Destiny 2: Rain of Fire Solar Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Rain of Fire Solar Warlock Build Guide

Maximize those DPS phases using this Rain of Fire build!

This build has quickly become one of my favorites as a Solar Warlock player. Sometimes you want to take a break from the Solar grenade spam that is Sunbracers and when those times come I look to builds like this one. Rain of Fire lets you do just that to your enemies. This build is all about maximizing the damage of your weapons and considering the Solar artifact mods available in Season 23, this is the perfect time to break out a build like this one.

Exotic Overview – Rain of Fire

Rain of Fire is a fairly simple exotic to use. Whenever you activate an air dodge (Icarus Dash or Weave Walk) all of your weapons are reloaded from reserves. This is insanely good in boss damage phases and general use throughout end-game content, such as reloading a Rocket Launcher to kill a Champion or clear a room of particularly dangerous mobs. 

This exotic also provides a plus 30 to the airborne effectiveness stat of Fusion rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles. Kills with these weapons will also grant the user the Radiant buff. This isn’t really that useful in season 23 since the Artifact mod can basically do the same thing for all Solar weapons, but it’s still a nice touch.


Our abilities for this build are centered around the Heat Rises Aspect, with the only exception being Incinerator Snap, which is just my own personal recommendation.

  • Well of Radiance: This likely needs no introduction. It’s debatably the best Super in the game. It’s great for solo and team play. It also synergizes well with Rain of Fires Weapon Reloading, allowing you to dish out far more pain than you would normally.
  • Phoenix Dive: Grants us Restoration x2 and a way to get out of the air quickly if need be. A must-run for any Heat Rises build.
  • Incinerator Snap: Shot ranged but very powerful. It can also kill multiple targets with a single use. 
  • Fusion Grenade: Powerful single-target damage with a short cooldown. Solar grenade is also a perfectly fine option for this build.


Heat Rises is required for this build because it grants us access to the powerful Restoration x2 effect from Pheniox Dive and that can keep you alive in some of the game’s most difficult content. It also grants some nice quality-of-life changes to our weapons which I honestly cannot play without.

Icarus Dash is also a requirement for this build since Rain of Fire would not work without it. We are granted an additional dodge while Heat Rises is active which makes damage phases even more devastating.


Our Fragments center around generating Firesprites, improving ability regen/stats, and extending our Radiant and Restoration effects.

  • Ember of Empyrean: Extends Radiant and Restoration effects each time you kill targets with Solar weapons and abilities. Considering the fact that this build is all about quickly reloading your weapons, this shouldn’t be a hard requirement to meet.
  • Ember of Singeing: Gives us our Class ability back faster when we Scorch targets. Great for keeping up that powerful x2 Restoration effect.
  • Ember of Tempering: This provides a bonus to your Recovery stat and Airborne effectiveness stat whenever the user gets kills with Solar weapons. This also generates Firesptites from Solar Weapon kills.
  • Ember of Searing: Killing Scorched targets grants us melee energy and generates a Firesprite.

Armor Mods

My mods of choice for this build are focused on Generating Ammo for our weapons, generating Super energy, and improving our weapon performance and damage. Here are my picks:

  • Dynamo: Generates Super energy when using our class ability near targets, and we use our class ability a lot.
  • Heavy Ammo Finder: Increases the drop rate of Heavy ammo.
  • Harmonic Siphon: Generates Orbs on Solar weapon multikills.
  • Harmonic Dexterity: Grants us faster ready and stow speed for Solar weapons
  • Solar Weapon Surges: As many as you can get away with running. Increases Solar weapon damage.

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