Each class in Destiny 2 has its own role to fill and specific stats to prioritize. Choosing which stats to min/max can be a complicated process for both new and experienced players alike, especially if you’re trying out a new class. In this guide, we’re taking a look at each of the best stats for Hunter.

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How Do Stats Work in Destiny 2?

Stats in Destiny 2 aren’t as simple as they could be. There are a total of six stats in the game:

  • Mobility
  • Resilience
  • Recovery
  • Intellect
  • Discipline
  • Strength

Each starts at 0 and maxes out at 100, and there are several ways you can optimize these. It’s also worth noting that stat bonuses only occur in 10s (79 Recovery is exactly the same as 70 Recovery). The standard strategy, especially for newer players, is to get at least two stats to the max level (Level 100). This is done by finding armor with good stat rolls for what you want, then masterworking it. 

It’s also possible to get three or even four (four is very uncommon and difficult) stats to 100, which requires more precise planning.

If you’re optimizing for triple maxed stats, you’ll have to use resources like the H.E.L.M. focusing, or farm master raids/dungeons for high-stat armor drops. If you want four maxed stats, you’ll have to optimize perfectly and also get really lucky, so it’s not really worth trying unless you have nothing left to do in the game.

What is the best stat for Hunter?

Without a doubt, Mobility is the best stat for Hunter.

Since the Hunter’s class ability (their dodge) scales with Mobility, it’s easily one of the stats you want to prioritize for pretty much every Hunter build. It’s incredibly rare to see a Hunter without maxed Mobility, and there’s a good reason.

According to blueberries.gg (an excellent resource for Destiny 2 players), Mobility is responsible for the following traits: movement speed, jump height, and class ability cooldown (for Hunters).

This combination makes Hunters the most optimal class for quick, agile builds. If you’re hoping to move around the map at light speed, Hunter is the class for you. This is even more true now with Arc 3.0 and its speed buffs, which combine nicely with Hunters’ already-great mobility.

What other stats should Hunters prioritize?

Outside of Mobility, Hunters have a few options. They can always go with either Resilience or Recovery for better sustain, but they won’t want to try for both typically. Recovery and Resilience are great options for the second stat to max on Hunter.

For certain builds, Discipline or Intellect can also come into play. Discipline is for grenade builds and Intellect is for super-oriented builds, so choose accordingly. Discipline is the more standard option right now, but Intellect can be good if you play it right.

For double maxed stats, here are some options for Hunter:

  • Mobility and Recovery/Resilience
  • Mobility and Discipline/Intellect (risky since no sustain)

For triple maxed stats, here are some options for Hunter:

  • Mobility, Recovery/Resilience, Discipline
  • Mobility, Recovery/Resilience, Intellect (only good on super-oriented builds)

Keep in mind that some stats’ usefulness depends on the situation and could change over time as well.

How to Farm High-Stat Armor

Getting the stats you want on your armor can be easier said than done. Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to make the process easier. Instead of randomly farming activities and hoping to get lucky, here are some methods to make your armor/stat grind easier this season.

Ghost Armorer Mod

Ghost armorer mods were introduced pretty recently and have quickly become one of the best additions to the game in a long time. This mod (there is one for each stat, so make sure you have the right one equipped) guarantees that armor you pick up will have at least some bonus in the chosen stat, so take advantage of it!

H.E.L.M. Focusing

During pretty much every season for the last year or so, we’ve been able to focus high-stat armor drops at the H.E.L.M. It’s usually tied to the seasonal vendor, so check their menus for any potential high-stat armor chances.

Dungeon Farming

Since Dungeons can be farmed, they’re a great source of high-end loot. You can currently farm the newest dungeon and whichever is the Pinnacle for the week (this rotates weekly, so you’ll have to check). Farming boss encounters usually works best for this, but you can technically farm any part that has the chance to drop armor.

Master Dungeons

Farming master dungeons is probably the best source of high-stat armor because it can also give special Artifice armor (pictured above), which grants an extra artifact mod slot. If you can beat master-tier content, then I highly recommend doing so for the armor. Farming the final boss of the Duality dungeon on master difficulty has given me the most success so far.

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