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Destiny 2: The Best Titan Builds for Every Game Mode

Over the last few years, Destiny 2 has become a build-focused game. Which weapons, sub-classes, and armor options you decide to run with can make all the difference. Heck, even the specific mods you choose or perks you roll can mean the difference between complete destructive harmony or a disjointed mess. Here, we’re going to dive into the best Titan builds in Destiny 2 for each game mode.

For Titans (as well as the other classes), it all starts with which Exotic armor you choose. Then it entirely depends on what game mode and the role you intend to play. So let’s dive into which Titan builds are currently best in Destiny 2.

October 2021 Update: While Titan’s didn’t receive as many buffs as the other classes, there’s still plenty to account for. Specifically, PvP builds that favor Elemental Well Mods and fit into more neutral playstyles that can leverage an overshield. 

For this update, we decided to focus on adding options to run in Trials of Osiris. These represent some of the best options for PvP based on changes this season. We’ll be taking a closer look at updating the full list once The Witch Queen drops and inevitably shakes up everything.

Best Titan Build for Raids

Titan’s and endgame content are somewhat antithetical. It’s about being aggressive and up close in every other game mode, but that can get you in serious trouble when playing more challenging encounters. Endgame is all about focusing on builds that work defensively or provide enough protection to let you get in and get out with minimal damage. Here are our top choices.

Ward of Dawn Titan Build

Helm of the Saint - War of Dawn Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

Being able to pop a shield that then boosts damage when fired through is key to successfully rolling through Nightfalls and Raids. Running Ward of Dawn with the Helm of Saint-14 is a no-brainer, as it consistently pops an overshield as you shift in and out of the bubble. And as long as you focus on boosting your Intellect and Recovery stats, you can quickly generate your Ward of Dawn while still getting in the thick of things.

The final element to keep in mind is your weapon choice. Generally, focus on using a long-range weapon that can generate Orbs of Light for your primary. For your Energy and Power weapons, opt for close-range or AOE options that you can amplify with armor mods. You want to be able to quickly move in to take on major enemies but have enough power to pull back, pop your shield, and still chip away at bosses.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Helm of Saint-14

Weapons: [Kinetic] No Time to Explain or Masterworked Legendary Weapon; [Energy] Any Shotgun or Fusion Rifle; [Power] Two-Tailed Fox, Code Duellos, or Any Sword


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Recovery

Armor Mods: , , , ,

Icefall Mantle Titan Build

Icefall Mantle Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

Warmind Cells are a fun concept to play with, especially if you’re opting for a more tank-like build. Generally, if you use a Warmind-specific build, you can opt for any subclass. We recommend using an option that produces large-scale AOE effects that can group enemies or detonate them en masse using the Warmind Cells. The key here is staying alive to do it, which is where the Icefall Mantle comes in.

These Exotic Arms remove your barricade ability but replace it with a persistent overshield. You can then opt to use Heir Apparent to spin up another shield when at full health, which can be consistently maintained if you opt for Resilience boosts. Just be sure that you focus on applying Warmind specific mods and any associated weapons to make this build work. Otherwise, you’ll have a decent overshield but no additional damage output to take on bosses and Major enemies.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Icefall Mantle

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Hand Cannon or Pulse Rifle; [Energy] IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 or First In, Last Out; [Power] Heir Apparent, Lament or Thunderlord

Subclass: or

Primary Armor Stats: Mobility and Resilience

Armor Mods: , , , ,

Best Titan Builds for PvE

PvE builds for Titans are all about ramping up damage output. These are meant to make you play recklessly and have the power and AOE abilities to back it up. And like the endgame builds, these are the most synergistic subclass and armor variants you’ll find in the game.

Siegebreaker Titan Build

Siegebreaker Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

is an excellent AOE subclass all by itself. By focusing on armor, weapons, and mods that can produce or extend the duration of Sunspots and Warmind Cells, however, you can turn yourself into an erupting volcano. The main question you’ll need to consider is whether you want to boost your Fireteam with Phoenix Cradle or your own recharge rate with Hallowfire Heart.

