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Destiny 2: All New Exotic Armor from The Final Shape

My take on which new exotics push the limits.

The Final Shape has been a huge success, and that extends to its selection of new Exotics. Each class got two new Exotics this year, and luckily, none of them are terrible (and most are great!). In this article I’ll take a look at all six new Exotic armor pieces across all three classes, and then I’ll discuss the newly-added line of Exotic class items. Let’s get started with a look at the new Titan Exotics this year!

Note: These are technically ranked as worst to best, meaning that the first Exotic under each class is the one I would personally recommend picking between the two. But this is also subjective, and since there are only two options, it’s very possible you might have a specific reason to want one that I either didn’t like or just didn’t prefer.


Wishful Ignorance

Wishful Ignorance- Titan Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

Banner of War has been one of the best subclasses / super abilities in Destiny 2 for quite a while now, and with Wishful Ignorance I doubt that’s changing any time soon. The big thing here is that it adds an extra Frenzied Blade (Titan Strand melee) charge and also improves them. With every strike, the damage done increases thanks to Wishful Ignorance. It also improves your Banner of War, making it return melee energy for each ally healed.

Anyone running Banner of War should have this Exotic in their inventory. It almost feels guaranteed to get nerfed, but I suppose I’ve thought that many other times when it didn’t happen though. I’ve always found Banner of War builds really fun since you can be a bit careless with HP and also heal your allies, so I’m happy to see more improvements to it. Even though I’m not really sure they were needed.

Hazardous Propulsion

Hazardous Propulsion - Titan Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

This is probably the most exciting new Exotic this season in terms of both having fun and doing tons of damage. With Hazardous Propulsion, you’ll be able to load a “Kinetic Exodus rocket” after getting a few precision hits or final blows. These rockets launch whenever you activate your class ability, and dealing damage with them gives you a damage boost to “other rockets.” This includes the rockets from this ability, Rocket Launcher shots, and even shots from Rocket-Assisted Sidearms. Since those are so good right now, that makes an already-strong Exotic even better.

I’d recommend Hazardous Propulsion for any rocket-heavy Titan build. If you’re looking to have fun and do as much damage as possible, I can’t think of many better Exotics for you. A build with something like The Call (Rocket Sidearm) + Apex Predator (Legendary Rocket Launcher) would be a great example of a build designed to optimize for this Exotic, but feel free to try other combos too (as long as there are rockets involved).


Gifted Conviction

Gifted Conviction - Hunter Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

I see a lot of potential in Gifted Conviction to be a mainstay for Hunters. It’s rare for Hunters to get something designed so clearly for defense, but there’s at least one. Gifted Conviction’s main appeal is that it grants you stacks of damage resistance whenever you Jolt a target, which is really easy to do for Arc or Prismatic Hunters. You can use anything from Spark of Shock (the fragment that makes Arc grenades Jolt) to Voltshot weapons to accomplish this, so it’s not hard to find ways to do it. I think using a Voltshot primary weapon like the IKELOS SMG is a great way to chain together enough damage resist with this Exotic to turn yourself into a full tank.

Whether it’s good or not largely depends on if the enemies in a chosen activity are still able to easily kill you through it, but it’s definitely got tons of potential.

Balance of Power

Balance of Power - Hunter Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

Honestly, I’m not really sure what the point of these are. Balance of Power empowers your Threaded Specters (the Strand clone things) and allow you to disappear from the radar when near one. Threaded Specters were already not that exciting as-is, and this Exotic doesn’t really make them much more interesting. The extra Threadlings are nice and there might be some uses for going off-radar, but at the end of the day, I can’t imagine an actually good build using these.

If you want to try out Balance of Power, I’d recommend just using them on Strand builds where you can make use of Threaded Specters. While I personally don’t see much point in doing this, I could see it being fun. And if having fun is what you prioritize, then you can probably have a lot of it with Balance of Power. Just maybe not in endgame PVE or competitive PVP.


