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Destiny 2: Get Randy’s Throwing Knife God Rolls (2024)

Randy’s Throwing Knife is one of the most common weapons in Destiny 2 these days, and it’s actually surprisingly good in both PVP and PVE. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to get Randy’s Throwing Knife, as well as the god rolls for PVP and PVE. We’ll go over barrels, magazines, and both perk options, so let’s get started!

How to Get Randy’s Throwing Knife

How to get Randy's Throwing Knife
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

If you wanna get your hands on Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2, just play some Crucible or Iron Banner. These things drop constantly from Iron Banner matches, so it shouldn’t be hard at all to pick up a good God Roll.

Randy’s Throwing Knife is one of the easiest weapons to get and farm, which is great for everyone! Let’s just hope more weapons get this special treatment.

Randy’s Throwing Knife | Best PVE Roll

Best PVE Roll
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Randy’s Throwing Knife is a fairly generic, yet very useful weapon for Destiny 2 PVE. There’s nothing groundbreaking going on here, but it’s absolutely worth keeping a god roll for when you need a scout rifle with Kinetic Tremors.


  • Arrowhead Brake (+30 Recoil, +10 Handling)
  • Chambered Compensator (+10 Stability, +10 Recoil, -5 Handling)
  • Smallbore (+7 Stability, +7 Range)

Arrowhead Brake is the best barrel for Randy’s Throwing Knife, but Chambered Compensator and Smallbore are also good options. It’s just hard to beat the +30 Recoil that Arrowhead gives, especially since it has no downsides.


  • Armor-Piercing Rounds (+5 Range and other bonuses)
  • High-Caliber Rounds (+5 Range and other bonuses)

Armor-Piercing Rounds is the easiest pick here since it allows you to penetrate targets with bullets, and it also increases your damage against shielded enemies by 5%. High-Caliber Rounds are also great, because they allow you to more easily stagger enemies. The small range bonus is also nice to have.

Perk 1

  • Rapid Hit

Rapid Hit is by far the best option for the first perk slot in PVE. With Rapid Hit, every precision hit increases your reload speed and stability for a short time. This allows you to do everything from quickly clear out adds and smaller enemies to being able to do respectable DPS. Rapid Hit is one of the overall best PVE perks in general, especially on a weapon like this.

Perk 2

  • Kinetic Tremors
  • Rampage
  • Cascade Point

There are quite a few options that work well here, but the best is probably Kinetic Tremors. Since it’s a newer perk, it has a lot of power packed into it. Just land several hits on a single target and it’ll emit damage shockwaves that damage nearby enemies and themselves. Combined with Rapid Hit, this combo is unstoppable.

Rampage is another fantastic perk, which grants increased damage on enemy kills. The only downside is that it doesn’t synergize as well with Rapid Hit.

Cascade Point is the last one we recommend, but it’s a lot more situational. It does allow you to fire much faster than normal if you get a few kills or precision hits with another weapon first, but it’s a lot to do for the effect it offers.

Randy’s Throwing Knife | Best PVP Roll

Best PVP Roll
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

It might not look like it, but Randy’s Throwing Knife is actually a fantastic weapon in PVP. Just like in PVE, it isn’t necessarily going to blow your mind, but its consistency makes it a strong weapon for any level of PVP content. Let’s check out the God Roll!


  • Hammer-Forged Rifling (+10 Range)
  • Corkscrew Rifling (+5 Stability, +5 Range, +5 Handling)
  • Arrowhead Brake (+30 Recoil, +10 Stability)
  • Fluted Barrel (+5 Stability, +15 Handling)
  • Smallbore (+7 Stability, +7 Range)

So, we might have included a lot of options here, but it’s just how it is. Barrel options are very flexible, especially in PVP, since the range-focused ones are also really strong. Hammer-Forged Rifling is always great in PVP because it gives the most range, but any of these are really viable. It just depends on how you want to play and what stats you feel you’ll benefit from the most.


