Destiny 2: Felwinter’s Helm Strand Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Felwinter’s Helm Strand Warlock Build Guide

Overwhelm your foes with Threadlings while spreading weaken to all those who survive with this Felwinter's Helm Strand Warlock Build

Felwinter’s Helm has been in the game for quite some time now. While it does synergize very well with the Void subclass, thanks to its ability to provide Weaken to targets, I feel that the much stronger pairing for this exotic is the Strand subclass. 

This is because I feel Void lacks powerful options that make good use of Felwinter’s effect. So I decided to make a Strand build using this wonderful exotic to show off how powerful it really can be in the right circumstances.

Exotic Overview

Felwinter’s Helm is a fairly simple exotic, and those are always my favorite kinds of exotics to make builds for. With this exotic equipped; powered melee final blows and finishers will cause targets to explode and weaken nearby targets. 

The more powerful the targets, the longer the effect lasts and the larger the explosion will be. This makes Felwinter’s a great exotic for any subclass with powerful melee abilities, or ones that can gain bonuses from finishers.


Let’s start things off with the build-chosen abilities. In this case, we are using Strand so there isn’t much in the way of options but that’s fine, all of our abilities play into the build’s gameplay loop. 

  • Needlestorm: This super deals great single or multi-target damage while also spawning Threadlings, which are the main focus of the build.
  • Healing Rift: This ability can keep you alive in tight situations. 
  • Arcane Needle: This melee ability does great damage, often one shooting red bar enemies. This will also unravel enemies into Tangles and trigger Felwinter’s Helm.
  • Grapple Grenade: When paired with the right Aspect, this ability can trigger Felwinter’s Helm and spawn additional Threadlings. This ability can be swapped out for any of the other strand grenades since they are all very strong in the right circumstances.


Our first Aspect is The Wanderer. This allows us to suspend targets by throwing Tangles at them or by destroying the tangle while enemies are near it. This Aspect provides the build with some extra crowd control. It also allows our Threadlings to generate Tangles.

Our second Aspect is Mindspun Invocation. This Aspect grants our Grapple Melee the ability to spawn three Threadlings on hit. You can also swap this Aspect out for Weave Walker if you’re struggling with survivability, or you want even more Threadlings by your side. 

I prefer Mindspun over Weavewalk because we can trigger Felwinter’s with our melee at range and generate Orbs on kill. Weave Walker takes that away from us and makes it so we can only trigger Felwinter’s effect by using finishers.


I feel these four Fragments provide the build with everything it needs to survive and thrive in endgame content. First up is Thread of Finality: Finishers spawn Threadlings. The number of Threadings spawned increases based on the tier of enemy you killed with the finisher. 

This Fragment pairs so well with Felwinter’s that it’s not even funny. Weakened targets take increased damage and Threadlings already do pretty solid damage themselves, so when you mix these two you will effectively be killing if not significantly damaging, entire groups of enemies with a single finisher.

Next up is Thread of Evolution, which increases the damage of your spawned Threadlings and makes them move faster. After that is Thread of Warding, which grants Woven Mail whenever we pick up an Orb of Power. The 45% damage resistance granted by this Keyword has saved me more times than I can count.

Lastly, we have Thread of Generation, which grants grenade energy whenever you deal an instance of damage to targets. Since our Grapple grenade is such a big part of the build’s gameplay loop, this Fragment is really important to have.

Armor Mods

You can be a bit flexible with your choice of armor mods the cornerstones of the build are:

  • Explosive Finisher: Grant’s grenade energy on finisher kill.
  • Stacks on Stacks: Grants an additional armor charge stack from all armor charge sources.
  • Charged Up: Grants an additional Armor charge slot, increasing the potency of Explosive Finisher.
  • Heavy Handed/Firepower: Spawns an Orb of power on Melee/Grenade kills.

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