Destiny 2: Wormgod Caress Solar Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Wormgod Caress Solar Titan Build Guide

Looking for an upgrade to Synthoceps? Give this Wormgod Caress build a try.

Many D2 Titan players will swear by two Exotic armor pieces; Synthoseps and Heart of in Most Light. Both of these Exotics increase your melee damage when you fulfill certain requirements. Wormgod takes a bit more effort to get going compared to Synthoceps and Heart but it is way more powerful. I personally prefer Wormgod over the other 2 because you can use it with multiple different subclasses and it enhances weapon damage as well. If you haven’t made a Wormgod build, I hope this build will convince you to give it a try.

Wormgod Caress Exotic Overview

The Wormgod Caress Exotic grants the user an escalating damage bonus to their melee attack, Glaive strikes, and weapon damage each time the user gets a kill with a melee attack or finisher. This damage buff can stack up to 5x and scales up the more stacks the user has. My favorite part of this Exotic is its ability to be used with any subclass. The two best options in my opinion are Strand and Solar, with this build using the Solar Subclass because you have an infinite hammer throw melee attack. 

Wormgod Caress Build: The Details


  • Hammer of Sol (Super): My go-to pick for Solar Titan Supers. If ranged, triggers our Aspects, and deals excellent damage, what’s not to love?
  • Throwing Hammer (Melee): The cornerstone of the whole build. You’ll be using this infinitely refreshing melee attack to gain stacks of Burning Fists which will power up your melee attacks and weapon damage.
  • Tower Barricade (Class Ability): I like the on-demand cover this provides especially in end-game content where champions can melt you without a second thought.
  • Solar Grenade: This is entirely based on preference. I like the lingering effect Solar grenade provides, but others may prefer the instant damage of a fusion grenade or the utility of a healing grenade.


This build uses the usual two Solar Titan Aspects, Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus. These two Aspects are my go-to’s for ability energy generation, increased damage, and healing. 

Roaring Flames provides your Titan with a damage boost to your abilities each time you get a kill with a different Solar Ability. Sol Invictus spawns Sun Spots whenever the user gets a kill with a Solar ability. These Sunspots provide a few buffs to the user when they stand inside them such as Restoration, ability energy generation, and slower Super decay.


  • Embers of Ashes: I like using this Fragment on Solar Titan because it allows us to trigger Ignitions with our Sunspots, Solar grenades, and Solar weapons much faster.
  • Embers of Empyrean: This Fragment allows us to extend the duration of our Radiant and Restoration buffs by getting kills with Solar weapons or abilities.
  • Embers of Torches: This Fragment grants the Radiant effect whenever you hit an enemy with a Solar melee ability.
  • Embers of Searing: Generates Firesprites from defeating scorched targets, it also generates melee energy when defeating scorched targets.

Armor Mods

Here are a few armor mods that I feel are mandatory to make the build function at optimal efficiency.

  • Heavy Handed: Because we will be getting plenty of kills with our melee ability we might as well get some Super energy out of it.
  • Heavy Handed: For Orb generation on grenade or melee kills
  • Charged Up: Adds an additional armor charge slot to the user.
  • Stacks on Stacks: Grants an additional stack of armor charge from all sources.
  • Orbs of Restoration: Grants the user ability energy to the ability with the least amount of energy when the user picks up an Orb of Power
  • Bulwark Finisher: The build can feel a bit frail in higher-end content, especially when running things solo, this mod helps by giving us a full Void Overshield whenever we perform a finisher with 3 or more stacks of armor charge. You could swap this out for a Finisher that generates Melee energy for those awkward moments when you lose your hammer.

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