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Destiny 2: Best Void Weapons (2024)

Elemental weapons are a big part of Destiny 2. Regardless of the class and subclass you choose, elemental weapons play a huge role in your build’s effectiveness. If you’re a fan of Void and all it has to offer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together this list of the 15 best Void weapons in Destiny 2!

15 Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2, Ranked in No Particular Order

Before we jump into our list, we have a few important things to note. The three original elements of Destiny 2 — Void, Solar, and Arc — are exclusive to the Energy and Heavy weapon slots, so we won’t be talking about any Kinetic weapons on this list. We’ll also be including picks for both PVE and PVP, so you’ll have a wide variety to choose from no matter what kind of player you are.

With that in mind, let’s get to it!


Graviton Lance

The best-looking Void wepaon.

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2 | Graviton Lance
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Graviton Lance has always looked awesome, but its usefulness has varied a lot. Thankfully, it’s back in a place where it’s actually very viable in the meta! Graviton Lance’s major strength is having strong perks and a good balance of stats, but the Black Hole intrinsic is what really makes it shine.

Black Hole allows one of the shots in the burst to have no damage falloff with boosted damage. That’s absolutely crazy in PVP, while the Cosmology perk carries pretty hard in PVE. It causes Void projectiles to spawn and track nearby enemies, which greatly helps with taking out adds or even more powerful enemies.

What’s it good for? Anything!

How do I get it? Exotic engrams or Xur.


Le Monarque

The best bow for PVP.

Le Monarque
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Le Monarque is easily the top pick for bows in PVP right now, and it also holds up great in PVE. In PVP, you really get the best of both worlds with Le Monarque. Its precision damage is very high, and even more importantly, the poison damage allows you to see how your opponents react to getting hit. It also prevents them from healing, which is excellent in 3v3 modes like Competitive or Trials.

For PVE, Le Monarque can work well in most Void builds that don’t require an Exotic heavy. The poison is great for chipping away at powerful enemies or wiping out large groups quickly, and its generally high damage for a primary ammo weapon keeps it relevant in most situations.

What’s it good for? Competitive PVP and some PVE builds.

How do I get it? Exotics Archive at the Tower.



The best craftable Void machine gun.

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2 | Commemmoration
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Ever since the Deep Stone Crypt raid weapons became craftable, Commemoration has been near the top of the meta for PVE. It was already strong from the rare Reconstruction perk (which reloads the weapon for you very quickly), but now it’s even better.

You can easily get a roll like Reconstruction / Unrelenting or Killing Tally to take out any adds that come near you, and it’s not bad for DPS either (if you have nothing else to use). Commemoration is one of the best machine guns for PVE, even at the highest difficulties.

What’s it good for? Any PVE content.

How do I get it? Deep Stone Crypt raid.


The Other Half

It makes you go fast and looks like an Energy Sword. Does it need to do anything else?

The Other Half
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? It has Eager Edge. That’s really all there is to it. Eager Edge allows you to lunge drastically further when attacking, which allows for some pretty insane movement. Even without abusing bugs or glitches, Eager Edge’s base distance boost is incredibly useful for moving around PVE and PVP areas. But when used for shatter-skating or well-skating, you can sling yourself forward about as fast as the game can register you moving. It’s not an intentional use of the perk, but it’s quickly become the most popular way to skip sections or speedrun. And it’s not half bad for clearing adds or powerful enemies, either.

What’s it good for? Going fast.

How do I get it? Dares of Eternity.


Retrofit Escapade

A machine gun that can rip through anything in an instant.

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2 | Retrofit Escapade
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Retrofit Escapade is a crazy strong rapid-fire frame machine gun. It fires so fast it’s able to rip through virtually any non-boss enemy in seconds at most, and its perks make this even easier. Between Fourth Time’s the Charm and Target Lock, this weapon is also able to take out bosses just as fast as anything else. If you have a way to get Volatile Rounds, the damage this weapon does is genuinely insane. It isn’t as broken as it once was due to being glitched, but Volatile Rounds on this weapon is one of the most powerful combos right now.

What’s it good for? Anything in PVE.

How do I get it? Xur (it’s currently unavailable anywhere else).



The most consistent Void SMG.

Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Funnelweb is simply one of the most well-rounded Void weapons in Destiny 2. It doesn’t have any majorly unique or standout perks, but its stats are almost perfect and it has all the meta perks you could want. Frenzy, Adrenaline Junky, Subsistence, and Killing Wind can all roll on Funnelweb, so you can do just about anything you want with it. Veist Stinger is also one of the best origin traits in the game, since it grants a small chance to reload every time you shoot an enemy.

What’s it good for? Any PVE content.

How do I get it? World drop engrams or Banshee-44.



A unique SMG that fits into some niche builds.

Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Unforgiven stands out because of the excellent Bitterspite origin trait, along with some fairly unique perks. Bitterspite grants increased reload speed when you take damage, which is literally never going to be bad.

It also has the Repulsor Brace perk, which grants an overshield whenever you kill a Void-debuffed enemy. If you’re running a Void build with ways to suppress, that works perfectly with this perk. It’s a really fun weapon to make a build around, so it’ll always have a place in someone’s loadout.

What’s it good for? PVE.

How do I get it? Duality dungeon.


