controlled Burst (sustained damage), Slice + Controlled Burst, others

It seems like we’re constantly getting great new Fusion Rifles these days, and this one is even better than most. As a rapid-fire frame Fusion, it has potential to do a ton of DPS. Using the Enlightened Action + Controlled Burst god roll allows you to maximize your DPS and maxes handling the weapon much easier, but Slice also offers the ability to sever enemies easily. There are a ton of good perks on this weapon, so I’d recommend trying out multiple rolls.


Lethophobia - Void Bow in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE and PVP): Impulse Amplifier + Explosive Head

Lethophobia is a perfectly solid bow, with a really reliable god roll for both PVE and PVP. Impulse Amplifier and Explosive Head are both great perks for PVE and PVP, making this one of a few weapons with a shared roll. In terms of versatility, you can’t do much better than this. The only downside is that it doesn’t really do anything exciting, but reliability is more important in many cases.


Supercluster - Strand Shotgun in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Reconstruction + Vorpal Weapon / Cascade Point

A new pinpoint slug frame? Bungie must really be trying to make up for something. Even though slug Shotguns aren’t quite as relevant anymore, they’re still fun to use and have a unique place in the meta. There’s always going to be bosses within slug range, and weapons like this are perfect for those situations. Maybe Supercluster will be the Shotgun to bring them back into the meta.

Undying Weapons

If the standard seasonal weapons aren’t enough for you, there’s also a full set of reprised weapons to seek out as well. You can get these weapons from the same seasonal activities, so they’re just as easy to farm as the other weapons. And, in a few cases, they might even be better.


Imperative - Kinetic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Rapid Hit + Kinetic Tremors / Explosive Payload

God Roll (PVP): Keep Away + Explosive Payload / Opening Shot

Imperative is a pretty standard all-around Scout Rifle. It has a really nice perk pool, though, so it does have some serious uses. Kinetic Tremors is an incredibly strong perk found mostly on Scout Rifles, so it’s always worth making use of. And then it just has a bunch of other generically strong perks for either PVE or PVP, like Rapid Hit, Keep Away, and Explosive Payload. No matter what activity you want to use it in, Imperative is a solid weapon to rely on.


Optative - Void Hand Cannon in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Rolls (PVE): Rapid Hit / Repulsor Brace + Wellspring or Demolitionist + Golden Tricorn

God Roll (PVP): Keep Away / Rapid Hit + Kill Clip

Optative is another weapon from the Undying line that I’d say is “generically strong”. It doesn’t do anything specific that makes it stand out, but I’d never call someone crazy for using it. If you like the way it feels and its perks, then it’s absolutely worth using. Kill Clip ensures that it’ll have a place in the PVP meta, and the Demo + Golden Tricorn combo is fun enough that it’s at least worth a shot. Plus, the rustic design looks better on Optative than any other weapon.


Adhortative - Solar Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Heal Clip / Shoot to Loot + Incandescent

Personally, I think Adhortative has more use as a sort of “support weapon” than anything else. Heal Clip allows you to constantly heal yourself and allies, which can be really helpful in raids, GMs, and any other PVE content. Or you could go with Shoot to Loot to help you more easily pick up ammo and Orbs in harder content where you might get pinned down. Either of those plus Incandescent is a great combo for a more specific team-oriented build.


Subjunctive - Arc SMG in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Threat Detector / Stats for All + Voltshot or Subsistence + Golden Tricorn

There’s a ton of competition in the “best SMG” category, and here’s yet another contender. Subjunctive isn’t quite as strong as the IKELOS SMG, but it is a strong candidate for second best Arc SMG. It has the excellent Voltshot perk which makes so many Arc weapons stand out for add-clear purposes, but the other perk slot is more tricky. Subsistence does not work well with Voltshot since one requires reloading and the other auto-reloads the mag (which does not activate reload abilities). So, you’re forced to pick either Subsistence or Voltshot with a slightly worse perk since you can’t pair them. It’s still a great weapon, but it would be nice if the perks didn’t contradict each other.

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