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3 Best Prismatic Titan PvE Builds In Destiny 2 | 2024 Guide

These are the WIP Titan Prismatic builds I think are the most fun to use after five hours of testing in Destiny 2.

With the release of The Final Shape, we finally get to open up the ability sandbox thanks to Prismatic.

This new subclass not only brings together light and dark abilities but also solves a major problem with build crafting: variety.

In the past, you’d always be stuck using one Exotic with a specific build all the time. But with Prismatic, there are so many good options to play with. 

And I’ve found a few Prismatic Titan builds that work really well in end-game-level content.

Let’s talk about prismatic build must-haves

I’ve been seeing a few things as go-to needs for every build. Rather than repeating them every time, let’s get them out of the way now.


As a Titan, prioritize maxing out Resilience, Discipline, and Strength. Ideally, you can reach close to triple 100s, but if not, switch between prioritizing the latter two depending on whether the build leans into your melee or grenade.

Don’t worry about Recovery because these builds are designed to pop buffs that help with immediate health regeneration and Overshields.

The Call

You’ll see the new rocket frame sidearm throughout all these builds. It isn’t a requirement, but honestly, it’s so good that I have to recommend it. 

Twilight Arsenal

Like The Call, this new Super isn’t a requirement, but it naturally compliments virtually any build. It provides massive upfront damage, can trigger debuffs, and allows follow-up attacks with the spawned axes. If you don’t want a Void Super, Thundercrash or Bladefury are good alternatives.

And now, onto the Prismatic builds…

1. The Rocketeer

I wanted to find a way to make hazardous propulsion work in a build. The Exodus rockets were weirdly useful even without optimizing around them. 

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Castle Content’s incredibly thorough build, which helped unlock what I was missing. Pushing everything to proc the Class Ability and juice those rockets. 

The Build

Exotic ArmorHazardous Propulsion
Exotic Weapon (Optional)Gjallarhorn or Grand Overture
Super (Optional)Twilight Arsenal 
Class AbilityRally or Thruster
MeleeShield Throw
GrenadePulse or Shackle
AspectsDiamond Lance, Knockout
FragmentsFacet of Hope, Facet of Awakening, Facet of Dominance or Devotion, Facet of Command, Facet of Protection
Other Weapons (Optional)Kinetic: The Call
Energy: Anything you can get crits with

How This Works

The focus of this build is to fill your Exodus rockets, fire them to get rocket damage buffs and refill your class ability as quickly as possible. Everything else is just cake meant to help you stay alive or speed up this loop.

  1. Get precision hits to fill your full stack of Exodus rockets. The more you shoot, the higher your follow-up rocket damage will be.
  2. Switch to your rocket launcher or weapon with additional rockets and fire until your damage buff expires.
  3. Proc the amplified buff and start picking up elemental pickups and Orbs of Light to build armor charges and repeat.

Tips With This Build

  • Focus on stacking debuffs: There are multiple ways to stack additional damage on top of your initial rocket buff. Look out for surges, pop Transcendence, use a rocket with Bait and Switch, and/or use Void damage to suppress targets.
  • Keep firing your rockets: Waiting and saving them for a tight spot may be tempting. But to keep the loop going, it’s better to keep banking and releasing them. You will quickly get them back.
  • Run other weapons with rockets: The damage buffs are not just limited to rocket launchers; anything labeled a rocket qualifies. This means if you’ve been loving The Call like I have, it gets this damage boost. 
  • Get Amplified: Run an Arc weapon or Mods to refill your melee so you can get Amplified as often as possible. There are so many complimentary damage and recharge benefits when you do.

Again, I want to call out Castle Content’s video for this build. It’s incredibly thorough, and I learned a lot from watching it. I highly recommend checking it out for more on this build!

Armor and Artifact Mods

HelmetHarmonic Siphon, Heavy Ammo Finder
ArmsImpact Induction, Momentum Transfer, Firepower or Heavy Handed
ChestCharged Up, Resistance Mods
LegsAbsolutionInsulationRecuperation or Better AlreadyOrbs of Restoration
Class ItemUtility Kickstart, Reaper, Distribution
ArtifactGalvanic Armor, Shield Crush, Elemental Siphon

2. Skullfort Punch!

I saw multiple versions of this build floating around and was shocked to see Skullfort back in play. With how many ways this build can improve resilience and unleash large amounts of damage—it may be the current go-to for anything where you’re under-leveled.

Arc seems to be the favorite right now, which requires more in-your-face play. But since Void is a second piece to the build, there are options to switch out for it if you’d rather add some distance during encounters. 

