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Destiny 2: Top 11 Tips to Go Flawless in Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris represents the premiere competitive activity for PvP in Destiny 2. For years, it was only available to those that had a full squad, but that’s changed with the 2021 overhaul. Now, virtually everyone has access to this incredibly exciting iteration of PvP, but only the cream of the crop are able to go Flawless to access the best rewards.

What exactly does it mean to go Flawless in Trials and how do you improve your chances of doing so? Check out our full rundown of the activity and top Trials of Osiris tips to improve your chances of going Flawless and visiting the Lighthouse.

How to Go Flawless in Trials of Osiris?

Going Flawless in Trials of Osiris means that you fill out a full Trials Passage without losing a game. Basically, you have to win seven times in a row to claim the title of Flawless. In previous iterations of the activity, this was split into different Flawless Tiers with three, five, and seven wins all providing rewards. Now, the loot pool has opened and the only real benefit is to go all the way and get seven wins.

What Do You Get if You Go Flawless in Trials of Osiris?

If you go Flawless, you have the chance to visit the Lighthouse. This is the realm of the Nine — the race your favorite Exotic vendor, Xur, belongs to. This was previously your only way to unlock Trials gear, but now it’s the only PvP-oriented way for you to earn Adept weapons and Mods. 

These are weapon variants that feature exclusive Perks and stats that far exceed average weapon pools. If you happen to make it and unlock an Adept weapon, you can even earn and refine a Trials Engram to unlock two different rolls of your Adept weapon. You can read more about Adept Weapons and Mods with our full guide to see exactly what you can get.

Tips to Go Flawless in Trials of Osiris

Going Flawless is no easy task, and you’ll want to stack every benefit you can to put the odds in your favor. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you start playing more Trials of Osiris.

11. Adjust Your Settings

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to dive in and adjust your settings. This is something you should do anyway for peak performance in PvE and PvP content, but it can especially provide an edge in Trials. In general, there’s really nothing specific you can do beyond the current settings best practices to help optimize your game. However, it may be worth fine-tuning the following settings:

  • Look Sensitivity: You want to be as precise as possible in Trials, meaning that maxing out your settings isn’t necessarily the best call. Instead, focus on testing your ability to shift between hip fire and ADS and gradually make adjustments (starting somewhere in the 5–6 range) until you find what works for you.
  • FOV: Try to expand your ability to view your peripherals by keeping your field of view a bit higher. In general, you’ll want to keep it at 90 or above for best results.
  • Separate Melee and Charged Melee: Now that you can separate the keybindings for your Melee and Charged Melee, be sure to set them up. Having full control over when you want to use your ability can make all the difference in a tight situation.
  • 120Hz Mode (Console): If you’re a console player and your TV or monitor is capable of using the 120Hz mode, be sure to switch it on to uncap your frame rate for PvP.

10. Create a PvP Focused Build

Having the right build is everything in Destiny 2. There are specific abilities, armor sets, and Mods that are best for high-level PvE and PvP play. Throw in the need to collaborate and synergize with your team, and the need to find a fine-tuned PvP build is all the more important. The fact is, if you don’t have a refined build in place, you’re already well behind your opponent. 

For the most part, this means creating a build that includes additional defensive methods like Overshield and Healing Rift activation, or offensive benefits like the Arc Soul. Much of what you choose depends on your playstyle, but it may be helpful to check out some of the best PvP and Crucible builds for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters.

9. Pick a Passage You Think You Can Leverage

Screenshot of the Passage of Ferocity trials passage
Image: Bungie via HGG

Passages are the tickets that give you access to Trials of Osiris and actively track your score. As you play, it will log the number of Rounds you’ve won along with the seven wins necessary to go Flawless. There are four different options you can choose from:

  • Passage of Mercy: Forgives one loss per run.
  • Passage of Ferocity: Your third match win grants a bonus win.
  • Passage of Wealth: Increased Trials Rank points from reaching three, five, and seven match wins on a ticket. (Requires five wins)
  • Passage of Confidence: Grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest. (Requires Flawless run)

Really, you have Passage of Mercy and Ferocity to choose from at the start, while the other two require wins to acquire. We recommend Mercy initially, due to the fact that being able to take a single loss can come in handy if you’ve already racked up five or six wins. Ferocity, on the other hand, is still an excellent choice if you’re confident in your ability to win your first three Matches and willing to reset if you don’t.

8. Run a Full Team

While Trials has opened up to allow for singles and duos to play, you still can’t beat the coordination of a full team. There’s really nothing worse than having a matchmade partner continue to run in and get fried over and over, leaving you a man down. Having a full squad allows you to cohesively strategize, make callouts, and adjust based on everyone’s observations.

Picture of a Destiny 2 team of guardians
Image: Bungie via HGG

If you don’t have a Clan to work with, you can always check out the Bungie.net Forums and post a callout for Trials partners. Additionally, you can run Trials by yourself and look for anyone that you end up meshing with. Message them after the fact about squadding up to make sure you keep that hot streak rolling. Remember, matchmaking breaks you up every time, so you’ll need to reach out right after you play.

7. Practice on the Current Map

The true benefit of running Trials is that it sticks with a single map every week. That means you can truly get to know the ins and outs of a map before it switches for the next week. While playing live will naturally force you to practice, one of the best things you can do is run a practice round with your friends on the same map.