Generally, we’d recommend starting with Hallowfire Heart unless your playing with a well-coordinated Fireteam. Then be sure to add mods and additional armor that can boost the recharge rate of your abilities. Lastly, choose your favorite Solar-based Energy Exotic and an AOE-boosted Power weapon to take full advantage of the Warmind Cells you’re producing. Just keep in mind, this is a fairly offense-centric build, so if you take this into endgame content, you may need to shuffle around some Resilience or Recovery stats to make it useful.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Phoenix Cradle or Hallowfire Heart

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Rapid-fire Weapon; [Energy] Sunshot, Trustee, Xenophage; [Power] Code Duello


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Discipline

Armor Mods: , , ,

Behemoth Titan Build

HGG Behemoth Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

To truly make your Stasis Titan build work, first make sure you have the Cryoclasm and Tectonic Harvest Aspects equipped. Next, you’ll want to leverage the Whisper of Shards, Hedrons, and Fissures Fragment to take full advantage of your freezing abilities. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to enhance your recharge rates or get an absolutely broken reflective shield while sliding.

Either option will be helpful, and your choice may depend on the armor stats and mods you work with. Generally, you want mods that will optimize damage and targeting for your weapons. And if you run with Masterworked weapons, you can quickly generate Orbs of Light to boost your Super and other abilities. 

The Build

Exotic Armor: Heart of Inmost Light or Antaeus Wards

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Rapid-fire Weapon; [Energy] Any Shotgun; [Power] Salvation’s Grip


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Mobility

Armor Mods: , , , ,

Best Titan Builds for Crucible

For Crucible, you want to either focus on supercharging your ability regeneration or apply anything that provides an edge with your weapons. Here are a few of our picks for the best Titan build for PvP in Destiny 2 that add some unique traits that are perfect for taking down groups of enemies or seeking revenge.

Mask of the Quiet One Titan Build

HGG Mask of the Quiet One Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

It may seem backward to want to take damage in Crucible, but Mask of the Quiet One makes it worthwhile. The more damage you take, the faster you regenerate your abilities. And if you take critical damage, you gain full health upon a successful kill.

This is a crucial advantage all by itself, which is why the rest of your build is really up to what you feel comfortable using to get quick kills. Other than that, focus on boosting your Intellect and Discipline and equipping mods that also boost ability regen.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Mask of the Quiet One

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Rapid-fire Weapon; [Energy] Any Void-damage Weapon; [Power] Falling Guillotine or Temptation’s Hook

Subclass: Any Sentinel subclass

Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Discipline

Armor Mods: ,

One-Eyed Mask Titan Build

HGG One-Eyed Mask Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

The One-Eyed Mask is designed to help you seek revenge. If an enemy targets you, you’ll be able to mark and track them until they die. If you’re the cause of their death, you get an overshield as a reward.

To help elevate this ability, you’ll want to focus on boosting your Recovery and Resilience to keep you alive long enough to find your enemies. Next, leverage weapons that can also target, explode, or cause chain damage. The quicker you can take damage, eliminate and gain that overshield, the more enemies you’ll take down and the longer you’ll survive.

The Build

Exotic Armor: One-Eyed Mask

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Hand Cannon or Pulse Rifle; [Energy] Ticuu’s Divination, Hard Light or Trinity Ghoul; [Power] Any Machine Gun or Grenade Launcher

Subclass: Any

Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Resilience

Armor Mods:

Best Titan Builds for Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

Titans in Trials are meant to be defensive juggernauts. That doesn’t mean you have time to pop Sentinel Shield and sit there, instead, it’s all about regeneration, creating overshields, or leaning into ability stats to be more offensive. In any case, you want your builds to follow the throughline of builds like the One-Eyed Mask and Icefall Mantle, but with a focus on Elemental Well creation. 

Precious Scars Titan Build

Precious Scars was one of the only Titan Exotics to gain a buff in Season of the Lost. It gives you an additional health boost upon every successful kill with a weapon that matches your Subclass. It’s fairly limiting on its own, but worth it when combined with the fact that you gain an overshield by revising your team. 

From here, the subclass and weapons you choose fully depend on your playstyle. If you want to go more traditional and defensive, opt for a Sentinel build with Void weapons. If you want to coordinate with your team and potentially boost damage along with health, go for the and Stasis weapons. In many ways, this lack of a pure elemental focus makes you far more versatile and capable of serving different needs for your team. 

After you land on a Subclass, be sure to stack up on Mods that provide Charged With Light boosts and lean into Super regen and general health boosts. The more damage you can take and the more you can stack damage the better.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Precious Scars

Weapon Type: Temptation’s Hook, Gnawing Hunger, or other Void/Stasis options

Subclass: or

Primary Armor Stats: Recovery, Resilience, and Intellect

Armor Mods: Anything that spawns Elemental Wells and stacks Charged With Light

Ashen Wake Titan Build

In the right situation, a well-placed Grenade can take out an entire team in Trials of Osiris. If you can’t do it in one, why not focus on a build that ensures you can immediately toss another and augment your Solar damage? That’s exactly what running Ashen Wake with Fusion Grenades does, while also allowing you to turn your grenades into Rockets with immediate explosions upon impact.

