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Best Looking Titan Armor Sets in Destiny 2 (2024)

While having good stats on your armor is definitely important in Destiny 2, we all know what’s really the priority. If you’re gonna play Destiny 2, you’re gonna have to look cool. Luckily, you can make any piece of armor appear as if it were another, allowing you to have the coolest looking Guardian without sacrificing stats. This is called armor synthesis (or transmog). We’ll do a brief rundown of the transmog process in today’s article, then get into some fashion recommendations with the 10 best looking Titan armor sets in Destiny 2!

How Does Armor Synthesis and Transmog Work?

Armor synthesis, or transmog, is the process you have to go through to unlock a specific armor piece as an ornament. This is how you’re able to change the appearance of your high-stat armor so it looks cool while also actually being good. You’ll need a different material for each class to pay for the cost of unlocking an armor piece as an ornament, though. It requires 1 Synthweave Plate to do so on Titan, and 1 Synthweave Strap/Bolt for Hunter and Warlock. There’s also another currency called Synthweave Template, which you can use on any class. Here is a quick rundown of the process you’ll have to go through to get one of the Synthweave currencies:

  • Get a bounty from Ada-1. Make sure and pick one you actually want to do, though, because you’re limited to 10 bounties completed each season. Since there are so few available, you might as well just pick up the ones for activities you were going to do anyway each week. For example, if you don’t like Gambit, just don’t take the Gambit bounty at all.
  • Complete the bounty from Ada-1. These bounties will usually take a bit of time to complete, but they’re not usually too hard. One of the Vanguard bounties, for example, is to defeat 40 Champions in Nightfall strikes. Not the hardest objective to complete, but certainly one that will take at least an hour or so.
  • Return to Ada-1 and interact with the Loom behind her. The Loom will give you the Synthweave material for your class.

Once you have the Synthweave currency you need, you just have to navigate down to the Appearance Customization option in your menu.

Here, you’ll be able to transmog any piece of armor you’ve already discovered into an ornament. You can use these ornaments on any legendary armor piece in the same slot. You cannot transmog Exotic armor pieces, nor can you change their appearance with legendary ornaments. For your Exotic, you’re gonna be stuck with the base model or one of the Exotic ornaments made by Bungie. You can put shaders on Exotics, though, so at least we have that to work with.

Destiny 2 Fashion: Top 10 Titan Armor Sets, Ranked Sharp to Sharpest

For this top 10, we’re gonna just focus on full armor sets. If you want the absolute best looking Titan armor in Destiny 2, you’ll probably end up using a combination of armor sets and Eververse ornaments. But since Eververse items usually cost Silver, we’re not going to include them in the top 10. This list also only includes armor sets that are still obtainable in-game. The “best” fashion for you will ultimately be a matter of personal opinion. We highly recommend experimenting with our top picks to see what your favorites are.


Crystocrene Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Crystocene Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Europa Quests.

To get the Crystocrene Suit, you’ll have to complete several quests on Europa. This set is tied to the Beyond Light campaign, and you will have to own that expansion to unlock it. Once you get it, though, you’ll definitely be glad you went through all the effort. Since it’s tied to Europa, it’s designed to look like heavy winter gear. It’ll make your Guardian look like one of the characters from The Thing, and that’s always gonna be cool. Especially the Titan version of the set with all the extra (visual) equipment on the chest and arm pieces that make you look ready for war in the arctic.


Dreambane Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Dreambane Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Shadowkeep Campaign.

Getting the Dreambane Suit might be a bit annoying for those who haven’t already completed the Shadowkeep campaign, but ultimately it’s worth it. The amount of minor details on this set is incredible. Especially for a set that most people probably didn’t think twice about after they finish the campaign. It looks great aesthetically, and the minute details really push it over the top. It always makes you stand out, as it’s one of the most well-made armor sets in the game.


Terra Concord Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Terra Concord Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: World Drop. It can drop from any legendary engram, and you can also find it in some vendors’ daily shops.

The Terra Concord set is one of the most “Titan-like” sets on this list. One look at this bulky thing tells you instantly what class it belongs to. If you want your Titan to stand out and be the most obvious, vibrantly colored Guardian on the map, this is the set for you. Making a bulky set that looks good is likely very difficult, but the simplicity of this set makes it work. Having too much going on makes many of these bigger sets look awkward. This one is a great example of how to do it right.


