Destiny 2 Witch Queen: 5 Best Exotic Armor Pieces

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Destiny 2 Witch Queen: 5 Best Exotic Armor Pieces

Here's some must-have exotic armor from the Witch Queen. These pieces may be fun to create a build around..

The Witch Queen expansion brought a whole host of fun new Exotic armors to Destiny 2, and unlike previous expansions, all of these exotics are fairly strong in their own right. With Witch Queen being an expansion without a new Subclass, its Exotics had more room to cover multiple old subclasses instead of fleshing out a new one.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the 5 best Exotic armor added to D2 during the entire run of the Witch Queen expansion.

One last thing before we get started: all of these Exotic can be obtained as random drops via Exotic engrams, or purchased for 2 Acendant Shards, some Glimmer, and an Exotic engram from Rahool at the Tower.

I’ll be ordering this list based on how powerful each Exotic is in the sandbox, particularly in endgame PvE activities.

#5 Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

My first pick for the list is an example of a do-it-all exotic, which is one of my personal favorite types of Exotic armor. This Exotic grants the user Volatile Rounds when emerging from invisibility, which you will be doing quite often on Void Hunter. It also grants all of your weapons increased damage for a short duration after killing an enemy with a finisher while invisible.

Triggering this might prove to be a bit tricky in some situations but I feel it well worth going for since doing so will also grant you and your allies reserve Over Shields which can be deployed by activating one’s class ability. You and your allies also receive improved class ability regeneration If you can pull it off. Those Over Shields have saved me and my allies more times than I can count in Nightfalls and Dungeons.

Even though the majority of these buffs only trigger from performing a finisher while invisible, it doesn’t hold this Exotic that much for me. Void Hunters have multiple ways of triggering invisibility, so this isn’t an issue at all. I can’t forget the countless resources you can generate from finisher mods, like special ammo bricks and ability energy. So synergy is definitely there with the right build.

Another thing I feel makes this Exotic worth running are the Volatile rounds generated by this Exotic for your weapons, which can stun Barrier Champions. Having Overshields deployable at will is also a big plus in my book. You can effectively turn the solo survival playstyle of Void Hunter into a support build with this Exotic.

#4 Second Chance

The only Titan Exotic I’ve put on the list is Second Chance. I’m sorry Titan mains, it isn’t that the other Titan Exotics are bad, it’s just that the remaining Warlock Exotics are so good! I’ve chosen Second Chance because I feel it’s the most slept-on out of the Titan Exotics we could have picked from. 

This Exotic grants the user an extra charge of their Shield Throw melee ability. Considering the nerfs to ability regeneration mods in season 23, any Exotic that grants an extra ability charge is worth looking into in my book. But that isn’t all this Exotic does. Second Chance also grants your Sheild Throw ability Barrier Piercing properties, allowing you to stun Barrier Champions with a simple shield throw.

If you do stun a Champion with your Shield Throw melee ability, you will get that ability back instantly. The cherry on top for this exotic is that your Shield Throw also weakens targets hit by it. With Solar Bonk Titan getting nerfed this season it might finally be time to break this Exotic out of the vault and give it a chance. I think many players will be pleasantly surprised by its performance.

#3 Secant Filaments

Secant Filaments would actually be ranked even higher on this list if it weren’t for two things holding it back. First, season 23 brought nerfs to Devour, reducing its healing from a full heal to only 100 HP/Sheilds when not being triggered by the Feed the Void Warlock Aspect. The second thing holding this Exotic back is the fact that the player is only granted Devour if they are using a void subclass.

When reading this Exotic’s description, I initially thought it would grant any subclass Devour when they cast their Empowering Rift, instead, it only applies the buff when the Void subclass is equipped. A bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion but still, having an additional source of Devour is nice, and the Exotic also grants you and your allies another helpful buff.

When you or your allies deal damage to targets while in the Empowering Rift, you will Disrupt enemies, this effect can grant your currently equipped weapons the ability to stun Overload Champions, which is always great to have.

PvE targets hit by these rounds will also suffer from a 25% damage debuff. This effect will also decrease the regeneration rate to melee, grenade, and class abilities on enemy Guardians when hit by 25%, making it a solid choice in PvP activities like Crucible and Gambit.

Secant Filaments addresses a lot of the issues I have with Empowering Rift as an ability and makes it much more viable in endgame content since you’ll be healing yourself with Devour, stunning Overload Champions, dealing increased damage from the Rift itself, and receiving less damage from targets your shooting at. It’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of Void Warlock and don’t like spamming Vortex Grenades everywhere.

#2 Osmiomancy Gloves

So here we have our first and only Stasis-focused Exotic for the list. It grants the user an additional charge for their Cold Snap Grenade and allows Cold Snap Grenades to recharge faster when the user gets a direct hit with them.

This Exotic also makes the seekers spawned from the cold snap grenades travel further than usual and they have better tracking. For players with less than steller aim like me, this is very useful. The energy returned to the player upon hitting a target with a Cold Snap grenade is dependent on the rank of the enemy hit.

Higher-ranking enemies like champions grant more grenade energy. In my opinion, you should mostly be saving your grenades for mini-bosses and Champions anyway so this can be great for keeping your grenade ability in proper use rotation.

The reason behind this Exotic’s placement is simple, Freeze is a really powerful keyword, and even with Strand outperforming it, Stasis proves it can still be useful through Exotic like this. If you haven’t purchased the LightFall expansion or you just prefer Stasis over Strand, I highly recommend making a build with this Exotic.

#1 Rain of Fire

You might be surprised to see Rain of Fire as the number one pick but the reason for that is actually pretty simple. This Exotic reloads all of your weapons whenever you perform an air dodge.

This effect enables players to one/two-phase bosses in endgame content simply due to the power of our weapons and the speed by which we can fire them off with this Exotic. I really enjoy using this Exotic in PvP content since it keeps you from having to manually reload. 

This Exotic also grants you increased airborne effectiveness for Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles. Kills with either of these weapon types will grant the user the Radiant buff for around 7 seconds.

Weave Walker also counts as an air dodge, so this Exotic is no longer locked to Solar Warlock. To be fair, this effect may not seem all that strong to players who aren’t deep into min-maxing their damage and weapon rolls. But for end-game players, this Exotic is absolutely busted and well worth grinding for.

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