Destiny 2: Shinobu’s Vow Arc Hunter Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Shinobu’s Vow Arc Hunter Build Guide

Gain a new found appreciation for Skip Grenades with this Shinobu's Vow Arc Hunter Build.

This Arc Hunter build is super strong and utilizes an unlikely, undervalued grenade. It is called the Shinobu’s Vow Skip Grenade build. Much like the Arcbolt Grenade build I created in the past this build focuses on a grenade type that I previously thought was useless and makes it a pretty solid option in Nightfalls, Solo Lost Sectors, and other end-game activities.

Shinobu’s Vow Build Overview

This build’s exotic armor piece, Shinobu’s Vow grants us an additional Skip Grenade charge while also improving the tracking and granting grenade energy for each grenade hit. The build’s main focus is to spam grenades and Jolt as many targets as possible so that we can stay Amplified. 

We will then be using our Arc special weapon to create blinding explosions whenever we kill an enemy. This build’s potential to clear out large groups of enemies cannot be overstated. It is a machine that also deals with Overload and Unstoppable Champions really well.

Gameplay Loop

  • Throw Skip Grenades to Jolt targets and become Amplified if you killed anything.
  • Use your Arc special weapon to kill any remaining Jolted targets to refresh your Amplifed timer and trigger a Blinging explosion.
  • Take the opportunity to get close to the Blinded targets using your class ability to make your next melee attack Jolt the target.
  • Melee attack an enemy twice. The first will Jolt them the second will Blind them.
  • Use your melee to finish off any low-health enemies for some extra health if needed.
  • Rinse and repeat.

You can pretty much run any Arc special weapon you want for this build. Exotic Arc Special weapons like Coldheart are a great choice, but any Arc Special weapon with Volt Shot is even better since it will provide another source of Jolt.


  • Gathering Storm (Super): Toss a thunder-charged pole that sticks to targets on impact. It also Jolts targets. This is my go-to for most boss encounters.
  • Combination Blows (Melee): We use this melee for the healing, power, and Jolt potential.
  •  Gambler’s Dodge (Class Ability): We use this to regain our Combination Blows melee ability so we can reset our Jolt and trigger more Blinding explosions.
  • Skip Grenade: The main focus of the build, Deals good damage, has two charges, and it can hit multiple targets.


Our first Aspect is called Flow State. This Aspect is what makes us Amplified whenever we kill a Jolted target. It also grants us faster reload speed, additional class energy, and extra resilience when performing a dodge while we are Amplified. Pretty much a must-run for any of my Arc Hunter builds.

Lethal Current is our second Aspect and it is what makes our charged melee attacks Jolt targets. This only works after you perform a dodge. This Aspect also allows our melee attacks to Blind Jolted targets which is great for staying alive while surrounded by enemies.


  • Spark of Beacons: Makes our Arc Special weapon kills generate Blinding explosions.
  • Spark of Shock: Our Skip Grenades now Jolt Targets.
  • Spark of Ions: Jolted targets have a chance of spawning Ionic Traes on death. The build does not center around Ionic Traces but they can be useful for generating Armor Charge.
  • Spark of Recharge: Recharges our grenade and melee energy very quickly while we are at critical health. This can happen quite a lot in higher-end content so this will trigger more often than you might think.

Armor Mods

This build is not too strict with its armor mods. I have a few recommendations that I think in power the build by quite a lot but the rest are entirely up to user preference.

  • Firepower is probably the most important mod in this setup as it will generate Orbs for you whenever you get a kill with our Skip Grenade.
  • Heavy Handed is also a great choice since Combination Blows will be used frequently for healing.
  • Impact Induction gives us an extra bit of grenade energy each time we damage an opponent with Combination Blows.
  • Reaper generates an Orb after killing an enemy following a dodge, which we will also be doing quite frequently.
  • My final recommendation is Explosive Finisher. This grants grenade energy on finisher kill based on the number of armor charges consumed (min. 3). Great for keeping our Skip Grenades stocked up.

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