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Destiny 2: Best Void Hunter Build for PvE & PvP

Void Hunter is best known for one thing, Invisibility. Invisibility is a very strong buff in both PvE and PvP, allowing the user to get the drop on enemies or take a much-needed breather to reposition and heal up. Void Hunter can be a bit tricky to focus a build around, but no need to worry. We here at High Ground Gaming have crafted two builds that will help players use Void Hunter to the best of their ability in either PvE or PvP activities in Destiny 2.

Important Keywords for Void Hunter

Before we break down the two builds we first want to go over some important Keywords that will be utilized in both of these two builds.


As stated above, this is the bread and butter of the Void Hunter playstyle. When activated, the user becomes see-through, making them harder to see for enemy Guardians, undetectable by radar, and unseen by AI enemies. This Invisibility buff operates on a timer, and once that timer hits zero, the user will become visible again. Performing any offensive actions will also make the user visible again.


Weaken keyword for Void
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Outside of Invisibility, Weaken will be our most used Subclass Keyword. When this keyword is applied to an enemy or Guardian, the target will take increased damage from all sources, have their movement speed slowed slightly, and will have a harder time firing their weapon accurately. This keyword is a fantastic one to have in both PvP and PvE, allowing the user and their fire team to completely shred Champion and Boss health bars when active.


Suppression prevents targets from using their abilities or firing their weapons. This effect also kicks opponents out of their currently activated abilities. It has the same level of utility as Arc’s Blind in PvE and can be a serious life savor in some of the game’s tougher content. This keyword has limited effects on champions and bosses. 


This is probably Void’s strongest ability. Devour fully restores the user’s health and shields when triggered. It also restores a bit of grenade energy as well. Once Devour is activated, the user can retrigger/extend the effect by getting a kill. This keyword is our primary source of healing for our builds and is what most people who run Void pick the subclass for.


This status effect causes the target to become filled with unstable Void energy. If the target takes additional damage while under the effects of this debuff, they will explode, dealing additional damage to the target and any other enemies around them. This status can be applied through weapons with Volatile rounds.

Void Breach

One of the elemental pickups that can be generated when specific conditions are met. Void Breaches grant class ability energy when collected. 

The Friendly Phantom – Best PvE Void Hunter Build

This Void Hunter build is designed to be used in PvE activities, but aspects and elements of this build could be retooled for a PvP build if you know what you’re doing. The build focuses on triggering the Stylish Executioner Aspect as often as possible, while also quickly generating Super and ability energy.

Build Exotics

This build actually doesn’t require any specific armor Exotics to function, but we do have two strong recommendations if you want to maximize this build’s potency. 

Recommended Armor

Assassin's Cowl - Best Exotic for PvE Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Assassin’s Cowl: This Exotic helmet grants the user Invisibility and restores a portion of the user’s health and shields whenever the user gets a kill using a powered melee attack. This effect can be amplified by performing a finisher or getting a powered melee kill on more powerful targets, extending the duration of the Invisibility provided and increasing the amount of health and shields restored.

This Exotic is a great choice if you want to do some of the game’s harder content solo since it improves your survivability by a rather large margin.

Orpheus Rig: These Exotic boots improve the effectiveness of the Void Hunter’s Supers. It grants Super Energy when Deadfall tethers enemies and grants an additional shot to the Moebius Quiver Super.

With this Exotic, Deadfall can return up to 50% of the user’s Super energy and can also return up to 10% total energy of grenade, class, and melee abilities. As such, this Exotic is another great choice for this build because our Super is very useful to our team, so getting it more often is always nice.

Recommended Weapons

Tractor Cannon - Best Exotic Weapon for PvE Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Your Exotic weapon of choice can really be anything, but we recommend a Void Exotic that applies one of the many Void Keyword debuffs. The following are our recommended weapons of choice.

Tractor Canon: This Shotgun will apply Weakness to targets hit by it, but keep in mind that Tractor Canon is a Heavy Weapon and comes with somewhat limited ammo reserves. As such, it’s best used only to apply Weakness to Bosses or Champions in order to conserve on ammo.

