Destiny 2: Secant Filaments Void Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Secant Filaments Void Warlock Build Guide

Embrace the power of the Void and Disrupt those champions with this Devour focused Secant Filaments build.

When it comes to Void builds, none hold up quite as well as Void Warlock. After the nerf introduced to Devour in Season 23, Warlock is the only Class that has access to full power Devour. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to craft a build centered around gaining Devour as often as possible, and Secant Filaments contributes heavily to that and then some.

Exotic Overview

Secant Filaments grants the user the Devour buff for 11 seconds upon casting of an Empowering Rift. You and members of your fireteam will also gain Overload Shots while standing inside your Empowering Rift. I’m always a big fan of any exotic armor that grants buffs/added effects to your weapons. 

Overload stun is particularly good since Overload Champions are some of the most annoying enemies to fight. This exotic also fixes the main problem I have with the Empowering Rift, that being, no healing and having to stand in one place to gain the benefits. 

In high-end content, you can get absolutely shredded if you just stand in one place for too long. Having Devour activate when you use the Rift allows you to stay alive while dealing additional damage to your opponents, so you really get to maximize the benefits provided by the Empowering Rift.


The abilities I’ve chosen for this build are mostly up to user preference. In all honesty, Void Warlock doesn’t have very many viable options so here is what I recommend.

  • Nova Bomb (Cataclysm): I personally prefer the vortex variation of this Super, but Cataclysm is better in a wider range of situations.
  • Empowering Rift: Because the entire build is dependent on it.
  • Pocket Singularity: Because it’s our only option. If this changes in the future you should probably run whatever else is available because I personally really don’t like this melee ability.
  • Vortex Grenade: Deals great damage, hits multiple opponents, and pulls targets into it for crowd control. It is the best Void Grenade in my opinion.


The first Aspect of this build is Feed the Void. Since the build centers around Devour, we’ll want to make use of the previous values provided by this Aspect. Feed the Void will grant us full health and shields when activated, and given the amount of damage enemies do in higher-tier content, this is much needed. This Aspect will also grant us improved grenade energy whenever we trigger Devour which contributes to the build grenade-focused gameplay loop.

The second Aspect I choose for this build is Child of the Old Gods. You can run Choas Excellent in this slot but I like giving our Rift more utility. Our Void Soul will also apply Weaken to targets and Drain them making them easier to kill and providing us with some additional health regen. The health provided isn’t a lot so don’t rely on it too much.


I’ve chosen Fragments that provide us with more ways of extending Devour, generating Orbs of Power, and recovering class ability energy. You can definitely swap some of these Fragments out in solo content for Invisibility or Overshield if you need a bit more survivability. 

  • Echo of Harvest: Generates Orbs and Void Breaches when we kill targets affected by our Void Soul.
  • Echo of Instability: Volatile rounds can be pretty handy for clearing rooms of enemies and dealing with Barrier Champions. We will be using our grenade ability often enough to make this worth running.
  • Echo of Persistence: Because you can never have enough Devour time.
  • Echo of Starvation: This allows our generated Orbs and Breaches to grant us Devour.

Armor Mods

This build’s armor mods are focused on improving our ability regeneration, particularly our grenade and class ability regen. You could also focus Surge mods for max damage output, but I find that to be too inconsistent to maintain in high-end content. Here are my recommendations:

  • Harmonic Siphon or Solar Siphon : 
  • Heavy Ammo Finder: We do have a 20% damage buff with Empowering Rift, so let’s use it alongside our heavy weapon for serious damage on demand!
  • Bolstering Detonation: For Class energy on grenade hits.
  • Orbs of Restoration: For consistent ability energy on Orb pick-up.
  • Distribution: Grants ability energy whenever you use your class ability near a target.

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