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Destiny 2: Best PVP Titan Build (2024)

A common debate amongst Destiny 2 players is which subclass is the best for PVP or PVE content. In truth, this debate is ever-changing due to Bungie’s constant balance updates that buff and nerf gear and abilities in the Destiny 2 sandbox. Today, we’re taking a look at the Solar Titan as the best Titan PVP build in Destiny 2. This build is one that both new and veteran players can get value from thanks to the many benefits granted to us by the Solar subclass and our chosen Exotic.

Let’s get started!

This build doesn’t necessarily need Exotic armor to function but having one will definitely give you the edge over your opponents in the Crucible. When picking an Exotic for the Crucible, you’re going to want something that improves the performance and or regeneration of your Titan’s subclass abilities. 

Exotic Armor

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Synthoceps Exotic Armor
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our two most recommended Exotic armor pieces are the Synthoceps gauntlets and the Heart of Inmost Light chest piece. Synthoceps falls under the category of improving our Titan’s subclass abilities. Its armor perk, Biotic Enhancements, grants improved lunge range on your melee attacks and an increase to your melee and super damage while you’re surrounded by opponents. Your lung range increases by 7 meters, and you gain the Biotic Enhancement buff for 8 seconds while you’re near three or more enemies. This buff increases Super damage by 50%, PVP melee damage by 100%, and Glaive melee damage by 50%.

Heart of Inmost Light Exotic Armor
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Heart of Inmost Light is an ability regeneration Exotic, meaning its main function is to increase the uptime on our abilities throughout the match. It will also improve the performance of our abilities. This Exotic’s armor perk, Overflowing Light, grants your Titan a number of benefits. First off, whenever you use an ability, your other abilities will become empowered for 5 seconds, with the empowerment stacking up to 2x. The empowered breakdown is as follows:

  • Empowered Melee: An increase of 10% to damage and 100% to regen rate while at 1x/ 20% damage and 200% regen rate while at 2x.
  • Empowered Grenades: An increase of 10% to damage and 100% to regen rate while at 1x/ 20% damage and 200% regen rate while at 2x.
  • Empowered Barricade: An increase of 25% to ability regen while at 1x and 50% while at 2x. Grants a minor bonus to barricade’s HP.

Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Prometheus Lens
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Your Exotic weapon of choice is completely up to whatever you’re best with. It definitely helps if your weapon is meta or strong, but if you’re bad with hand cannons and scout rifles, you shouldn’t be using them in your loadout. The same rules apply to Exotics. You should pick an Exotic that synergizes well with the Solar Subclass, or an Exotic that you are really good with.

Prometheus Lens, Witherhoard, and No Time to Explain are all really good picks for this build. Prometheus Lens scorches targets, has great range, and has solid stability. Witherhoard is really good at denying space and hitting enemies that are bunched together. No Time to Explain just has really solid stats and a powerful exotic ability that deals extra damage. Both Witherhoard and No Time to Explain also gain the benefits of freeing up your Energy weapon slot for guns like Retraced Path and other strong legendary Solar weapons.

Aspects and Fragments

This build’s Aspects and Fragments are all about gaining buffs from using our abilities, improving the recharge rate on our abilities, and increasing the damage we do with our weapons and abilities.


Roaring Flames Aspect
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our first Aspect is called Roaring Flames. This Aspect increases the damage of our Titan’s melee and grenade abilities whenever our Titan gets a kill with a Solar ability or Ignition. This effect stacks up to 3x and can stack with the damage buff provided by Synthoceps’ Biotic Enhancement perk. Considering how often we use our melee in the Crucible, this Aspect is an absolute no-brainer.

Sol Invictus Aspect
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our second Aspect is Sol Invictus. This Aspect allows your Titan to create Sunspots whenever they kill a scorched enemy or kill an enemy with a Solar ability/Super. Sunspots recharge your abilities faster, grant you restoration, and slow your Super meter drain while standing inside the aura. Sunspots also deal damage to targets inside and apply Scorch.


Ember of Torches Fragment
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our first Fragment is called Ember of Torches. This Fragment grants your Titan and their nearby allies the Radiant effect whenever you use your powered melee ability against targets. It also lowers your Discipline stat by 10 points. 

Ember of Searing Fragment
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Next up is the Ember of Searing Fragment. This Fragment grants melee energy and creates a Firesprite whenever you defeat Scorched targets. It also grants +10 to your Titan’s Recovery stat.

Ember of Mercy Fragment
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

In our third Fragment slot is Ember of Mercy. This Fragment grants you and nearby allies Restoration after reviving an ally. If you pick up a fire sprite while having this Fragment equipped, you will also gain restoration for a short period of time. Having this Fragment equipped also grants +10 to your Resilience stat.