  • Ricochet Rounds (+5 Range, +10 Stability, and other bonuses)
  • High-Caliber Rounds (+5 range and other bonuses)

Ricochet Rounds is the all-star magazine for PVP. In addition to a nice +5 range and +10 stability, it also allows your rounds to bounce off surfaces and ricochet back. It’s hard to beat all that in just a magazine, but High-Caliber Rounds manages it well enough to be a great alternative. If you’d rather get a bonus to flinch, High-Caliber Rounds is perfect. The +10 stability is what makes the difference here, but both are great choices.

Perk 1

  • Zen Moment
  • Perpetual Motion

Zen Moment is a strong pick for Randy’s because it helps tame its recoil and gives some flinch resistance. It’s just a really strong perk that makes using the weapon easier in every way, so it’s hard to imagine a scenario where you wouldn’t want it. Unless, that is, you prefer Perpetual Motion. It gives increased reload speed, stability, and handling while sprinting. So if you’re someone that doesn’t like to be still, Perpetual Motion has you covered.

Perk 2

  • Kill Clip
  • Box Breathing

Kill Clip is an all-timer in PVP, since it gives a massive 25% damage boost after reloading after a kill. It does require you to get kills to work, but that’s more than acceptable since it’s so strong. It’s definitely the best pick for more aggressive players.

If you’re more passive or want to use Randy’s for long-range kills, Box Breathing is also a good option. It gives a precision damage and range bonus if you aim down sights for a few seconds without firing, so it requires more patience to use.

Where to Use Randy’s Throwing Knife

Where to Use Randy's Throwing Knife
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Right now, Randy’s Throwing Knife is better in Destiny 2 PVP, but it’s still great in PVE as well. Here are some great places to use Randy’s Throwing Knife!

Iron Banner or 6v6 PVP

It’s incredibly easy to pick up kills with Randy’s in 6v6 activities like Iron Banner or Control. Kill Clip is easier to activate when there are more oblivious enemies to pick off, that way you can have the damage boost up for the more difficult opponents. These activities reward a more aggressive playstyle, so we’d recommend the Perpetual Motion / Kill Clip roll here.

Trials of Osiris and Competitive PVP

Where IB and other 6v6 modes are fast paced and chaotic, the 3v3 modes tend to require more patience (or lots more skill to play aggressive). If you have the Zen Moment / Box Breathing roll, you could put it to great use here. There are few places better (if any) to set up camp with Box Breathing and pick off enemies than Trials of Osiris. Patience pays off, especially if you’re hoping for a flawless run.


The fast-paced, chaotic nature of Gambit makes it a great place to try out and master many weapons. In Gambit, you’ll be able to learn the ins-and-outs of Randy’s Throwing Knife, including both its PVE and PVP capabilities. You can even mix-and-match rolls for the unique PvEvP environment. Got a Rapid Hit / Kill Clip roll you don’t know what to do with? Take it in Gambit and see how it goes. You never know when a strange roll might work out in Gambit.

Vault of Glass

Picking one raid for a scout rifle to be good in can be difficult, but Vault of Glass is one great place to use them. Since there are so many parts of VoG that require a combination of long-range damage and DPS, Randy’s really gets a chance to shine. In an encounter like Atheon, with all the Harpies and far-away bosses, scout rifles are always a really strong pick.

Grandmaster Strikes

Grandmaster Strikes are generally considered amongst the most difficult activities in Destiny 2. Randy’s Throwing Knife isn’t an all-star in GM strikes, but it’s definitely good enough to fit into a build that needs a Kinetic scout rifle. For most GM strikes, we’d recommend the Rapid Hit / Kinetic Tremors build since it’ll be most useful for chipping away at enemies with lots of health. GM strikes are no joke, which just goes to show how good Randy’s Throwing Knife can be in the right builds.

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If you’ve been playing any PVP in Destiny 2 lately, you’ve probably gotten a pile of Randy’s Throwing Knives sitting around. Hopefully this article will help you narrow down which ones are worth keeping and which should be dismantled. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this!

Happy gaming!


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