This allows you to slow down the game and focus on movement, lines of sight, and executing specific maneuvers. It’s also a great way to test out new weapon combinations to ensure that Perks and Mods pop properly and that the weapon itself feels like a natural choice.

6. Use Weapons You’re Comfortable With

Speaking of weapons, it can be all too easy to lean into using weapons that are part of the current PvP meta. However, if you’re not typically good with a given weapon, nothing will magically change just because it’s the current hot loadout to use. Instead, you should focus on running weapon combinations that you’re most comfortable with while keeping in mind that you may need to change.

For example, I’m a fan of running a Sidearm alongside a Bow or Scout Rifle. If the enemy is running similar mid-to-long range types, I’ll likely stick with this to help match their accuracy and range. However, if they’re running Shotguns and Fusion Rifles, I may switch out one weapon for a Shotgun, Hand Cannon, or even a Pulse Rifle to help account for all of the short-range movement. It’s really up to you to find that balance of which weapons you like, learn if they have any meta benefit, and take a close look at your enemy’s weapons.

5. Watch for Heavy Ammo 

The Heavy ammo brick will always spawn during Round 4. Everyone can see where it is, and if you know the map, then you know exactly where it will pop up. More than likely, you can expect the enemy team to go after it, and you’ll want to play accordingly.

Yes, you want the Heavy ammo because it almost always leads to an easy kill. However, don’t just go rushing in and hope you get there first. Send a single player in to acquire the Brick while staggering the remaining two in areas with clean lines of sight. This will ensure the one going for the ammo is covered and that you’re ready to deter your opponents. You can also allow the other team to get there first and even get the Heavy ammo—only to ambush them and recover it yourself.

Focus on the Heavy ammo, but play it smart. Either scenario can help you net some kills.

4. Focus on Your Supers

The top of the screen displays the different types of Supers for both teams as well as who is ready to unleash theirs. Be sure you can identify which Super is which so that you and your team can act accordingly. Generally, you can break Super down into AOE, roaming, or Shut Down types.

For example, if the enemy team has a Hunter running Revenant, you’ll want to spread out to ensure you’re not all immediately frozen. However, if you have a Warlock on your team with a Nova Bomb and notice a Titan about to pop Fist of Havoc, you may want to be front and center to shut them down. Learn to read and time Super execution, and try not to unload all of yours in a single round.

3. Identify and Adjust to Enemy Playstyles

Adjust your playstyle - picture of the Striker Titan Subclass
Image: Bungie via HGG

You get a glimpse of some of the weapons and gear the other team is running at the start of every match. This can give you an idea of what type of playstyle they’ll likely be running. Sniper Rifle or Pulse Rifle combined with The Stag? You’ll want to avoid long sight lines and weave in and out of cover to avoid this ranged regeneration combo. Shotgun or Vex Mythoclast combined with Path of Burning Steps? Be prepared for a slide-happy, hip-firing Titan that wants to get in close.

Try your best to read the enemy’s playstyle and learn to anticipate what routes they’ll take. If your own plan isn’t working, be willing to experiment mid-round to adjust and throw them off balance. After all, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting different results.

2. Pick a Leader and Stay Close

Before you start making adjustments, be sure you pick a leader. Choose someone that you’re confident will make strategic decisions, understand the map, and clean up kills if needed. Then, be sure to stay close for the first few rounds. 

Picture of Destiny 2 team
Image: Bungie via HGG

Running as a pack ensures that you’ll land kills when encountering single players early on. If someone lands a few hits and needs to fall back, a teammate can step in to finish them off. Sure, as the game progresses, you’ll need to adjust and split up from time to time to avoid being wiped. But running as a cohesive unit with a point man is your best way to get an early lead.

1. Keep Moving

Every mode in Destiny 2 is about speed and movement. You should be shifting and firing to find the best position while avoiding getting caught in heavy fire. That’s especially true in PvP and Trials, where a failure to move can lead to instant death.

It helps you avoid becoming a sitting duck while encouraging you to play more aggressively. Your opponents will have a much harder time reading your movements, and you increase your chances of stumbling upon them first. Leverage this constant movement with your radar to effectively track down and pin opponents that are far less nimble. 

Now, the only time you shouldn’t be moving as much is when you’ve eliminated an opponent. You want to be sure that the enemy team doesn’t get an easy revive, so stay close, shift around the Ghost, and stagger your team to cover any openings. You’re still moving in this instance, just in a much more confined area to avoid losing your advantage.

Bonus Tip: Load Up Your Trials Passage

Picture of the Passage of Mercy
Image: Bungie via HGG

For those not trying to go Flawless that only want to increase their chances of getting better Trials loot drops, don’t reset your Trials Passage. Yes, if you lose, you can’t go Flawless. But a full Passage with twenty round wins and seven match wins will increase your reputation gains and drop rates. This rule also applies for those that do go Flawless, with each subsequent win without a loss potentially leading to an additional Adept weapon drop.

Join the High Ground

Hopefully, you’re enjoying this revamped Trials of Osiris experience and have already gone Flawless at least once. If not, be sure to share this article with your Fireteam on your favorite social channels and start putting these tips to practice. For more tips and Destiny 2 guides, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know.

Happy gaming!

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