Destiny 2: Cenotaph Mask Solar Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Cenotaph Mask Solar Warlock Build Guide

You may look weird but your fireteam won't care much when their nuking champions with loads of heavy ammo!

This is without a doubt one of the strangest looking Exotics in the entire sandbox, but man does it have a great effect. Cenotaph Mask is the perfect Exotic for any Solar Warlock looking to fulfill a support class fantasy. 

I for one like playing support so I’m always hyped to bust this build out for a Nightfall or Raid. If the content has mini-bosses, vehicles, or champions, this build is probably coming out. A quick warning, this Exotic and by extension this build, works best when you have a fireteam that knows what it does and capitalizes on its strengths. 

Cenotaph Mask Exotic Overview

This exotic has two effects. The first reloads your Trace rifles from reserves over time, and the other Marks targets hit by your Trace Rifles. When an ally kills a marked target, heavy ammo bricks are dropped for your allies, and special ammo bricks are dropped for you. This effectively keeps your team supplied with heavy ammo all throughout high-end content.

Cenotaph Mask Build: The Details

I personally recommend Prometheus Lens or Retraced Path as they are two Trace Rifles that are fairly easy to get. If you wish to save your exotic slot for Sun Shot, I recommend the newly added Stasis Trace Rifle from season of the Wish or the strong Strand Trace Rifle which is a bit more difficult to obtain.


  • Well of Radiance (Super): The perfect support super. Heals allies inside the Well while also providing them with a sizeable damage buff to all their weapons.
  • Celestial Fire (Melee): Has great range but lacks damage. Sometimes you just need a bit more ranged damage to finish targets off with this build and I feel this solves that problem without needing to use heavy ammo.
  • Phoenix Dive (Class Ability): Grants us access to the insane Restoration x2 buff that keeps us alive in end-game content.
  • Solar Grenade: Has a lingering effect that makes extending Restoration easier against large groups of enemies.


Heat Rises grants us access to the powerful Restoration x2 buff provided by Phoenix Dive. It also grants so nice quality-of-life features like melee energy on airborne kills and the ability to fire weapons while gliding.

Touch of Flame just makes our grenades more powerful. Run with either a Solar grenade or a Fusion grenade for the best damage results, or run with a Healing grenade for maximum White Mage energy.


  • Embers of Tempering: Spawn a Firesprite from Solar Weapon kills and grants the user improved airborne effectiveness to all Solar Weapons and increases the user’s Recovery stat by up to 30 points.
  • Embers of Empyrean: This Fragment allows us to extend the duration of our Radiant and Restoration buffs by getting kills with our Solar weapons or abilities
  • Embers of Singing: This Fragment allows us to regain our class ability faster by Scorching targets, which we will be using to get Restoration x2.
  • Embers of Searing: Generates Firesprites from defeating scorched targets, it also generates melee energy when defeating scorched targets.

Armor Mods

I recommend taking some self-centered mods despite this being a support build. You still want to be a competent damage dealer for your team! Feel free to run whatever you like based on preference but here are my recommendations: 

  • Dynamo:  For faster Super generation.
  • Heavy Ammo Finder: Because we don’t generate any heavy ammo for ourselves with this Exotic. 
  • Harmonic Scavenger: So that the special ammo bricks we generate give us more ammo. Run based on the type of Trace Rifle you’re using.
  • Solar Surge: Grants our Trace Rifles a bit more damage. Run as many as you can honestly.
  • Harmonic Reserves: any number of these are fine. Run based on the type of Trace Rifle you’re using.

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