Destiny 2: The Best Perks for The Enigma and God Roll

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Destiny 2: The Best Perks for The Enigma and God Roll

The Enigma was the first glaive introduced to Destiny 2, and was also the first craftable weapon. Since its introduction last year, we’ve seen many more glaives get introduced to the game. As of January 2023, we have seven total craftable glaives (including the three class-specific ones). In this article, we’re gonna take a look at The Enigma in Destiny 2, how to get it if you don’t have one already, and what its best perks are!

How to Get The Enigma in Destiny 2

The Enigma is only available through weapon crafting. Weapon crafting was introduced to Destiny 2 in early 2022 with the release of The Witch Queen expansion. Note that you don’t need The Witch Queen to be able to access the Enclave and craft weapons! All you have to do is play through the first mission of the expansion, then you’ll be tasked with going to the Enclave and crafting The Enigma.

For a list of every craftable weapon with a brief overview of how to get them, check out our article on that here. And for one on how weapon crafting works in general, check out this one!

Best Craftable Perks for The Enigma

Destiny 2 | The Enigma Craftable Perks
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Crafting is a major part of Destiny 2, so hopefully this part of the guide can help you see how it works if you don’t know already. The slot on the far left is for the weapon’s intrinsic stat bonus (reload speed, range, handling, etc.). The four blue slots are where you select the weapon’s perks. On the far left is the Haft, then the Magazine, followed by the two perk slots on the right. The isolated empty slot on the right is for mementos, but those are purely cosmetic and are not required to craft a weapon. Let’s move on to the best perk options for both PVE and PVP!

Best Haft Perks

  • PVE: Ballistic Tuning (+15 range, -10 shield duration, -10 charge time) or Low-Impedance Windings (+10 shield duration, +10 charge time, +5 reload speed, -10 range)
  • PVP: Ballistic Tuning (+15 range, -10 shield duration, -10 charge time)

Choosing the right haft has a major effect on your overall experience with The Enigma. Ballistic Tuning is an easy pick for any type of gameplay, since it gives 15 extra range and only takes away a bit of shield duration and charge time. If you’re running a build that doesn’t care about the shield, this doesn’t really matter much anyway. Low-Impedance Windings is a good pick for people who do plan to use their shield, and it also gives a bonus to the charge time and reload speed stats as well.

Best Magazine Perks

  • PVE: Alloy Mag (faster reload when mag is empty) or Light Mag (+10 reload speed, +5 range)
  • PVP: Accurized Rounds (+10 range)

Alloy Mag allows you to reload significantly faster when your mag is completely empty, which happens very quickly with glaives. Since you can so quickly dump your entire mag, it’s always a fantastic choice in PVE. Light Mag is a decent second option, though, since a reload and range bonus is always nice.

In PVP, range is the most important stat for glaives. Since Accurized Rounds gives the largest range bonus of all the mags, it’s the obvious pick. It also doesn’t take away any stats, so there’s no reason not to use it.

Best PVE Perks

  • Impulse Amplifier
  • Unrelenting or Frenzy

For PVE, there’s really no choice other than Impulse Amplifier. It greatly increases your projectile speed and grants a decent bonus to reload speed. Both of these are going to be useful regardless of what kind of glaive build you’re going for. There will always be times when you want to fire your glaive, and since glaives take so long to reload, you’ll want at least one perk that helps with it. The enhanced version of Impulse Amplifier also passively grants a bit of extra reload speed.

Besides that, general PVE perks can work just fine. Unrelenting grants health regeneration after you rapidly kill enemies with the weapon, and Frenzy grants a damage boost after you’ve been in combat for a while. Being “in combat” just means either dealing or taking damage within a certain period of time.

If you plan to use The Enigma for activities where you can reliably get rapid kills, then Unrelenting is the best pick. But for content that either doesn’t have many enemies or is too difficult for rapid kills to be plausible, Frenzy is a better choice since it just requires you to be in combat.

The Enigma PVE God Roll

  • Haft: Ballistic Tuning or Low-Impedance Windings
  • Mag: Alloy Mag or Light Mag
  • Perk 1: Impulse Amplifier
  • Perk 2: Unrelenting or Frenzy

The Enigma can be a very fun ad-clear weapon that holds its own in DPS as well. It might not be a meta pick right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful sometimes. With the right build, it might even be usable in high-end content like Grandmaster Strikes or Master Raids/Dungeons. For now, it’s best used as a really fun and still effective ad-clear weapon, but it could definitely see other uses in the future.

Best PVP Perks

  • Impulse Amplifier or Threat Detector
  • Kill Clip or Unstoppable Force

Impulse Amplifier is also great in PVP. However, you could go with Threat Detector if you wanted something more specific. It grants a bonus to reload speed, stability, and handling whenever enemies are nearby. In the Crucible, it’s usually pretty easy to get close enough to an enemy to get all those bonuses.

Since The Enigma isn’t a PVP-focused weapon, it’s not surprising that it’s lacking in good PVP perks. Kill Clip is always a fair option, but it isn’t very exciting and does require a kill before it does anything at all. Unstoppable Force is certainly the most interesting option here, but it requires a specific circumstance to be useful. This perk gives a damage boost after you block a projectile with your shield, which is easier said than done. It’s unfortunate that neither decent PVP perk for The Enigma is good without any requirements attached, but it can still be used for fun if you enjoy it.

The Enigma PVP God Roll

  • Haft: Ballistic Tuning
  • Mag: Accurized Rounds
  • Perk 1: Impulse Amplifier or Threat Detector
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip or Unstoppable Force

In PVP, The Enigma is not a very good weapon. It can definitely be fun to use against other Guardians, but I would never recommend it in competitive play. If you’re trying to have fun or just need to get your pinnacle for the week, there’s no harm in using The Enigma, though. If you’re in a casual playlist and you think it’s fun to use, why not go for it?

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Thanks for checking out this article on The Enigma in Destiny 2! It’s a really fun weapon, and hopefully you’ll enjoy figuring out what perks work best for you. Feel free to try out any perks you find interesting and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Happy gaming!

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