Leviathan’s Breath

The best heavy Void weapon.

Leviathan's Breath
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Leviathan’s Breath is the heavy bow of your dreams. It takes forever to shoot, but it does so much damage that it’s easily worth the wait. This is likely the heaviest-hitting weapon in the game, which makes it perfect for taking chunks out of high-HP enemies.

You’ll really only want to use Leviathan’s Breath against enemies who can take tons of damage, since the reload time is so slow. However, since it has the Archer’s Tempo perk thanks to the catalyst, you can build up pretty high DPS over time (as long as you hit your precision shots).

What’s it good for? Boss DPS in PVE.

How do I get it? Exotics Archive at the Tower.


Harsh Language

A fantastic Void wave-frame.

Harsh Language
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Wave-frame grenade launchers are the easiest to use, since the shots don’t bounce around like with the other ones. Harsh Language can roll with the Envious Assassin / Destabilizing Rounds roll, which does everything you want in a Void build. Envious allows you to overload the mag for extra shots, and Destabilizing Rounds causes Volatile explosions whenever you kill an enemy. It’s perfect for clearing adds and spreading Void-debuffs around the room in an instant. And is there really anything else that Void builds want to do?

What’s it good for? Add-clear in PVE.

How do I get it? World drop engrams or Banshee-44.


Gnawing Hunger

A classic Void weapon for PVE.

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2 | Gnawing Hunger
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Gnawing Hunger has been a popular weapon for a really long time. Even though it isn’t as good as it used to be thanks to power creep (and not having an origin trait), it’s still useful in lots of content. Gnawing Hunger has never been a flashy weapon, so it doesn’t miss out too much from not having access to many of the newer, flashier perks. It’s a popular weapon because of how balanced it feels, its really low recoil, and its perks. Consistency is key with weapons like this, and Gnawing Hunger is about as consistent as they come.

What’s it good for? PVE.

How do I get it? Xur or Banshee-44.



A well-rounded pulse rifle.

Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Gridskipper is one of the last weapons from Season of the Splicer that still commonly sees use, and for good reason. It’s a solid Void pulse rifle with fairly generic but strong perks, and it’s great for either PVE or PVP.

Between Frenzy and Heating Up or Killing Wind, you can make a great build for any content with Gridskipper. Nothing it does really stands out much, but like Gnawing Hunger, it’s got good stats, a good perk pool, and it looks awesome. It’s a great weapon to have, assuming you can get a decent roll.

What’s it good for? Anything.

How do I get it? Xur or Banshee-44.


Targeted Redaction

The coolest-looking hand cannon, with some awesome perks.

Targeted Reduction
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Targeted Redaction is a heavy-feeling hand cannon built for range. In PVP, the aggressive frame combined with perks like Explosive Payload make for an incredible experience. It also has several other perk options, including Outlaw, Destabilizing Rounds, and Collective Action. Any of those are great choices on a weapon like this, but you’ll definitely want something to help with the ranged fights. It also has an amazing Taken aesthetic that puts it near the top of the coolest weapons list.

What’s it good for? PVP.

How do I get it? Season of the Deep (S21) activities and H.E.L.M. focusing.



The former king of PVE.

Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? There was a time when Taipan-4FR was the absolute best meta weapon in the game. It isn’t quite that strong anymore, but it remains a very viable pick that’s also easy to get. Taipan is perfect for any situation where you need long-ranged DPS, or for newer players who don’t have the more rare meta weapons.

Since the game gives you a crafted Taipan-4FR as a tutorial to the crafting system, you’ll be able to use it as soon as you have access to those missions. Regardless, it remains a great DPS weapon for Void users who don’t need an Exotic heavy.

What’s it good for? Long-range DPS in PVE.

How do I get it? Complete the “Foundry Resonance” quest at the Enclave.


Two-Tailed Fox

The most ridiculous (but still cool) Void weapon.

Two-Tailed Fox
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Up until recently, Two-Tailed Fox was a bit of a joke. It was never horrible, but it also never really made it above the low-tier activities. Now that it has a catalyst, though, it’s back where it should be — not the best, but definitely viable.

The catalyst, rightfully called Third Tail, adds an Arc rocket to the Solar and Void ones from before. Where the Solar rocket burns over time and the Void one suppresses, the new Arc one blinds. It’s a welcome addition to one of the most fun weapons in the game, but we’re still holding out hope for a Strand and Stasis tail (which won’t and shouldn’t happen, but we’d love it anyway).

What’s it good for? Mid-level PVE activities.

How do I get it? Exotic engrams or Xur.


Corrective Measure

A great machine gun for general use in PVE.

Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2 | Corrective Measure
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Why is it one of the best? Corrective Measure is another adaptive frame machine gun with a good set of perks like Firefly and Demolitionist. This machine gun isn’t quite as consistent as Commemoration (which is also craftable), but since it has different perks it remains relevant.

Corrective Measure is best used for clearing out powerful enemies in PVE, especially when used with a perk roll like Subsistence and Adrenaline Junky or High-Impact Reserves.

What’s it good for? Defeating powerful or high-HP enemies in PVE.

How do I get it? Vault of Glass raid.

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That’s it for our list of the best Void weapons in Destiny 2 — thanks for reading! Let us know your favorite Void weapon in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Happy gaming!

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