The Build

Exotic ArmorAn Insurmountable Skullfort
Exotic WeaponWish Keeper or Aeger’s Scepter 
Super (Optional)Twilight Arsenal or Thundercrash
Class AbilityRally or Thruster
GrenadeGlacier or Tangle
AspectsKnockout, Diamond Lance
FragmentsFacet of Courage, Facet of Justice or Balance, Facet of Protection, Facet of Purpose, Facet of Ruin
Other Weapons (Optional)Kinetic: Last Call
Energy: Indebted Kindness
Power: Marcato-45

How This Works

This is a melee-heavy build thanks to the buffs to damage reduction and damage buff with the Thunderclap. The goal from there is to stay alive by shielding up and triggering buffs that reduce damage.

  1. Freeze or suspend enemies with your grenade (or Snareweaver perk). Focus on getting a group if at all possible.
  2. Charge up and release Thunderclap.
  3. Use the Diamond Lance that drops and try to keep triggering.
  4. Grab Orbs of Power and get your melee back up to Thunderclap again.
  5. Repeat the process.

Tips With This Build

  • Use Transcendent often: This build requires you to switch heavily between light and dark damage, meaning you’ll have no problem regenerating.
  • Use your Super often: Save for large groups, powerful enemies, and bosses to add a debuff and reduce damage.
  • Get Amplified: With the Galvanic Armor Artifact Mod equipped you can get up close while Amplified to proc the Facet of Protection and stack additional damage reduction.
  • Orbs of Light: Opt for Mods that help generate Orbs of Light from multiple sources to provide you with an Overshield and help regenerate your melee.

Armor and Artifact Mods

HelmetHands-On x2 or x3 Stasis Siphon (if x2)
ArmsHeavy-Handed x2 or x3 Impact Induction (if x2)
ChestCharged Up, Resistance Mods
LegsAbsolution, Innervation, Recuperation, Orbs of Restoration
Class ItemBomber x2
ArtifactGalvanic Armor, Radiant Orbs, Shield Crush, Transference Void Hegemony

3. Classy Spirit 

The new Exotic Class item makes for a lot of potential build options with the Perk pool it’s working from. The only issue is rolling the right one. Luckily, getting a roll with at least Spirit of Inmost Light will put you on the right track. 

I’ll be honest: This is the one I’m still testing, and I will likely return to it. It’s still fresh, and I’m not sure I like it to the same degree as the other two. 

The Build

Exotic ArmorStoicism
Exotic Weapon (Optional)Monte Carlo 
Super (Optional)Twilight Arsenal or Bladefury
Class AbilityRally or Towering
MeleeFrenzied Blade
GrenadeShackle Grenade
AspectsKnockout, Consecration
FragmentsFacet of Protection, Facet of Sacrifice or Ruin, Facet of Balance, Facet of Dawn, Facet of Courage
Other Weapons (Optional)Kinetic: The Call

How This Works

This build is all about igniting enemies. Your goal is to keep your melee charged and mix between light and dark damage to trigger additional debuffs.

  1. Suspend with your grenade, ideally a large group.
  2. Use the slide melee charge from Consecration to unleash a large wave of Solar damage.
  3. Create Orbs to regenerate your melee and repeat.

Tips With This Build

This build is all about igniting enemies. Your goal is to keep your melee charged and mix between light and dark damage to trigger additional debuffs.

  1. Suspend with your grenade, ideally a large group.
  2. Use the slide melee charge from Consecration to unleash a large wave of Solar damage.
  3. Create Orbs to regenerate your melee and repeat.

Tips With This Build

  • Get a roll with Spirit of Contact: While not a requirement, rolling Spirit of Contact will further add to the melee damage with this build and cause lightning strikes with every powered Melee.
  • Use Thruster to Proc Inmost Light: Thruster has the lowest cooldown meaning you can get the benefit from Spirit of Inmost Light more often.
  • Hit with Darkness Damage: Before going in for the Hammer melee slam, be sure to hit enemies with Darkness-based damage from weapons or abilities to trigger a buff.
  • Regenerate With Light: After using your charged melee switch to getting damage with your light-based weapons/abilities to refill your melee.

Armor and Artifact Mods

HelmetHands-On, Heavy Ammo Finder
ArmsHeavy-Handed x2, Impact Induction
ChestResistance Mods
LegsInvigoration, Innervation, Absolution
Class ItemBomber, Outreach, Reaper
ArtifactRadiant Orbs, Shield Crush, Transference, Void Hegemony

A quick note on build crafting in Destiny 2

To be clear, this is not a list of perfect builds that guarantee ridiculous DPS or invulnerability. The idea that you have to craft into a specific meta build to play well is simply nonsense at this point. And so much more goes into choosing the right build — including the specific activity, modifiers, and your team composition.

These builds are still incredibly good.

They do serious damage, play into specific ability loops, and increase your chances of making it through difficult activities without dying. Hopefully, flagging things as optional and including a few choices shows you are not locked into hyper-specific gear and have multiple paths to achieve the build’s focus.

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