Destiny 2: Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan Build Guide

Channel that inner Captain America with this Doom Fang Pauldron Build!

If Solar Titan lets you live out the power fantasy of Marvel’s Thor, Void Titan makes me feel like I’m playing a mix between Captain America and The Master Chief. I personally feel that the Exotic armor piece that pushes that power fantasy even further is the Doom Fang Pauldron. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to walk you through one of my favorite builds for solo and multiplayer endgame content.

Exotic Overview – Doom Fang Pauldron

This build is focused on generating Void Overshields and spamming grenades, melee, and supers. Doom Fangs provide this build with lots of consistent Void weapon damage, Super generation, and Super extensions. 

Here’s how the exotic works: Doom Fang Pauldron grants your Void weapons a stack of Void Surge every time you get a multi-kill with a Void weapon. This Surge buff can stack up to four times and can be extended by getting Void weapon kills. This damage buff is pretty noticeable and at the very least frees up our leg mod slots for ability-focused mods.

This Exotic also provides us with up to 20% Super energy on each cast of our charged melee ability based on the number of enemies hit by the thrown shield. The last effect this Exotic has is to extend the duration of our Sentinel Shield Super by 10% whenever we land hits with our Shield Throw melee ability. 

When you combine all these effects with some well-chosen Aspects, Fragments, and mods you get a build that has high survivability, insane weapon damage output, ridiculous ability spam potential, and long-lasting supers. 


There are only two abilities that are necessary for this build to work, those being our Super and our charged melee ability. You can run whichever class ability and grenade you want or you can stick with my recommendations:

  • Sentinel Shield (Super): One of the highlights of the build, this super grants allies one of the highest damage buffs in the game if they shoot through your Shield Barrier. This Super also keeps you mobile, unlike Titan Bubble which forces you to play more stationary, which isn’t ideal for every encounter.
  • Shield Throw (Melee): I always prefer melee abilities that have a bit of range and this ability has that and then some. It can bounce off walls and enemies and generate Void Overshield with each enemy hit by the shield.
  • Towering Barricade (Class Ability): I personally prefer this option over any other because it provides the most protection possible. Sometimes you just need some cover so you can heal up and this provides you with this.
  • Vortex Grenade: This ability is great for crowd control and generally deals pretty good damage to Champions and bosses. 


Our first Aspect is Controlled Demolition which provides the user and their allies with a bit of health whenever they kill Volatile enemies that are close by. This Aspect also makes enemies hit with Void abilities and Volatile explosions; Volatile. This Aspect helps you clear mobs faster and stay alive as long as you’re killing said Volatile enemies.

The second Aspect is the most important of the two, that being Offensive Bullwork. This Aspect provides the user with a greatly increased regen rate for their grenades while they have a Void Overshield. This effect will also raise your melee range, damage, and increase the duration of your Void Overshield when you kill targets with a melee ability. The last effect this Aspect grants is to give the user an additional Shield Throw while in your Sentinel Shield Super.


  • Echo of Persistence: Increases the duration of our Devour and Void Overshield effects.
  • Echo of Vigilance: Grants Void Overshield to us after getting a kill while our shields are broken.
  • Echo of Cessation: Preforming a Finisher makes nearby enemies Volatile. Defeating a Volatile target spawns a Void Breach.
  • Echo of Starvation: Orbs of Power and Void Breaches grant Devour.

Armor Mods

Our mods for this build are designed to speed up our ability regen, generate Orbs of Power, and Generate Void Overshield.

Here are the mods I feel are essential for this build.

  • Hands-On and Ashes to Assets: For increased Super energy on melee and grenade kills.
  • Heavy Handed and Firepower: Generate Orbs of Power on melee and grenade kills
  • Absolution: Grants ability energy when collecting an Orb of Power
  • Bulwork Finisher: Grants a Void Overshield when you perform a Finisher with three or more stacks of armor charge.

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