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Destiny 2: Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table & Guide

Warlord's Ruin is one of the most fun dungeons in forever, and the weapons are just as good!

The new dungeon in Destiny 2, Warlord’s Ruin, is one of the coolest we’ve gotten in a while. From the aesthetic to the weapons, there’s a lot to like about this dungeon. If you’re looking for the best loot drops possible, it’s easy to make sure you get what you’re looking for. This article will help you figure out what encounters are worth farming, as well as what weapons (and armor) are worth your time!

Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

Every dungeon has loot which drops from specific encounters, so here’s the full chart for what you can get from each encounter of Warlord’s Ruin!

Rathil, First Broken Knight of Firkul (First Encounter)Locus of Wailing Grief (Second Encounter)Hefnd’s Vengeance (Third Encounter)
Indebted Kindness (Sidearm)Indebted Kindness (Sidearm)Any Weapon
Vengeful Whisper (Bow)Vengeful Whisper (Bow)Any Armor
Dragoncult Sick (Sword)Naeem’s Lance (Sniper Rifle)Buried Bloodline (Exotic)
Helm, Arms, Leg ArmorArms, Chest, Class Item

Warlord’s Ruin Weapons and God Rolls

The weapons from Warlord’s Ruin are an nice mix of interesting and useful. While some are more “explosive” (that new Sidearm archetype is incredibly fun), there’s a good balance here that keeps them all relevant. It’ll be fun to test these out in difficult content as the season progresses to see just how powerful they are, but there’s potential here for any of them to rise to the top.

Origin Trait: Sundering – Destroying vehicles or constructs grants bonus reload speed and charge rate.

(Note: For this section of this article, we’ll be using the perk pools from blueberries.gg as they seem the most reliable since light.gg doesn’t have the dungeon weapons uploaded as of the time time this is being written.)

Naeem’s Lance (Sniper Rifle)

Naeem's Lance - Strand Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Reconstruction + Precision Instrument

To be honest, Naeem’s Lance isn’t doing too much to excite me. Reconstruction is definitely a good Sniper Rifle perk, but the second slot doesn’t have much to offer. Precision Instrument is fine, but it’s not nearly as strong as the better damage perks. If you just need a Strand Sniper Rifle, you might be able to get some use out of this. But I don’t really think it’s worth going out of your way to farm.

Indebted Kindness (Sidearm)

Indebted Kindness - Arc Sidearm in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Impulse Amplifier or Beacon Rounds + Voltshot

God Roll (PVP): Impulse Amplifier + Adagio

This is, without a doubt, the most exciting new weapon from Warlord’s Ruin. Indebted Kindness is a special ammo Sidearm, which already makes it stand out since it’s the first Legendary one of those. Plus, it also has a brand new frame–Rocket-Assisted Frame. This new frame type allows Indebted Kindness to fire rockets instead of standard bullets, thus the need for special ammo. It’s a really cool new type of weapon with some seriously good god rolls for both PVE and PVP, so it’s definitely one to watch out for.

Vengeful Whisper (Bow)

Vengeful Whisper - Strand Bow in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE and PVP): Archer’s Tempo or Explosive Head + Precision Instrument

Who knows where Vengeful Whisper will end up compared to other similar Legendary Bows, but I can definitely see it being one of the better ones. There isn’t anything eye-catching about this Bow from first glance, but it’s really solid all around. Its god roll is the same for both PVE and PVP as well, so you won’t have to spend too long farming multiple rolls. It’s a perfectly reliable Bow with great god rolls–what more could a Bow user want?

Dragoncult Sickle (Sword)

Dragoncult Sickle - Strand Sword in Destiny 2
Brett Moss / Bungie

God Roll (PVE): Unrelenting or Tireless Blade + Whirlwind Blade

Caster frame Swords are always fun to use, so I’m never upset to see a new one. Dragoncult Sickle has the honor of being the first Strand Sword in this archetype, so it’ll be great for people who are looking for it. If it had a better perk pool it might make a splash in the meta, but as it is I think it’s most likely just going to be a niche pick for really specific builds.

New Exotic – Buried Bloodline

So, no, I have not been lucky enough to get Buried Bloodline yet. And as my luck usually goes with RNG-based drops, I probably won’t get it until well after The Final Shape comes out. But despite not having it yet, it doesn’t take much to see how much potential it has. Of its two relevant Exotic perks/traits, the one I find most interesting is Hungering Quarrel. It causes this Sidearm to fire tracking bolts that leech health from the target, which sounds incredible for survivability. This goes perfectly with the other perk, Violent Reanimation. It gives you Devour after rapid final blows, which is great even though it’s pretty easy to activate Devour already.

I’m not sure if Buried Bloodline will make a huge impact on either the PVE or PVP meta, but it does seem like the kind of weapon which will work in subclass-specific builds. For Void users, this might be the perfect item to pair with your Devour-focused Exotics or other builds. And health leeching could always be a serious problem in PVP, so don’t discount it there either.

Warlord Ruin’s Armor – Dark Age Set

The armor set for this dungeon is called the Dark Age set. It has a white and grey color scheme with a mountain climbing aesthetic. It’s wintery and looks incredibly well-insulated, so it’d be the perfect armor to wear while scaling a huge, snowy mountain. That being said, this armor set doesn’t look all that impressive on most classes. For Warlocks (pictured above), specifically, this is a pretty forgettable set.

Dark Age Cloak - Hunter cloak from Warlord's Ruin dungeon
Brett Moss / Bungie

Hunters (above), on the other hand, get a really cool class item (cloak). As usual, Hunters get the chance to show off something cool from their dungeon clears in the form of an awesome cloak. The climbing gear on the back looks great, and it makes for a very memorable and unique look for the Hunter’s set.

Dark Age Mark - Titan mark from Warlord's Ruin dungeon
Brett Moss / Bungie

Then there’s the Titan set. It’s definitely in the middle in terms of quality, but none of them are bad. The Titan mark is great for winter-themed builds of all kinds, so I’m sure there will be some use for it. All in all, this set is very mediocre and forgettable, but it’s not bad. It reminds me of the Crystocrene Set from Beyond Light, which I loved. And just like with that set, Hunters definitely got the coolest armor piece.

Secret Chests

There are two secret chests that you can actually open and get loot from in Warlord’s Ruin, but there’s a catch. Unlike the standard dungeon, Warlord’s Ruin takes a different route. If you’re familiar with the mimic chests from Dark Souls, you’ll be right at home in this dungeon.

To find the first secret chest, you’ll have to check the various chests scattered throughout the dungeon to figure out which is the “correct” one. Each time you run this dungeon, one of these sporadically placed chests will give you loot, while the others will spawn a ton of Screebs to blow you up. It’s a guessing game that will certainly be annoying on subsequent playthroughs, but at least it’s unique and kind of funny.

For the second secret chest, you’ll find it in a room between the second and third encounters. When you enter this room, you’ll immediately see a ton of chests. To find the one that doesn’t spawn Screebs (the correct one), just open the chest that does not have a blue glowing light coming up from it.

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