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Destiny 2: How to get the Truthteller and the God Roll

Lightweight Frame Grenade Launchers became a PVP staple in Destiny 2 thanks to the introduction of Salvager’s Salvo. They’re surprisingly accurate and pack quite the punch, and (like other Special Weapons) have a killer Perk pool. They’re the more accurate cousin of traditional grenade launchers, and are handy for short-to-mid-range precision combat. This weapon type has been popular since Shadowkeep, but recent launches and rebalances have launched it back into the limelight. This includes a revitalized community interest in a classic option, the Truthteller.

In this guide, we cover how to get the Truthteller and the god roll Perks you should watch out for. Let’s get started!

How to Get the Truthteller

Truthteller was introduced as part of Season of the Worthy. Unlike other new seasonal weapons at the time, it was immediately slotted into the general World Drop Loot Pool. It’s remained there ever since, meaning you unfortunately need to pick it up randomly through Legendary Engrams.

Season of the Worthy Trailer Feature
Image: Bungie

That means that there is really no exact or quick way to farm Truthteller. Like the Ikelos SMG and Seventh Seraph weapons, you’ll have to grind out Public Events and playlist activities, and level up your reputation with vendors like the Gunsmith and Zavala, among other things. Like with those other weapons, we recommend focusing on leveling up your reputation with The Gunsmith.

Just keep playing as usual and acquire a stockpile of weapon parts by dismantling unwanted weapons and armor. There’s no guarantee you’ll get Truthteller this way, but it’s the simplest and least intrusive method for a decent chance at acquiring it. With the revised marketplace, Banshee-44 now sells weapons in his loot pool on a regular rotation that resets every week. These tend to range from decent to God Roll level versions of each weapon, so be on the lookout for when Truthteller comes back around. 

Again, this isn’t a quick method, but it’s one that you can try without spending hours running Glimmer Extraction Public events.

Truthteller Stats 

So, why should you care about Truthteller? Let’s take a look at the base and hidden stats to start:

Base StatsHidden Stats
Stability: 26 Aim Assistance: 79
Handling: 72 Inventory Size: 65
Reload Speed: 74 Zoom: 13
Velocity: 77 Recoil: 70
Blast Radius: 55 Bounce Intensity: 30
Rounds Per Minute: 90
Magazine: 1

The high Handling stat and Reload Speed makes this grenade launcher surprisingly effective for quick play. There’s no concern over equipping/unequipping it quickly, and even the typical downfall of this weapon class — reload speed — isn’t much of a concern. This is especially true if you equip the Quick Access Sling Weapon Mod and any reload speed armor mods.

The actual impact of this weapon falls somewhere in the middle, which is to be expected from a Light Frame option. It’s designed to be less of an AOE weapon and more of a hard-hitting precision piece. The Velocity and Aim Assistance stats fully support this, while the lower Blast Radius and Bounce Intensity mean that a miss may not lead to much collateral damage.

Truthteller God Rolls to Look Out For

Truthteller has a diverse and tight range of Perks you can roll. Most are good for both PVE and PVP, while a few are more specifically beneficial for one or the other. Here are three of our favorites that you should try to acquire.

Truthteller Icon

“If we wish others to accept the grim reality, we must break through every comforting illusion.”

—Arach Jalaal

Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break

Light Frame Grenade Launchers can make excellent Shotgun alternatives. Run with a quick burst fire or precision Kinetic weapon like a Sidearm, Hand Cannon, or Pulse Rifle and you can easily switch between the two to disrupt and clean up. The Perk combo of Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break leans into that playstyle perfectly.

With it, you can leave Truthteller holstered after firing and automatically have it reload as you play. This makes it perfect to take out opponent shields and quickly switch to your Kinetic weapon for bonus damage. You can easily take out enemies in two to three shots in PVP, and disrupt powerful enemies in PVE without having to pause and reload. 

It’s ideal if you want the benefits of a powerful single-shot weapon with added range and room for error on precision shots. Add in a Quick Access Sling Mod and any stowing speed armor mods to further boost how quickly you can switch between weapons. The faster you can make the handoff, the easier it’ll be to take advantage of the additional weapon damage.

Feeding Frenzy and Demolitionist or Swashbuckler

This roll is far more PVE-oriented and designed to boost stats around a given ability when taking on groups of enemies. Start with Feeding Frenzy to boost your reload speed, which you can stack with reload-focused armor mods for increased benefits. This help you keep firing without having to switch weapons like with Auto Holster (another potential option here).

Your second Perk depends on what ability you like to use most. If you like to spam grenades (maybe to leverage Stasis freezing for easier Grenade Launcher targets), look for Demolitionist. This will boost your grenade recharge rate with successful kills and get an automatic reload once you use a grenade. If you want increased damage benefits from getting up close, look for Swashbuckler for a damage boost from melee and launcher kills.

This is a versatile roll that truly depends on your playstyle. Either option makes you a damage-boosted powerhouse in PVE, and can be elevated further with Spike Grenades and Smart Drift Control for your barrel. Both Perk variations are easy to trigger and worth holding on to for different circumstances. 

Field Prep and Multikill Clip or Quickdraw

Our last roll is less powerful than the others, but it leans heavily into your reload and weapon draw speeds. Field Prep provides a number of benefits including a larger ammo capacity and faster weapon use when crouched. You can then opt for increased weapon draw speeds with Quickdraw, or a damage boost from reloading with Multikill Clip.

The tradeoff here is that Multikill Clip can be difficult to pop consistently, and Quickdraw has a limited (albeit useful) benefit. On top of that, Field Prep requires you to stay stationary and crouch to get the best effect. This isn’t necessarily a problem if you tend to play from a distance and can get into a rhythm with firing, crouching, and reloading.

In short, this isn’t the best roll of the bunch, but worth keeping around if you need to embrace speed and precision. It reflects what makes this weapon great, even if it is somewhat of a narrow use case for a god roll.

Best Truthteller Barrel and Magazine Rolls

Truthteller’s Perk pool is surprisingly versatile, meaning that your ideal Perks and attachments depend on how you intend to use it. There are basically two tracks you can go down when it comes to the barrel — speed and precision. Your magazine has a more diverse range of options that can improve damage on precision hits, turn grenades into flashbangs, or further increase speed and activation range. 

A screenshot of the Truthteller weapon in Destiny 2
Image: Bungie via HGG

Virtually any of the following options are worth keeping if you roll them. Just keep in mind which Perks you’re going for and how you want to use your grenade launcher to match up the best options.


  • Linear Compensator: This well-balanced launch barrel slightly increases the projectile speed, blast radius, and stability.
  • Quick Launch: This barrel provides faster projectiles and aiming thanks to solid increases in handling and projectile speed.
  • Smart Drift Control: This barrel is broadly optimized for firing control with moderate increases in recoil control, stability, handling, and a slight increase in velocity.


  • Spike Grenades: Gain a stability boost while increasing overall damage with direct hits.
  • High-Velocity Rounds: Increased projectile and reload speed makes these projectiles especially light and fast.
  • Proximity Grenades: Gain increased proximity detection in exchange for a slight decrease in your blast radius.
  • Blinding Grenades: Grenade detonations briefly blind opponents in exchange for a large decrease in your blast radius.

Become a High Grounder

We hope you enjoyed this Destiny 2 Truthteller god roll guide! Truthteller is a longstanding staple of Destiny 2 that remains an excellent option if you like running grenade launchers. Decide on your strategy early and be on the lookout for a roll that matches your needs.

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Happy gaming!

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