The Destiny 2 fanbase is a vibrant community full of excellent players and streamers, all of whom are fully invested in Bungie’s looter shooter. One of the best ways to engage with other Destiny 2 players is to look into creating or joining a clan. Clans are private communities that allow you to join up with your friends, earn exclusive rewards, and more easily take on end-game content. 

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Growing your own clan can be a tough and lengthy process that simply isn’t for everyone. Luckily, you can still join an existing clan and participate with an up and running community. To get you started on your search, here are some of the best Destiny 2 clans to join in 2022.

The 8 Best Destiny 2 Clans in 2022

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Image: Bungie via HGG

There are so many active Destiny 2 clans out there that it would honestly be impossible to narrow down the best out there. Instead, we’re focusing on clans that have an active roster with unique backgrounds and reasons for playing. This should give you an idea of what to look out for when finding a clan to join. To start your search check out the official Bungie Clan Recruitment Forum or the r/Destiny2Clans Reddit thread.


The Queen’s Dynasty

  • Platforms: Xbox/PC
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: Raid Sherpas
  • Members: 600+

If you’re looking for a community built around helping others navigate Raids, then this clan is for you. Originally launched by an individual named Hambis, their goal was to teach as many Guardians as possible how to complete their first Raid. This effort has ballooned into a 600-person community with nine managing members, and a slew of expert Sherpas that you can schedule a time to Raid with.

It really is all about community here, with the clan regularly hosting movie nights, playing special events, and running through other Destiny 2 content. There are currently four clans underneath the main group (two on PC and 2 on Xbox). To join, reach out to Hambis1901#4644 on Discord. There are currently no requirements aside from being an active player and being respectful to others.



  • Platforms: Xbox/PC/PSN
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play and New Light assistance
  • Members: 2,000+

Joining a mega-clan can be useful for many reasons. First, there’s almost always someone to play with. You also have a large group to talk strategy and work through community puzzles with. That’s exactly what WARD offers, with a whopping 2,000 members and twenty-four individual clans across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

They offer weekly Raid teachings, private matches, quest assistance, and even PvP runs. They’re also very welcome to adding New Lights and helping them get through the introductory missions. To join, check out their Discord link below, and they only ask that you act maturely and generally be a good person to everyone in the community. 

Destiny 2 Clans
Image: Bungie



  • Platforms: Xbox/PC/PSN
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play
  • Members: 700+

The Bulletheads clan has really embraced the concept of becoming a streaming and social community. They regularly stream content, are active on social media, and even run a fairly minimal website that features top members of the community. While they still run through general Destiny 2 play, they also actively encourage friendly competition within their community. They’ve set up races to complete new Raids and even host private tournaments in Crucible.

With ten sub-clans beneath it that operate across PC, PSN, and Xbox, there’s likely a spot for you to join. Check out their Discord through the link below to see about joining.


Ashes of Savathun

  • Platforms: PC
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: Multi-game play
  • Members: 5,000+

With an incredibly large community, Ashes of Savathun has evolved into a multi-game clan. They’re still primarily focused on Destiny 2, but you can also join to jump into games of Rocket League, Escape From Tarkov, Minecraft, and several other games. 

For Destiny players on PC, this is an excellent community to try as a guest before officially joining, with a large range of players at every level to squad up with. Like other clans, the rules to join are simple, just be an active player, be respectful and keep gameplay clean.


World Tree Gaming

  • Platforms: PSN
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play
  • Members: 400+

An incredibly organized clan focused on building community and helping players achieve specific goals. World Tree Gaming currently has four active clans, with one specifically being oriented around PvP. They have days set for Raids, Nightfall Strikes, Dungeons, PvP, and any other Destiny 2 activity. 

You can even request help for a specific weapon, event, or other content and a seasoned player will help guide you through it. They set a standard of being respectful to others and being inclusive to everyone. This may in fact be one of the most welcome places in the Destiny 2 community.

Destiny 2 Clans 2
Image: Bungie



  • Platforms: PC/PSN
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play + clan building
  • Members: 250+

Primarily a PlayStation clan, Fearthewise follows a loose play structure built around just having a good time. They aren’t focused on one thing in Destiny 2, but instead offer a place for anyone to bring their clan and grow it. You can even join and not join any of the associated clans and chat in their Discord or just squad up for a Strike or two. 

They do have a vetting process if you decide to join up officially, but other than that everything is just about having a good time.


Apexus Deft

  • Platforms: PC
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play + end-game
  • Members: 6,400+

If you want to join a clan community that actually includes progression, Apexus Deft is a great option. With over 6,400 members in their Discord and at least 600 incredibly active players, you’ll always find someone to chat or join up with. The only requirement to be a part of this clan is to stay active on Discord regularly and remain semi-active in Destiny 2.

Now, the really interesting thing about their clan setup is the groupings they’ve created. They have a casual subset that requires no experience or skill. You’ll have the chance to be led by veteran members through end-game content and catch up with other players. If you want a challenge, you can then try out for the hardcore divisions by going through a Trials run with top players. If you make it, you then join the elite section of this clan that goes after world’s first Raid clears and other hardcore end-game content.


Shrouded Gaming Community

  • Platforms: Xbox/PC/PSN
  • Discord: Yes
  • Purpose: General play + multigame
  • Members: 6,000+

The Shrouded Gaming Community is one of the biggest Destiny 2 clans around. But it’s not just one of the top Destiny 2 clans — the Shrouded Gaming Community is an entire network of streamers and players that are active in a multitude of games. They currently have twenty-five active sub-clans across different platforms, run regular contests, highlight top-tier members and even have opportunities to apply for clan roles.

Basically, if you’re looking to join a clan that covers a number of games and is large enough to get a ton of guidance, this is it. It’s well organized beyond Destiny and features some excellent bonuses that you won’t find in every clan.


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Joining a clan in Destiny 2 is a great way to engage and participate with the larger Destiny community. Be sure to let your Fireteam know if you’re starting or joining one of the best Destiny 2 clans by sharing this article on your favorite social platforms. For the latest on Destiny 2, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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