Speaker’s Sight

Speaker's Sight - Warlock Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

I’ll be honest. Ever since I got Speaker’s Insight, I haven’t taken it off my Warlock once. It effectively turns all of your Healing Grenades into turrets that shoot out occasional Restoration buffs to you and teammates, which is exactly what Warlocks needed with the Well nerf. It’s a must-have Exotic for surviving any content where you can easily get overwhelmed (Master Raids, GM Strikes, etc.) or for general use. Really, Speaker’s Sight is just always good. There’s never really a time when staying alive easier is bad, so I can’t imagine not wanting it in my inventory at all times.

You don’t really have to do anything to make Speaker’s Sight work (other than equip Healing Grenade), but it does work particularly well in Prismatic builds. Since Solar-exclusive Warlock builds aren’t really super necessary anymore, Prismatic allows Warlocks to benefit from Speaker’s Sight and also better melee abilities and multiple supers. It’s a can’t-go-wrong situation, so it’s easily amongst the best new Exotics in Destiny 2 this year.


Mataiodoxía - Warlock Exotic Armor
Bungie / Brett Moss

Competing with Speaker’s Sight is not easy, but I actually like Mataiodoxía quite a lot. It takes one of the most underwhelming abilities in the game (Arcane Needle – Warlock’s Strand Melee) and gives it quite a lot of versatility. First off, it allows Arcane Needles to suspend enemies. This makes it much better for both ad-clear and taking out powerful enemies, so it’s great all around. Second, it allows Arcane Needles to pierce Barrier Champions’ shields. As someone who loves Nightfall strikes more than anything else in Destiny 2, I’m always happy to see more ways to break Barrier shields. And since Warlocks can store up to three Arcane Needles at once, it’ll be really easy to make sure to save one for whenever you need it.

Mataiodoxía is really good for Strand Warlocks looking for more synergy with the suspend mechanic. I think it will shine most in Grandmaster Strikes, but raids should also be a great place for it. Suspend is still a fantastic mechanic, and since Osteo Striga got nerfed so hard, Warlocks will need something new for that now anyway.

Exotic Class Items

This season (or episode) brings with it a concept that has been discussed for a long time: Exotic class items. If you want to get an Exotic class item, you’ll have to complete the new Dual Destiny activity. This activity is quite difficult, but once you complete it, you’ll get the new Exotic class item for whichever class you complete it on.

The ways rolls work on these is unique, though. Instead of multiple slots or stats like usual, you’ll have two different random perks. Both are the main perk from an Exotic armor piece, so they carry a ton of power. Here’s a rundown of the best perks for each in both PVE and PVP!

Stoicism (Titan Exotic Class Item)

PVE Best Rolls:

  • Column 1: Assassin, Inmost Light, Abeyant
  • Column 2: Star-Eater, Synthoceps, Verity, Armamentarium, Scars

Best PVP Rolls:

  • Column 1: Inmost Light, Ophidian
  • Column 2: Armamentarium

Relativism (Hunter Exotic Class Item)

Best PVE Rolls:

  • Column 1: Assassin, Inmost Light, Renewal, Caliban, Foetracer, Galanor
  • Column 2: Star-Eater, Verity, Coyote, Wormhusk, Liar, Gyrfalcon, Cyrtarachne

Best PVP Rolls:

  • Column 1: Inmost Light, Ophidian, Caliban, Foetracer, Dragon
  • Column 2: Coyote, Wormhusk

Solipsism (Warlock Exotic Class Item)

Best PVE Rolls:

  • Column 1: Assassin, Inmost Light, Stag, Necrotic, Osmiomancy, Filaments
  • Column 2: Star-Eater, Verity, Claw, Starfire, Harmony

Best PVP Rolls:

  • Column 1: Inmost Light, Ophidian, Stag
  • Column 2: Claw, Synthoceps

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