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How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game built around community and cooperation. Sure, you can run playlists and activities on your own or join matchmaking queues for a random group, but some of the high-level content requires a good Fireteam. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to get six people together for four-plus hours to run a Raid — which is why learning how to make a clan in Destiny 2 is so important!

In this guide, we’ll show you the ins and outs of the clan system in Destiny 2. If you’re ready to take your cooperative play up a level and bring Light back to the galaxy as a team, let’s dive in.

What Is a Clan in Destiny 2?

Clans are private communities within Destiny 2 that allow you to interact, play with and collaborate with other players.

Players within a Clan can progress together, communicate efficiently, and manage and grow their own communities and Fireteams. They’re also a great way to personalize your visual identity in Destiny 2, thanks to the banner and naming system.

Why Create a Clan in Destiny 2?

Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 is built around playing with other people. The end-game content typically requires an extremely coordinated Fireteam of three or six players to tackle Raids. Being part of a Clan helps make this possible, allowing you to grow the number of players you interact with and provide more opportunities to squad up.

Additionally, there are specific XP and leveling perks, additional benefits you gain from leveling up, and rewards associated with weekly bounties. You can even help solo players by participating as guides in Guided Games, which is a great way to recruit other players if you find that you mesh well.

How to Create a Clan in Destiny 2

There are currently two methods to create a clan in Destiny 2 — using the Bungie website or the Destiny 2 companion app. Let’s start with how to make a clan in Destiny 2 on PC.

Create a Clan Through the Bungie Website

Destiny 2 Clan Page
Image: Bungie

The Bungie website allows you to create a clan using your phone or laptop. Here’s how:

1. Visit the Bungie clan website

2. Sign in to your account associated with where you play Destiny 2

3. Choose create a clan and write down your chosen clan name

4. Write down your four-letter acronym for your clan (which will appear next to your name while playing)

5. (Optional) Add your clan motto

6. Provide a description of your clan. This is where you can outline how you and your clan play, what you’re looking for in players, and other relevant criteria

7. Set your clan language 

8. Set your clan to be open or require approval to join

9. Select create a clan and you’re all set

Create a Clan Through the Destiny 2 Companion App

Destiny 2 Companion App
Image: Bungie

The companion app is the official app created by Bungie to assist you with managing how you play in Destiny 2. Even if you’re not creating a clan, you should download it to help manage Bounties, resources, and equipment.

1. Download the Destiny 2 companion app on either Android or iOS

2. Open the app and sign in to your chosen account associated with Destiny 2

3. Tap clan at the bottom of the screen and choose create a clan

4. Write down your clan name

5. (Optional) Add your clan motto

6. Provide a description of your clan. This is where you can outline how you and your clan play, what you’re looking for in players, and other relevant criteria

7. Set your clan language 

8. Set your clan to be open or require approval to join

9. Select create a clan

Communicating With Your Clan

Depending on how you like to use Destiny 2’s companion features, you can interact with your clan through the app or on the Bungie website. In either case, you can leverage the Clan Chat feature, which is located on the left-hand side of the browser or as a tab within the app. As an administrator, you can create administrator-only chat channels and split up the main chat into Fireteam options. This can help keep relevant information front and center and avoid confusing fellow clanmates.

Additionally, you can also start up a clan forum within the app. Just click your clan’s banner and tap the three dots to open up the Private clan forum option. Select the pencil icon and create a new topic or new recruitment topic. This will function almost like a private Twitter feed, allowing you to add polls, external links, and even insert tags for organizational purposes. 

Keep in mind that this chat feature is best for general conversation and organizing games. You’ll still want to run with a headset and mic while playing and can even leverage the Clan Chat audio channel to keep things simple. This means you can play with anyone in your clan without having to be friends with them on a given platform.

Customize Your Clan

Clan Maker
Image: Bungie

There are a few unique ways for you to customize your clan and set it apart from the rest. The first thing is selecting a banner design. Using either the browser or the app, you can choose from an assortment of emblems, foreground emblems, colors, and details to make your banner distinct. This is really the only way you can customize your look, but there are a few other in-game methods worth exploring.

Run the Same Shaders or Ornaments

Many clans will make themselves more recognizable by running specific sets of armor or shaders. This can even be treated like a rite of passage for new players, since these items will likely have to be earned from playing. You can even designate different roles using unique shaders or ornaments to set specific users apart. It’s a simple but nice visual touch to explore.

Ride the Same Sparrow or Use the Same Ghost

Another element similar to the shaders or ornaments that you can explore is using the same Sparrow or Ghost. These are even more subtle aspects that are equally cool and hilarious if you see a squad of four to six Guardians rolling up on a Mini or spawning a Ghost with a floatie. Really, how you make your clan unique is up to you, and as it grows and you make decisions, you’ll likely find different ways to signify who you are.

Earn Clan Rewards

Clan Perks
Image: Bungie

While having a pool of players is a tremendous benefit, the real bonus from being part of an active clan is the buffs and clan engrams you earn. These are uniquely available to clan members and can only be earned by playing with other members. You acquire these by visiting Hawthorne in the Tower and can track your status directly from the in-game clan menu. You can earn these four rewards on a weekly basis by:

  • Finishing a Nightfall Strike with at least one clan member
  • Completing matches of Trials of Osiris with at least one clan member
  • Completing any Raid with at least two clan members
  • Completing Crucible matches with at least one clan member

Basically, you need half or more of the players you’re with to be part of your clan. In general Strike or Nightfall playlists, this means one person. For Raids, this requires at least two. For Crucible and Gambit, it’s likely two players, but can be as little as one depending on the game mode. 

Level Up Your Clan

Leveling up your clan leads to additional perks at each level. This ranges from increased public event rewards to bonus materials to additional weekly bounties from Hawthorne. You earn XP for your clan by either earning weekly clan engrams or just playing the game and earning XP. 

You can earn up to 5,000 XP per week, but need to be playing with a Fireteam that includes at least 50% clan members to gain anything. Finishing this weekly XP challenge will grant you an additional Engram from Hawthorne for your trouble. Lastly, to reach a new clan level, you need to acquire 100,000 points between each clan member. There are six total levels that reset at the start of a new season.

Recruiting Clan Members

If you only have a few friends playing Destiny 2, there are a few ways to recruit new members. One simple method is participating as a guide in Guided Games, which can act as a sort of tryout. You can also try to connect with players after matchmaking by sending friend requests or clan invites. If those options aren’t working, you can also use the following resources:

How to Join a Clan

Clan Seek
Image: Bungie

If creating a clan just isn’t for you, there’s always just joining an existing clan. You can simply use the app or Bungie website to check out the Clan Search section, located within the clan tab. Here, you can enter the Clan you’d like to join, and once found, you can either request to join or automatically become a member if there are no security measures.

To find the best Destiny 2 clans for you, we recommend using the resources we listed above for seeking out clan members.

How to Leave a Clan

Sometimes you may find that a clan just isn’t a good fit. Luckily, you can always leave. Head over to the clan page within the app or online and click on your clan banner. This will pop up a prompt that reads ‘Leave Clan,’ which you simply need to click to do so. You lose all current clan perks once you leave, but are free to join or start a new clan.


Become a High Grounder

Starting or joining a clan in Destiny 2 is a big step in joining a greater community and taking on end-game content. Be sure to let your Fireteam know about how you’re starting a clan in Destiny 2 by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. For the latest on Destiny 2, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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