Wavesplitter: This Exotic Trace Rifle Surpresses targets hit by its beam for a certain period of time. It uses special ammo, so you can be a bit more free with it when selecting targets.

Subclass Abilities

Deadfall - Best Super for PvE Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Super: This build will be using Deadfall for its super. This Super fires an arrow on cast, which will create a small orb on impact that sends out tethering lines to attach to nearby enemies, pulling them closer to the center. This attack applies Weakness and Suppression to the targets affected. This Super is very good for crowd control and boss fights.

Class Ability: We’re taking the Gambler’s Dodge for this build. Our charged melee attack is very important to this build, so having the ability to instantly refund your melee when using it near enemies is super valuable.

Melee: Void Hunter only has access to one melee ability at the moment and that is Snarebomb, which is a rather interesting melee ability. The user throws a smoke bomb that attaches to surfaces and pings enemies on the radar when triggered. This effect also applies Weakness to targets on detonation.

Vortex Grenade - Best Grenade for PvE Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Grenade: Our grenade ability of choice is the classic Vortex Grenade. Its large size and linger-ability makes it a great grenade to combo with the tether from our Deadfall super.


Stylish Executioner: Our first Aspect grants Invisibility and Trusight to the user whenever they kill an enemy that was affected by a Weakness, Suppression, or Volatile status effect. After triggering Stylish Executioner, your next melee ability used while Invisible will apply Weaken to your target.

Trapper's Ambush Aspect
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Trapper’s Ambush: We’re taking this Aspect solely for the utility it provides the user’s fireteam. This Aspect allows the user to perform a Quickfall attack that creates a large smoke cloud on impact. Enemies caught in the smoke cloud are Weakened, and allies in the smoke cloud are granted Invisibility. This Aspect also makes allies Invisible whenever the smoke bomb is attached to a surface.


Echo of UnderminingEcho of HarvestEcho of StarvationEcho of Reprisal
Void Grenades Weaken TargetsDefeating Weakened targets creates an Orb of Power and Void BreachCollecting an Orb of Power or Void Breach grants the user Devour Killing enemies while surrounded grants Super energy.
Reduces Discipline stat by 20 pointsReduces Intellect stat by 10 PointsReduces Recovery stat by 10 PointsNo stats affected

Armor Mods

Firepower armor mod
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Helmet Mods

Ashes to AssetsDynamoHarmonic Siphon
Reduces Super Cooldown when killing enemies with Grenade abilitesReduces Super cooldown when using your class ability near targetsRapid Void weapon final blows create an Orb of Power
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 1

Gauntlet Mods

FirepowerMomentum TransferImpact Induction
Create orbs of power on grenade killsGrenade damage reduces melee ability cooldownMelee damage reduces grenade ability cooldown
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 2

Chest Mods

Charged-UpHarmonic ReservesHarmonic Resistance/any Resistance Mods
Increases the number of armor stacks the user can have by oneIncreases the total ammo count for void weaponsReduces damage taken from a specified source
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 1-3

Leg Mods

Orbs of RestorationInsulationAbsolution
Grants energy to the ability with the least amount of charge when an Orb of Power is collected.Reduces the cooldown of the user’s class ability when collecting an Orb of PowerReduces all ability cooldowns when collecting an Orb of Power
Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 1Energy Cost: 3

Class Item Mods

Powerful AtractionBomberOutreach
Draws in nearby Orbs of Power when using your class abilityReduces grenade ability cooldown when using your class ability Reduces melee ability cooldown when using your class ability
Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 1Energy Cost: 1

The Tracking Spector – Best PvP Void Hunter Build

Here we have our PvP Void Hunter build. This build has a strong focus on weapon performance enhancements and is mostly a solo build, so expect everything to be focused solely on improving yourself only and not your fireteam.

Build Exotic: Foetracer

Foetracer - Best Exotic for PvP Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

This build’s Exotic armor piece is a helmet that grants a temporary damage boost to the user’s weapons that match their subclass element whenever you damage an enemy Guardian with an ability. Additionally, defeating targets with a weapon that matches your subclass element will create a Void Breach.