Running this with will ensure that you can increase damage with your grenade kills due to Roaring Flames. It also applies to your throwable melee attack, meaning that you can stack it fairly quickly and provide increasing damage AOE support to your team. To support your regen even further, be sure to leverage ability regeneration Mods and anything that spawns Elemental Wells.

While technically the weapon you use here doesn’t really matter, it may be best to leverage a Solar weapon, especially if it has an explosive Perk. This can further benefit any Elemental Well spawns and reinforce your presence as an AOE threat at all times.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Ashen Wake

Weapon Type: Vex Mythoclast, Ticcuu’s Divination, or any other Solar weapons


Primary Armor Stats: Recovery, Resilience, and Intellect

Armor Mods: Anything that improves your Super or Grenade regeneration and stacks Charged With Light

Path of Burning Steps Titan Build

While Stasis isn’t as much of a go-to in PvP as it was a few seasons ago, it can still be a problem. This serves as your anti-Stasis build while still leaning into what makes Solar builds so effective, massive AOE attacks. It all stems from the Path of the Burning Steps Exotic combined with your most offensive Subclass.

First off, if you’re running an Arc subclass to take advantage of the close-range play benefits, you’ll need to run Solar weapons. This ensures that you’re gaining the damage buff when you land kills and this only escalates if you decide to run a more neutral build with . If you’re lucky, and the enemy team is running Stasis, don’t worry about avoiding Grenades and instead leverage being frozen to unleash a Solar AOE attack when you break out.

Sure, this is a somewhat risky build. This means that you’ll want to run Recovery Mods along with Intellect to balance out your Super regeneration. Add in some Elemental Well spawns and Charged With Light buffs, and you’re suddenly a very secretive offensive powerhouse.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Path of Burning Steps

Weapon Type: Vex Mythoclast, Ticcuu’s Divination, or any other Solar weapons

Subclass: or

Primary Armor Stats: Recovery and Intellect

Armor Mods: Anything with Charged With Light

Best Titan Builds for Gambit

Gambit is a bit of a mixed bag. You can’t wholly lean into the trickiness required to be effective in Crucible without sacrificing some of the more effective offensive builds out there. Luckily, there are a few options out there that tow the line between defense and offense to spectacular effect.

Cuirass of the Falling Star Titan Build

HGG Cuirass of the Falling Star Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

Cuirass of the Falling Star works perfectly with your Thundercrash Super to allow you to layout as much damage as possible while retaining your overshield for far longer. If you equip and unleash your Super while critically damaged, this boots the damage output. And thankfully, the overshield makes critical health a non-issue.

Everything else about this build is about racking up kills and dealing damage. If you can, opt for other Arc-based weapons to take advantage of your mod choices. And other than that, look for opportunities to boost your Super and health regen.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Cuirass of the Falling Star

Weapons: [Kinetic] Any Rapid-fire Weapon; [Energy] Salvager’s Salvo, Witherhoard, or Trinity Ghoul; [Power] Code Duello or The Colony


Primary Armor Stats: Intellect and Resilience

Armor Mods: , , ,

Actium War Rig Titan Build

HGG Actium War Rig Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG

Actium War Rig is a fun Exotic to run with if you love using SMGs and Assault Rifles. It automatically reloads them as you continue to fire, making it perfect for crowd control and boss damage alike.

The real benefit here is that you can focus exclusively on these weapons for your armor mods. And aside from that, opting for AOE-heavy Supers is a perfect combination for laying out splash-damage alongside your continuous stream of bullets. In this case, is our recommendation since you basically lay out additional explosives to shoot.

The Build

Exotic Armor: Actium War Rig

Weapons: [Kinetic] Suros Regime, Gnawing Hunger; Escape Velocity, or Huckleberry; [Energy] Hardlight or Ikelos_SMG; [Power] Choose Your Favorite

Subclass: or

Primary Armor Stats: Resilience and Mobility

Armor Mods: Ammo finders and loaders,

We’ll Build Him Better, Faster, Stronger

We hope you found one of the best Titan builds in Destiny 2 that works for you! Finding the right Titan build can be a long but incredibly rewarding process. Just remember to work on a handful of variants to use between game modes to truly get the most out of your armor, weapons, and mods. 

To make sure the Titan on your Fireteam knows which build to focus on, be sure to share this article on your favorite social platform. For the latest on Destiny 2 subclasses, armor, and weapons, sign up for our newsletter.

Happy gaming!


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