The three classes in Destiny 2 all have access to the same stats, but the best ones for each class differ. While Guardians are definitely allowed to experiment with their stats (and are encouraged to do so), there are some stats that are better than others. That’s why we’ll be going over the best stats for Titan in Destiny 2: Witch Queen to ensure you’re an unkillable juggernaut on the battlefield.

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What is the Best Stat for Titan?

As with the other classes, the best stat for Titans in Destiny 2 is the one that corresponds to their class ability cooldown. For Titan, that means Resilience.

Titans’ class ability is a pretty big deal. It’s not spammed as often as Warlock Rifts, but it’s a close second. Specifically for Towering Barricade (one of the Titan class abilities), a low cooldown is excellent. It allows you to survive for even longer than the damage reduction from Resilience already does. Titans are already an incredibly tanky class, but this pushes them over the top.

Speaking of damage resistance, Resilience is particularly strong right now, to the point that even other classes are starting to prioritize it. When fully maxed (100 points), Resilience grants 40% damage reduction in PVE. It’s no wonder other classes are starting to invest!

What Other Stats Should Titans Prioritize?

Other than Resilience, Titans have several other good stats, too. For super tanky builds, Titans typically want to take Recovery as one of their maxed stats. Recovery determines how fast your health regeneration begins after taking damage, which is essential to tank builds. Discipline is also a pretty popular choice for grenade users (so pretty much everyone).

Strength, Intellect, and Mobility haven’t been as popular on Titan lately. Strength is a melee-oriented stat, so it can be potentially useful if you’re using a melee build. That being said, I don’t remember the last time I saw anyone using Strength outside of some fringe Hunter builds. Intellect is similar, but much more common. Intellect used to be a really great stat, but now it’s somewhat fallen off in popularity. It’s still always a useful stat, it just isn’t considered must-have anymore. The last stat, Mobility, is the only one that you would never build on Titan. It only affects movement stats, which don’t really matter on Titan.

How to Farm High-Stat Armor

Now that we’ve covered the stats you want to prioritize, it’s time to go farm that high-stat armor! This section will detail the best forms of farming high-stat armor in Destiny 2, that way you’ll have a route to go get some of your own.

Ghost Armorer Mod

The Ghost armorer mod (pictured above) allows you to put a “focus” on armor you get. This means you can choose what stat will receive a guaranteed minimum number so you have better chances of getting the stats you want. Generally speaking, you always want to have a Ghost armorer mod on when you’re farming high-stat armor. It might not give you the armor itself, but it’s essential for the armor farming experience.

H.E.L.M. Focusing

For some easy high-stat armor, go to the H.E.L.M. and interact with the seasonal vendor. To get high-stat armor from the vendor, you will usually have to progress through the seasonal questline and complete the seasonal activity a lot. Once you’ve done this, though, the H.E.L.M. allows you to purchase high-stat armor rolls for reasonable prices. It just takes a lot of time to get the materials you need.

Dungeon Farming

Farming dungeons is the best way to get high-stat armor in Destiny 2. While you can farm dungeons on normal difficulty, doing so on master difficulty is the best way if you want armor specifically. Farming master level Caiatl has personally given me the best luck, as you get high-stat armor on nearly every completion.

Example of an Optimized Titan Build

In this section, we’re going to look at a sample build so you can get an idea of how to choose what stats to max and how it works with your armor. Do keep in mind that sometimes build crafting gets a lot more complicated than this, though. The build we’re going to look at is very simple, but still relevant to how even complicated builds work.

Our Exotic here is Curiass of the Falling Star, so we’ll be focusing our stats with that in mind. Since Curiass just increases the damage done by Thundercrash (one of the Arc supers for Titan), the only stat directly relevant to it is Intellect. However, since Intellect is generally not that strong right now, you have other options as well. Since you’re a Titan, you still want to max Resilience. Once you’ve done that, you can put points into Intellect if you want to maximize your super damage. You could also go with a safe option like Recovery for your other maxed stat.

The reason I included this specific example is to show that you want to pick your stats with Exotics in mind, but you don’t have to pick what seems like the “obvious” choice. This game has tons of freedom in terms of build crafting, so take advantage of its flexibility.

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