Destiny 2: Claws of Ahamkara Stasis Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Claws of Ahamkara Stasis Warlock Build Guide

Control the battlefield with this Stasis Warlock Claws of Ahamkara build.

This Stasis Warlock build is fairly simple and easy to use. Its primary objective is to use multiple melee charges to Freeze enemies, Shatter them, and then collect the Stasis Crystal they leave behind for a faster melee ability charge. With this build, you should be able to have your charged melee ability available every 5-10 seconds. This timing will vary depending on the exotic weapon you choose to run with this build.

Let’s start with the build’s recommended Exotic weapons since the build won’t function quite as well without them. There are two weapons that I run with this build, Monte Carlo and Cryosthesia 77K. You’ll be swapping between these two based on the Champions you’ll be facing and preference. 

In the current season(23), Monte Carlo is my go-to since it generates melee ability energy and stuns Overload Champions. Cryosthesia 77K is my best choice for dealing with Barrier Champions and activities that have extremely high levels of mob density. Run either or but my personal favorite pick for this build is the Monte Carlo.

Gameplay Loop

  • Start by throwing your grenade to Freeze targets.
  • Kill a frozen target using any of your weapons.
  • Use your Melee ability to Freeze unfrozen targets and spawn Stasis Shards
  • Freezing targets with your melee ability will grant you some grenade energy 
  • Collect Stasis Shards for melee ability energy
  • Use your Exotic weapon to gain melee energy or to Freeze additional targets.
  • Repeat from step 1 or 3.


  • Winter’s Wrath (Super): A roaming super that Freezen and Shatters targets. Great for crowd control and Champions, less good against bosses.
  • Penumbral Blast (Melee): The star of the build, it is a ranged ball that Freezes targets on impact. The ball explodes on impact and can freeze nearby targets as well
  •  Healing Rift (Class Ability): Provides us with a bit of healing on demand.
  •  Cold Snap/Glacier Grenade: Either of these options will do for this build. Cold Snap is my go-to, but Glacier can provide you with some additional cover in harder activities.


Our first Aspect is called Iceflare Bolts. This Aspect will spawn ice seekers that will track to nearby enemies and freeze them whenever we Shatter a Frozen target. Glacial Harvets is our second Aspect and it allows us to spawn Stasis Shards whenever we Freeze a target. Higher-ranked targets spawn more/larger shards.


  • Whisper of Headrons: Grants a bunch of buffs to our guardian whenever we Freeze a target
  • Whisper of Fissures: Makes our Shatter effects deal more damage
  • Whisper of Conduction: Makes Stasis Shards track to you. Not totally necessary but it grants 10 resilience and 10 intellect so I feel it’s not a bad option.
  • Whisper of Fractures: Gives melee ability energy while near two or more enemies.
  • Whisper of Rime(optional): Grants the user a Void Overshield whenever you collect a Stasis Shard. This is one you can run if you find you need a bit more survivability in an activity.

Armor Mods

  • Hands-On/Ashes to Assets: Grants Super energy for every melee/grenade kill you get.
  • Thermodynamic Siphon: Generates a consistent amount of Orbs from our Solar and Stasis weapon kills. 
  • Momentum Transfer: Grants melee energy when you cause damage with your grenade ability.
  • Firepower: Generates Orbs from our Grenade kills.
  • Melee Kickstart: Refunds a bit of melee ability energy each time you use your melee ability. Requires at least three stacks of armor charge to trigger.
  • Charged Up: Increases our max number of armor charge stacks by one. We run two of these for a total of 5 armor charge stack slots.
  • Recuperation: Heals us a bit every time we pick up an Orb of Power..
  • Elemental Charge: Firesprites now grant us armor charge stacks.
  • Absolution: Restores a small bit of ability energy to all abilities each time we pick up an Orb of Power.
  • Stacks on Stacks(optional): Increase the amount of armor charge stacks you get from a single source by one. Great if you want to get even more out of Melee Kickstart.
  • Outreach/Distribution: Grants ability energy when we use our class ability.

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