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Destiny 2 – Deepsight Resonance Weapons & How to Get Them

Deepsight Resonance Weapons are the endgame objective for many Destiny 2 players. Gone are the days of endlessly grinding for a weapon’s God Roll. Instead, Bungie has blessed the player base with a much-needed method of crafting their ideal weapons, improving the endgame grinding experience exponentially.

Introduced with the Witch Queen expansion, players can now craft some of the game’s best weapons. Luckily, this crafting ability is not exclusive to Witch Queen owners. While weapon crafting is available for all players, keep in mind that some craftable weapons are only available through DLC expansions.

What Are Deepsight Weapons

Deepsight Weapons are unique craftable weapons in Destiny 2.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Deepsight Weapons refer to weapons that can drop with red borders around them. These weapons can be reshaped, crafted, and leveled up. They can have their perks and traits selected and can even be upgraded to more powerful versions of standard traits.

Red border weapons are highly coveted across the Destiny 2 community, and new red border weapons are added with each expansion and season.

How to Get Deepsight Weapons

Most activities will give you red-border weapons.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

In order to get Deepsight Weapons to start dropping in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete a few missions from the Witch Queen campaign. Don’t worry, the associated missions are free for all players, so you won’t have to buy the Witch Queen to access Deepsight crafting or these missions. 

Once you’ve completed the necessary missions, red border weapons will start dropping from activities in the Destiny 2 Sandbox. Almost every activity in Destiny 2 will have a chance to drop a red border weapon, so you should find one eventually just by playing the game.

Once you have access to weapon crafting and Deepsight Weapon drops, you’ll be able to check which weapons are craftable by visiting The Enclave on Savathun’s Throne World. Once there, approach the Relic Resonace Engine and select Shape from the menu.

The Relic - where you can craft weapons.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Extracting Weapon Patterns From Red Border Weapons

Once you have a red border weapon you have two options for obtaining its Pattern Progress. Option one is to simply dismantle the item. You’ll get the standard items associated with dismantling a weapon, but you’ll also get one weapon pattern for that dismantled weapon. 

The other method involves opening the weapon mod menu in your inventory. From here, you can extract the weapon’s pattern without dismantling it. This method is perfect for weapons that have decent rolls on them. 

Deepsight Harmonizers

Deepsight Harmonizers can only be earned from the battle pass.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Another method Destiny 2 players can use to gain weapon patterns for Deepsight Weapons is via Deepsight Harmonizers. These fantastic little devices were introduced in the 21st season of Destiny 2 and can only be obtained via the season’s battle pass.

Each Deepsight Harmonizer grants one weapon pattern for any non-red bordered Deepsight Weapon. You can only use a Deepsight Harmonizer on a Deepsight Weapon that hasn’t already had its weapon pattern extracted.

How to Track Deepsight Weapon Pattern Progress

Check which weapon patterns you've unlocked under your collections tab.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

You can check your current Weapon Pattern Progress via the collections tab in your player menu. It’s the same page that holds your obtained exotics, legendary gear, and ships.

Most weapons will require 5 patterns to be collected before their progress is complete. Some weapons, such as heavy weapons, will only require 2 patterns to be collected before completion. 

Crafting Your Deepsight Weapons

Crafting a Deepsight weapon in Destiny 2.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Once you have completed a weapon’s pattern progress, you can begin shaping your weapon at The Relic in The Enclave. The Enclave is a landing zone located on Savathun’s Throne World.

From The Relic, you can either shape/craft a weapon or reshape a weapon that has already been crafted. Unsurprisingly, you’ll need some materials when crafting your weapon. To craft a weapon at level 1, you’ll need Glimmer and Resonat Alloy.

Reshaping Your Crafted Weapons

The biggest advantage of Deepsight Weapons in Destiny 2 is being able to reshape them.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Crafted weapons can be reshaped to have their frame, perks, and traits chosen to the user’s specifications. This is where Deepsight Weapons shine.

In order to add your desired traits to your crafted weapon you’ll need two things, Weapon levels and Crafting materials.

Weapon Levels

Example of a level 1 crafted Deepsight weapon.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Deepsight Weapons can be leveled indefinitely, but all of them will start at level 1 when initially crafted. Many of the weapon’s strongest perks, frames, and traits will require you to level your weapon to level 20.

Deepsight Weapons will increase in levels as you kill enemies, with one enemy usually equaling out to one experience point. 

Crafting Materials

Resonant Alloy is one of your main crafting ingredients for Deepsight Resonance Weapons.
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

You’ll need quite a few crafting materials when shaping your god-roll weapon. Here is a list of the most important crafting materials used in weapon crafting:

  • Enhancement Cores
  • Glimmer
  • Resonant Alloys: Used in the crafting of weapon frames. Obtained from dismantling weapons and completing activities in the Destiny 2 sandbox.
  • Ascendant Alloys: Used in the crafting of enhanced traits. This crafting material can be obtained from weekly Witch Queen campaign missions, Throne World Offensives, The Cryptarc, and Banshee-44.
  • Harmonic Alloys: Used in crafting raid-exclusive traits on raid-exclusive weapons. Obtained by dismantling raid weapons.
  • Mementos: An optional crafting material used to grant vanity options to your weapon. Acquired by completing specific activities.

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