Ember of Solace Fragment
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our final Fragment is called Ember of Solace. This simple Fragment increases the duration of your Radant and Restoration effects by a substantial amount. This will ensure you can get back in the fight much faster, as well as help you win back-to-back or prolonged firefights.


For our best Titan PVP build in Destiny 2, we chose abilities based on their balance of power and recharge rate. You could swap any of these abilities out based on preference, though.

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Hammer of Sol Super Ability
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Super: Both Supers have their benefits, but Hammer of Sol is just too good not to take. This ability grants you a hammer throw as your primary fire and these thrown hammers explode on impact. These thrown hammers one-shot enemy Guardians and travel pretty far when thrown. They do have a bit of an arc, so keep that in mind when aiming. Kills with this Super will spawn Sunspots.

Towering Barricade Class Ability
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Class Ability: Our class ability of choice is Towering Barricade. This ability blocks a substantial amount of damage and basically creates cover anywhere you want. Unfortunately, you cannot shoot through the barricade, but neither can your opponents!

Hammer Strike Melee Ability
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Melee Ability: Whether you choose Throwing Hammer or Hammer Strike as your melee ability depends largely on your playstyle. Throwing Hammer requires you to be really accurate with your throws, but will fully refresh itself if you pick your hammer back up after throwing it. This ability also has really good range and can bounce off walls.

Hammer Strike, on the other hand, will Scorch targets hit by it and Ignite targets that are killed by it, which has the potential to kill multiple enemy Guardians at one time. This ability can also be used as a movement ability to reposition. The big downside of this ability is that you’ll need to sprint for a few seconds before you can use it.

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Fusion Grenades
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Grenade Ability: This is entirely based on preference, but we went with the Fusion Grenades for this build. These grenades stick to targets and explode after a short period of time. They also have very light tracking to help get that stick. Fusion Grenades also Scorch targets caught in their explosion.

Some strong alternative grenade options are Healing Grenades and Tripmine Grenades. Healing Grenades reduce your offensive damage by quite a bit, but grant you and your fireteam healing on demand. This grenade also benefits from the bonuses provided by your Fragments. Alternatively, Tripmine Grenades allow you to deny areas of the map and also stick enemy Guaridans with good aim.

Armor Mods

The armor mods for our best Destiny 2 PVP Titan build are centered around improving the reload, ready, and flinch resistance of our Solar weapons and decreasing the cooldown on Solar abilities. Our mods will also generate orbs of power and grant stat improvements to make us more efficient on the battlefield.

Helmet Mods

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Harmonic Targeting Helmet Mod
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our first helmet mod is called Hamonic Targeting. This mod will improve target acquisition, accuracy, and ADS speed for all your solar weapons. If you have the available energy, feel free to run two copies of this mod. We also recommend Hands-On, which grants Super energy whenever you kill enemies with melee attacks.

Gauntlet Mods

PVP Titan Gauntlet Mods
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our three recommended gauntlet mods are Harmonic Dexterity, Harmonic Loader, and Heavy Handed. Harmonic Dexterity reduces the ready and stow time of all your Solar weapons. Harmonic Loader increases your Titan’s reload speed on Solar weapons. Finally, Heavy Handed allows your powered melee final blows to spawn a couple Orbs of Power.

While this last mod isn’t essential for the build, it is nice to have, as this build loves to spam its melee abilities.

Chest Armor Mod

PVP Titan Chest Mods
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our chest piece can have the following mods equipped: Unflinching Harmonic Aim, Melee Damage Resistance, and Sniper Damage Resistance. You can run any combination of these mods, but depending on the Solar weapon you’re running, you may want to equip multiple copies of Unflinching Harmonic Aim.

Leg Mods

PVP Titan Leg Mods
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

For our leg mods, we are running Innervation, Harmonic Holster, and Absolution. Innervation reduces our grenade ability cooldown a bit each time we pick up an Orb of Power. Harmonic Holster gradually reloads all your stowed Solar weapons over time, ensuring your weapons are ready for use the moment you switch to them. Absolution reduces all your ability cooldown by a little bit when you pick up an orb of power. This effect stacks with Innervation.

Class Item Mod

Destiny 2: Best Titan PVP Build | Reaper Class Item
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Our first class item mod is called Reaper. This mod causes your Titan to generate an Orb of Power on their next kill after using their class ability. This effect will not reset when you die, it will only reset after you get a kill. Our second mod is called Bomber, which reduces your Titan’s grenade cooldown whenever you use your class ability. The Distribution mod reduces all ability cooldown whenever you use your class ability.

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That’s it for our guide to the best Titan PVP build in Destiny 2 — thanks for reading! This build rewards you for using all of your abilities properly, whether it be with Ignitions, Cure, Radiant, Restoration, ability regen, or ability improvement. Are you looking for more powerful build guides? Consider signing up for our newsletter today!

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