Foetracer works well in PvP since ability kills can be quite common. The weapon damage boost is always nice and generating a Void Breach allows you to use your class ability more often, which is really big for Void Hunter.

Subclass Abilities

Moebius Quiver - Best Super for PvP Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Super: Our Super of choice this time around is Mobuis Quiver. Much like Deadfall, this Super fires a Void arrow at the target that tethers them and inflicts Weakness and Suppression to those hit by it. The user of this Super then fires two additional shots from the bow that seek out nearby enemies.

Enemies hit by these arrows are made Volatile, and enemies hit while tethered have additional damage done to them. When a tethered target is defeated, Orbs of Power are generated. Not much to say about this Super, but it’s really strong in all the ways that matter in PvP.

Class Ability: Your Dodge ability for this build is best run by preference. The utility of Snarebomb in PvP can be quite high, but the value of an instant reload is just as high if not higher in some circumstances. 

Melee: Nothing has changed here, we are still running Snarebomb as it’s the only available option. Its ability to ping enemies that trigger its effect is nice, and Weaken is always a good status effect to have on a target. However, it requires the player to be pretty smart with their bomb placements and have generally good knowledge of enemy routes and spawns. Best utilized in the hands of experienced PvPers.

Suppressor Grenade - Best for PvP Void Hunter Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Grenade: This is a choice between Suppressor Grenades and Magnetic Grenades.

Suppressor Grenades can be great for shutting down enemy abilities, and if you’re coming from other first-person shooters, this grenade works the most like your typical frag grenade, being able to bounce off walls and other surfaces.

Magnetic Grenade functions a lot like the sticky bomb from most other FPS games, attaching to targets before detonating, only this one explodes twice.


Stylish Executioner aspect
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Stylish Executioner: This build is still using the Stylish Executioner Aspect because it’s just really good in a lot of situations and can be triggered fairly easily with the right weapons equipped. 

Vanishing Step: This Aspect is often used in solo runs of end-game PvE content, but its benefits are actually quite high in PvP as well. It allows the user to trigger Invisibility whenever they perform their Dodge. Having Invisibility on demand can be huge for sneaking up on targets or running away from fights when low on shields.


Echo of DomineeringEcho of HarvestEcho of ExpulsionEcho of Leeching
Gain increased Mobility after Suppressing a target. This effect also reloads your equipped weapon. Suppressed targets spawn Void breaches when defeatedDefeating Weakened targets creates an Orb of Power and Void BreachVoid ability kill cause targets to explodeMelee final blows start health regen for you and nearby allies
Increases Discipline stat by 10 Reduces Intellect stat by 10Increases Intellect stat by 10Increases Resilience stat by 10

Armor Mods

Sniper damage resistance chest armor mod
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Helmet Mods

Harmonic TargetingDynamoRadiant Light
Improves accuracy and overall handling of equipped Void weaponsReduces grenade ability cooldown when using your class ability Using your Super grants nearby allies a stack of armor charge. Allies with a subclass element different from your own are granted two stacks instead of one
Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 1

Gauntlet Mods

FirepowerHarmonic LoaderHarmonic Dexterity
Create orbs of power on grenade killsVoid weapons reload fasterSwap Void weapons faster
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 2

Chest Mods

Melee Damage ResistanceHarmonic ResistanceUnflinching Harmonic Aim
Reduces damage from combatants that are at close rangeReduces incoming Void DamageReduces flinch when holding a Void weapon
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 1Energy Cost: 2

Leg Mods

Elemental ChargeOrbs of RestorationAbsolution
Picking up elemental pick-ups sometimes grants a stack of armor chargeGrants energy to the ability with the least amount of charge when an Orb of Power is collected.Reduces all ability cooldowns when collecting an Orb of Power
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 3

Class Item Mods

DistributionPowerful AttractionReaper
Reduces all ability cooldowns when using your class ability near targets.Draws in nearby Orbs of Power when using your class abilityAfter using your class ability, your next weapon kill will spawn an Orb of Power
Energy Cost: 3Energy Cost: 2Energy Cost: 3

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