Destiny 2: Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Void Hunter Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Void Hunter Build Guide

Grant your team Void Overshields with this sneaky Gyrfalcon's Hauberk Build.

Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk is what I like to call a fireteam exotic, meaning it works best when used in activities with a fireteam. I was pleasantly surprised with this exotic’s performance when playing my Void Hunter, mostly due to how fun Invisibility is in this game. If you’re looking for an Assassin’s Cowl replacement for fireteam-centric activities I think this Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk build will more than satisfy.

Gyrfalcon Hauberk Build Overview

This build’s game plan centers around triggering invisibility to gain Volatile Rounds on our Void weapons and Finishing targets while Invisible to gain a deployable overshield. I like to save my class ability’s Invisibility for Barrier Champions, as that allows for more flexibility when picking your weapons for this build. 

You are going to need to adjust your playstyle a bit for this build and do things in a particular order. You’ll generally want to save enemies that are finishable until you have invisibility so you and your team can gain those deployable overshields. 

This works best when your fireteam all have mics because you can communicate and coordinate damage on specific targets to ensure you can pull your finishers off when you need to. Other than that, you’re basically playing this build like you would any Void Hunter build.

You’re going to want to run weapons that aren’t being modified by the seasonal Artifact’s Champion-focused mods. For example, Overcharged Auto Rifles will overwrite our exotic’s Volatile Rounds effect and also nullify the damage boost it grants.

I prefer running a Void special weapon with this build since many of those aren’t in the Seasonal Artifact. Void Shotguns, Snipers, or Glaives are all great options since they will break a Barrier Champion’s shield in one or two shots. Void Submachine guns are also a good choice. 


  • Shadowshot: Deadfall (Super): My Void Super of choice, Deadfall holds enemies in place and applies weaken to them making it great for clearing large rooms of enemies or maximizing damage on a boss.
  • Smoke Bomb (Melee): We run it because we have no other options. This does Weaken targets on detonation, but I find it to still be on the weaker side in terms of damage. Best used on a large group of enemies or on a mini-boss to trigger that Weaken effect.
  •  Gambler’s Dodge (Class Ability): Even if I feel our melee ability is a bit lacking, this dodge is still my go-to because on occasion you will get a kill with Smoke Bomb and that will trigger Invisibility.
  • Suppression Grenade: You can pretty much run anything you want here but I really like using the Suppression Grenade, because it can stun Overload Champions and Suppress large groups of enemies.


Our first Aspect for this build is Stylish Executioner. We are mostly using this Aspect as an additional means of obtaining Invisibility. The Weaken effect applied to targets we melee out of invisibility is also a nice bonus. 

Our second Aspect is Vanishing Step which gants us Invisibility when we use our class ability. I’m of the belief you can never have too many sources of Invisibility with this kind of build and the previously mentioned Aspects are all fairly straightforward to use. 

The way we will be using these two Aspects in combat is Weaken/kill a group of enemies with our void abilities, triggering Stlish Executioner, then when an enemy is finishable, use your class ability to go Invis and finish them for a deployable Void overshield.


  • Echo of Cessation: Allows our finishers to deal damage to nearby enemies, making them Volatile.
  • Echo of Obscurity: Gives us another source of Invisibility through finishers and synergizes well with our Exotic armor.
  • Echo of Persistence: Allows us to use Devour and stay Invisible longer.
  • Echo of Starvation: Our only source of Devour for this build.

Armor Mods

My only two recommended mods for this build are Utility Finisher and Reaper. Utility Finisher helps us get our class ability back faster when finishing targets. Honestly, you could use any finisher mod here, Utility is just my preferred choice. Reaper simply allows us to generate an Orb of Power from our class ability.

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