Festival of the Lost has returned in 2021 with a full event refresh. Gone is the Haunted Forest (we’re already running the Shattered Realm, after all), and now we have a new reason to venture into Lost Sectors for some spooky surprises. This seasonal event is all about dressing up, facing some ghastly combatants, and of course, finishing a few triumphs and claiming rewards.

Find out everything you need to get the most out of Destiny 2’s Halloween-themed event with our full Festival of the Lost 2021 guide.

What is Festival of the Lost?

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Image: Bungie Inc.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is a Halloween-themed event meant to celebrate the memory of all of the Guardians and allies we’ve lost over the years. Being a seasonal event, it’s only designed to run for a few weeks, starting on October 12th and fencing on November 2nd during the weekly restart time. 

While the core activity has changed drastically this year, the mechanics for earning rewards remain the same. It’s all about collecting candy by wearing Halloween masks. These masks take up your Helmet slot and can be changed out for different styles that can be purchased from Eva Levante. Your goal is to collect all of the seasonal masks, complete Triumphs, and fill out The Book of the Forgotten (more on that in a bit).

How to Start Festival of the Lost 2021

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Image: Bungie Inc.

You won’t have direct access to the seasonal activity for Festival of the Lost right off the bat. Instead, you’ll need to visit the Tower and speak to Eva Lavante to start the Gone But Not Forgotten quest. This will be your first step toward unlocking Haunted Lost Sectors.

How to Unlock Haunted Lost Sectors

Once you’ve acquired the Gone But Not Forgotten questline and your mask from Eva, you’ll have to just complete one step to gain access to the Haunted Lost Sectors. 

Step 2 requires you to complete any activity while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask to acquire three Spectral Pages and 100 pieces of Candy. There’s no trick here — you’ll earn the pages by completing the activity and gradually collect Candy by eliminating enemies. We recommend running a Strike to get this done quickly. Once you’ve acquired those pieces, you can access the Haunted Lost Sectors from the Tower map.

How Haunted Lost Sectors Work

Haunted Lost Sectors are pretty straightforward. You have a set time limit to complete Summoning Rituals, which is basically a capture point, to unleash a Headless One. Defeat as many as possible until the final boss appears. You’ll eventually have to summon and defeat more Headless Ones to create pumpkin bombs to knock out the boss’s shield. Do this three times and you’ve successfully completed a Haunted Lost Sector.

Running your first Haunted Lost Sector should have you naturally complete the remaining steps of the “Gone But Not Forgotten” quest. By the end, you’ll revisit Eva and unlock some Candy, an emblem, and a random roll of the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle.

Haunted Lost Sector Rewards

After you’ve completed the “Gone But Not Forgotten” quest, you’ll begin to earn an assortment of random rewards from Haunted Lost Sectors. You have the chance to roll more variations of the Jurassic Green (and be sure to keep any with Adrenaline Junky, since that has a potentially huge buff coming), the past season of the Lost weapons Horror’s Least, and the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifles. Both are excellent options worth grabbing to fill out your collection — especially the Braytech, which drops as a Masterwork weapon.

Aside from that, you’ll earn more Candy if you’re wearing a mask, and collect Manifested Pages for The Book of the Forgotten.

The Book of the Forgotten

The Book of the Forgotten is somewhat of a logbook accounting for what the deal is with those Headless Ones. That’s right, these fiery pumpkin-headed Hive beasts are actually rooted in Destiny 2 lore. You just need to grab all of the pages to find out their story.

This requires you to earn Spectral Pages, which are acquired by completing other in-game activities. Once you have a stack banked up, run a Haunted Lost Sector and kill as many Headless Ones as possible. This will convert your pages into Manifested Pages, which allow you to unlock pages in the book. A single page will cost 5 or 9 Manifested Pages to unlock, and there are twenty-seven in total.

Unlock half of them to earn another nameplate and unlock all of them for an exclusive Shader.

New Festival of the Lost 2021 Masks 

It wouldn’t be space Halloween without costumes, right? Festival of the Lost brings back the mask item as a stand-alone helmet. You’ll grab your first Masquerader’s Helm from Eva, which features the face of the Cryptarch. If you’ve played previous years, you can immediately access and switch out to a different mask. However, you have now have six additional masks to unlock for 2021 by earning Candy, including:

Festival of Lost promo art masks from Bungie
Image: Bungie Inc.
  • Eramis Mask — 2,600 Candy
  • Taniks Mask — 2,600 Candy
  • Honk Moon Mask — 3,900 Candy
  • Pyramid Mask — 5,200 Candy
  • Ada-1 Mask — 6,500 Candy
  • Sweeper Bot Mask — 7,800 Candy

Unlocking these masks not only ensures you’ll have them for next year, but you’ll also unlock the Headless Horsepower Exotic Sparrow for nabbing all six. Apparently running Public Events and Season of the Splicer activities is a great way to farm.

Dino Armor and Other Eververse Gear

Of course, there are more collectible goodies to grab, including the long-awaited Dinosaur Armor Ornaments. The Titan features a T-Rex design, the Hunter the tri-horns of a Triceratops, and the Hunter looks especially menacing as a Velociraptor. These armor sets will cost you 1,500 Silver or 6,000 Bright Dust to unlock, so start saving.

Festival of Lost promo art from Bungie 4
Image: Bungie Inc.

Additionally, you can purchase ornament sets from years past like the Chemflesh and Skeletal skins for the same cost. There are also new emotes (like the Strange Brew), Ships (like the Lepidoptera), Ghosts, rotating masks, and a creepy-crawly Sparrow. These are all available for purchase with Silver, but be on the lookout for when they rotate into the Bright Dust section.

Join the High Ground

We hope that you’re enjoying this spooky time of year and getting all of the Candy a Guardian could ever want. Be sure to let your Fireteam know how to get the most out of Festival of the Lost by sharing this article on your favorite social channels, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the next seasonal update.

Happy gaming!


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