Destiny 2 Beyond Light: 5 Best Exotic Weapons

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: 5 Best Exotic Weapons

Beyond Light introduced 5 new exotic weapons and many of them fit really well into Season 23's Artifact mods which benefit from being Solar or Stasis weapons.

With Season of the Wish putting the Solar and Stasis subclasses back in the spotlight, I figured now would be a great time to revisit the exotics added into the game during the Beyond Light expansion. Beyond Light added a total of 5 new exotics, so I’ll be ranking each one from worst to best in a top-five list. This list is mostly concerned with how each weapon performs in PvE activities but I’ll mention if a weapon excels in the Cursible as well if it applies. All of these weapons can be purchased from the Monument to Lost Lights for 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, and 1 Ascendant Shard. While pricy, I hope that by the end of this list, you’ll be convinced to give some at least a couple of these weapons a shot.

#5 Duality

Well, someone had to come in last place and unfortunately it’s Duality. This one is pretty subjective honestly. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of shotguns in Destiny 2, this is mostly due to me being a PvE player and I find that the last place you want to be in a lot of situations is right up in an enemy’s face. In higher-end content, this can be especially dangerous without a solid means of healing one’s self. With the recent nerf to healing and ability up time introduced in Season of the Wish, this problem is made even worse. 

But what about the weapon’s actual performance? Well, its main gimmick is its ability to swap between a pellet spread hip fire style and a Single Shot ADS style. This allows the weapon to function a bit more like a Sniper or hunting rifle when aiming down sights and a standard shotgun when close to enemies. This trait alleviates a lot of the problems many shotguns have for me, and it gets even more range when you unlock the Catalyst for this weapon. 

This weapon’s secondary trait grants a bonus to precision damage and reload speed after getting a kill with this weapon’s pellet form. This effect can be extended with a precision kill from this weapon while in Slug mode. This might seem a bit consuming at first but it flows really well in combat. You’ll naturally be swapping back and forth between hip fire and ADS in activities so you’ll be gaining all the benefits from this weapon’s perks without even thinking about it. 

#4 Ticuu’s Divination

Here is a really cool exotic that doesn’t get enough love, there is a good reason for that but we’ll touch on that in a bit. Bows have never really been my thing in Destiny 2, I find them to be a bit on the slow side but exotic bows like this one make me consider changing my mind. Ticcu’s Divination’s Exotic Perk is called Sacred Flame. This perk allows the bow to fire multiple tracking projectiles while firing arrows from the hip. These arrows mark targets and when struck by another arrow from this bow or when killed, cause a damaging explosion at the target’s location. Shots fired from this bow while aiming down sights cause the target to explode instantly. Precision hits from this weapon cause more damaging explosions.

This bow is an absolute mob-clearing machine and it does wonders against champions whenever it has an Artifact perk available for it. My favorite part of this bow is the tracking added to the hip-fired arrows. The multiple arrows fired also allow this weapon to hit multiple targets with a single pull, which makes up for the relatively slow DPS speed of other bows. 

So, what is holding this exotic back from being higher on this list? The answer is really simple, it doesn’t synergize with Solar 3.0. As far as I can tell, at the time of writing this, no solar Aspects or Fragments interact with this bow in any way. This issue could be fixed by simply making the weapon’s explosions spread scorch to nearby targets, and with any luck, Bungie will add something like this to the weapon at some point in the near future. Still, even with that in mind, I recommend checking this one out when you get a chance, it is really fun to use.

#3 Cryosthesia 77K

This is another really fun one. Cryosthesia 77K is an exotic sidearm with the Stasis element attached to it. The pistol itself isn’t all that remarkable if we are being honest, but its Exotic perk shoots it up on our list quite a bit. This weapon’s exotic perk allows it to load a powerful charge shot after getting a kill with this weapon. The charge shot freezes targets on impact and slows/freezes targets standing in its blast radius. 

This perk makes Cryosthesia a fantastic weapon for crowd control and insanely deadly when paired with a full-on Stasis build. While Freeze isn’t quite as strong as Suspend a the moment, it is still very useful in most situations, so having it on demand is crazy strong. The main things holding this weapon back are its relatively low damage, stability, and ammo count. These issues can be mitigated with certain armor mods, exotic armor pieces, and the weapon’s exotic catalyst, which reloads the weapon from reserves after shattering a target.

#2 Ager’s Scepter

These last two weapons are more or less interchangeable in their positions on this list. So this could be number one for many players who love trace rifles and the Stasis subclass. Ager’s Scepter emits a slowing burst from the dead bodies of targets killed by this weapon which is great for mob control. While the catalyst is equipped and you have full super energy, you can activate the weapon’s secondary fire to slow and freeze targets hit by this weapon’s beam. This effect will drain your super energy so be careful! I’d honestly say this is best used with Stasis Titan since that super can be a bit lackluster in many scenarios. Not really much more to say about this one, trace rifles are really good and this one has a couple of really powerful keywords built into it.

#1 Lorentz Driver 

Lorentz Driver takes the number 1 spot simply due to how versatile and powerful the weapon can be in both PvE and PvP activities. This weapon marks targets for you to kill and when you kill a marked target a Telemetry Pattern will drop. Collecting 3 Telemetry Patterns without dying grants this weapon increased damage for a decent period of time. The best part of this specific perk is the fact that the target mark goes through walls, allowing you to see enemies long before they see you. This makes this weapon pretty disgusting in PvP, where those few extra seconds really count.

This weapon’s second perk causes precision hits with this weapon to spawn a Void implosion that pulls nearby enemies in and damages them. This effect is insane for mob clearing and fantastic for dealing extra damage to Guardians that are sticking too close together in PvP. This weapon can be paired with an Empowing Rift or another damage-increasing source to one-tap Guardians with body shots or deal crazy damage to mobs in PvE. It really is just a powerful weapon all around and definitely one to keep in mind when crafting your next Void Build.

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