Destiny 2: Mask of the Quiet One Solar Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Mask of the Quiet One Solar Titan Build Guide

Become and unkillable fire god with this Mask of the Quiet One Solar Titan build.

Survivability is something I feel is an absolute necessity for clearing endgame PvE content. It was for that reason that the Mask of the Quiet One Exotic piqued my interest. This Exotic is not a bit playstyle changing Exotic like the Greaves or Sunbracers. Instead, this Exotic functions as more of a quality of life, providing a boost to the general gameplay loop of our Bonk Titan.

Build Overview

The build utilizes the standard Bonk Titan kit with a heavy focus on high-damage burst weapons. The build’s main goal is to use the Mask of the Quiet One’s healing ability to keep the user alive while also providing the user with constant ability energy whenever you take damage while at low health. The build works well in Nightfalls, Solo Lost Sectors, and even Gambit.

Gameplay Loop

  • Open the fight with a Fusion Grenade kill
  • Then build up Roaring Flames stacks using your Hammer Throw
  • Hammer throw and melee kills will spawn Sunspots that will grant you Restoration and speed up your ability regeneration rate.
  • Extend the duration of your buffs through your solar ability and weapon kills
  • Repeat from step 1.

This build’s recommended Exotic weapons are Sunshot and Dragon’s Breath. Under normal circumstances I would recommend Sunshot over Dragon’s Breath because it has infinite ammo, triggers many of Season 23’s artifact buffs, and it stuns Unstoppable Champions. Unfortunately, for Sunshot this build can do all of those things and then some thanks to the high consistent damage that Bonk Titan can put out through abilities alone. 

So, if you have access to it, and specifically its Catalyst, I recommend using Dragons Breath for very high Boss damage and room-clearing potential. A Dragon’s Breath with its Catalyst equipped will also spawn Firesprites which we will be using as an additional source of Restoration and armor charge stacks.


  • Hammer of Sol (Super): A roaming super that deals great damage, activates our Aspects, and has fantastic range. A great choice for dealing with pretty much any boss encounter in the game.
  • Hammer Throw (Melee): It’s ranged and infinitely reusable as long as you pick the hammer back up, but you’ll need to be good with your aim because losing your hammer at the wrong time can definitely get you killed. 
  • Tower Barricade  (Class Ability): Creates a piece of cover that blocks incoming damage. I personally don’t use it too often in this build but it can come in handy.
  • Fusion Grenade: Sticks to targets and surfaces, also has light tracking. Not ideal for dealing with groups but it deals great single-target damage.


Our first Aspect is Roaring Flames and its ability is actually pretty simple. Each time we kill an enemy with a Solar ability or Ignition, our Solar abilities will deal more damage. Sol Invictus is our second Aspect and it generates Sunspots whenever we kill an enemy with one of our solar abilities. These Sunspots grant us multiple buffs while standing in them and enemies caught inside the Sunspot will take Scorch damage.


  • Ember of Ashes: Applies additional Socrch stacks to targets. Great for triggering Ignitions through multiple melee attacks.
  • Ember of Tempering: Allows our weapons to spawn Firesprites on kills. It also increases our base recovery stat and airborne effectiveness.
  • Ember of Mercy: Grants us an additional source of restoration when we pick up a Firesprite.
  • Ember of Empyrean: Extends our Radiant and Restoration buffs by a couple of seconds each time we get a kill with a Solar weapon or ability.

Armor Mods

  • Hands-On: Grants Super energy for every melee kill you get.
  • Harmonic Siphon: Generates a consistent amount of Orbs from our Solar weapons. 
  • Impact Induction: Because our Solar melee is refundable, this mod provides us with a constant source of Grenade energy.
  • Firepower/Heavy Handed: Generates Orbs from our Grenade/Melee kills, which we will be doing a lot.
  • Harmonic Reserves: So Dragon’s Breath has more ammo.
  • Orbs of Restoration: Will mostly trigger on our grenade ability, but on the off chance you lose your hammer, this can also come in handy.
  • Elemental Charge: Firesprites now grant us armor charge stacks.
  • Bulwark Finisher: A great option for getting yourself out of really sticky situations. Great considering how often this build likes to be up in enemies’ faces.

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