Lost Pacific Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Lost Pacific Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: World Drop. It can drop from any legendary engram, and you can also find it in some vendors’ daily shops.

There are several sets that mimic the astronaut aesthetic, but this is the one that does it best. The helmet is the best piece of the set, but the whole set does a fantastic job building up the astronaut vibe. This is a pretty simple set overall, as each piece does what it needs without taking away from any others. It’s probably the most well-balanced set on this list, which is saying something considering how great the helmet is. If you’re looking for another astronaut set, or perhaps one to try combining with this one, check out the Deep Explorer set from the Duality dungeon. It’s kind of similar, and if you like this set you’ll probably like it as well.


War Numen’s Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | War Numen's Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: King’s Fall Raid.

The War Numen’s Suit from King’s Fall gives us the dinosaur helmet. That alone is pretty cool. But the rest of the set matches the bone aesthetic and looks amazing when also paired with the weapons from the raid. The only downside here is that the individual armor pieces don’t really seem like they would work well with other pieces. You can definitely build around the helmet in unique ways, but the bone aesthetic on the other pieces is harder to work with. As a full set, though, it’s truly fantastic.


Insight Unyielding Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Insight Unyielding Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: World Drop. It can drop from any legendary engram, and you can also find it in some vendors’ daily shops.

Halfway down our list of the best looking Titan armor in Destiny 2 is the Insight Unyielding set. It’s probably the strangest on this list, and it’ll probably also be the one that takes the longest to acquire if you don’t already have it since world drops are so random. The reason it’s included on this list is because it manages to look ridiculous but also genuinely cool at the same time. It’s hard not to notice someone who’s running around before a raid in this armor. It’s unique, immediately identifiable, and it can be combined well with other sets/ornaments if you want.


Praefectus Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Praefectus Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Dares of Eternity

You can acquire this armor set in Dares of Eternity during certain weeks. Dares has a rotating loot pool that changes week to week, but you can easily figure out what is available via resources like this one that update each week. The Praefectus armor is kind of ugly in a way, but that’s a part of the appeal. But, while the helmet might be kind of “interesting,” the overall set looks really great either as a whole or when combined with other pieces. You definitely can’t go wrong with having this set for fashion.


TM-Cogburn Custom Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | TM-Cogburn Custom Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Spire of the Watcher Dungeon.

The TM-Cogburn set, more accurately called the “cowboy set,” is exactly what Destiny 2 players wanted. It gave us the absolute best single armor piece in terms of fashion — a cowboy hat. That’s really all it takes for an armor set to be among the best, honestly. The rest of the set is also fantastic, particularly the leather pants. Be prepared for a grind to unlock this armor, though, because Spire’s armor drop rates are lower than other dungeons. They probably figured we’d be willing to grind more than usual for this set, and they were right.


Kentarch 3 Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Kentarch 3 Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Garden of Salvation Raid.

The Kentarch 3 suit from Garden does a better job of representing its raid than any other raid armor currently in the game. The rustic look of the overall suit, combined with the bright contrast from the hard light parts, is exactly what I imagine when I think of Garden. Getting the suit might take a while since Garden is generally the most disliked raid in Destiny 2, but if you’re willing to help people with their Divinity runs, you should be able to find a group pretty easily.


Moonfang-X7 Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Moonfang-X7 Suit
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

How to Get: Prophecy Dungeon.

The Moonfang-X7 set is absolutely gorgeous. The blue and pink are perfect since it’s a Daito set, and it takes shaders much better than you might imagine. This is one of the most iconic sets in all of Destiny 2, and Titans got the best version of it. It perfectly encapsulates what a Titan armor set should be — it’s big, blocky, and in-your-face. But it’s also slick and strangely elegant.

If you’re looking to make a character that grabs everyone’s attention as soon as you spawn in, the Moonfang-X7 set is for you. Feel free to experiment with other armor pieces and ornaments if you want, and don’t forget to check the Bright Dust shop each week to see what ornaments are available. It’s a good way to grab some of the ornaments that usually cost real money, so it’s always worth at least checking.

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